What Does A Red Wedding Dress Mean: Symbols And More

The answer to what does a red wedding dress mean can reveal many things, depending on the culture. For example, this color is related to new life, love, and fortune. 

We’ll also talk about the cultures that wear red at weddings. But then, feel free to browse our blog for more explanations regarding unique wedding dress colors. 

what does a red wedding dress mean

For example, do you know what does a black wedding dress means?


What Does A Red Wedding Dress Mean?


Success, fortune, new life

A red wedding dress means different things from various cultures. In some places, it is related to success and fortune, while other cultures view a red wedding dress as the symbol of new life.

Some examples of cultures that wear a red wedding dress are Chinese and Indian brides. So if the bride and groom have roots from these countries, they might choose a red wedding dress to pay homage to their culture. 


Good luck, love, passion

This color choice for the wedding dress is even seen as good luck, especially for the upcoming blessings in the bride and groom’s marriage. And of course, we all know that red is associated with love and passion, so it’s applicable based on what the bride feels for her groom. 

What the bride wears on her wedding day can reflect her personality and the meaning she wants to show the world. The wedding symbolizes the start of her life with the groom, and “entering” it wearing red can be seen as her devotion and passion for the love of her life. 


Boldness, confidence

Finally, wearing a red wedding dress means boldness for the bride. It’s perfect for women who are confident and want to make a statement.

Red, after all, is a powerful color compared to the softer and traditional white that is typically seen in wedding dresses. 


Why Do Some Brides Wear Red?

There are many reasons why some brides choose red for their wedding dresses. But besides being potentially part of the Chinese or Indian culture, a red wedding dress is worn because:



Every wedding follows a color scheme, and the bride is meant to stand out in the room. The location’s color palette might include red or related tones, so wearing other colors can look out of place. 

Do you know that some even include attractive colors like burnt orange in their wedding? Read what colors go with burnt orange for a wedding to learn more. 


Flattering look

Red might seem like an intimidating bold color, but it’s also flattering for most women. It can enhance your body’s natural silhouette and make your skin color look healthier. 


Desire to be unique

Wearing a unique color is getting more and more familiar with brides nowadays. As a result, they are more willing to break traditions and stand out from other brides. 


What Culture Wears Red Wedding Dress?


Chinese brides

Chinese brides traditionally wear a red dress with a red veil, and they view this color as the symbol of prosperity and good luck. However, unlike in other weddings, it’s not common for Chinese women to choose white for their wedding dress as it’s associated with mourning, similar to wearing black.  

Some specific red Chinese wedding dresses are the Cheongsam and Long Feng Gua. The former has elaborate details of gold and silver accents, while the former is a two-piece dress with a phoenix and dragon design symbolizing the union of the bride and groom. 


Indian brides

Wearing a red wedding dress is also a part of Indian culture. While this color was more associated with monks and hermits, Indian women began wearing red in their weddings during the 16th century attributed to astrology. 

Astrology is closely connected to Hinduism, and red is the symbol of the planet Mars, which rules over marriage. Red is also associated with the Hindu goddess Durga that symbolizes feminine power and new beginnings. 


Is It Okay For A Bride To Wear Red?

No rule prohibits brides from wearing red or any color they’d want for their wedding day. More so, red is even part of Chinese and Indian colors, so the bride might choose to respect her roots by wearing the color that her ancestors have worn at their wedding. 

However, you might want to consult with your groom and the wedding hosts as there might be other traditions and cultures to consider on your wedding day. Of course, your opinion is what matters the most, but it’s still in good taste to consult with the other people involved in your wedding. 


Is It Bad Luck To Wear A Red Wedding Dress?

Red is associated with good luck, and that’s why it is chosen as the wedding dress color in some cultures. However, you might also hear that red, black, gray, pink, yellow, and green will bring negativity to the marriage. 



And that’s it! We just found out what does a red wedding dress mean, and it’s associated with success, good luck, love, and confidence. 

Chinese and Indian brides even wear it, so brides who have roots from these countries might choose red for their wedding dress. Overall, no rule stops anyone from choosing a red wedding dress, but you can always discuss it with your groom beforehand. 


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