What To Change Into After Wedding Dress

If you’re unsure what to change into after wedding dress, try these bridal outfit ideas that are not limited to dresses. You’ll also know if it’s acceptable to stay wearing the wedding dress at the reception. 

And for guests who are unsure of what to change into after the wedding, you can read what to wear after a wedding. There are various post-wedding occasions, so you should know the expectations for the outfits. 

what to change into after wedding dress


What To Change Into After Wedding Dress: Stylish Bridal Reception Outfits


More comfortable and casual bridal clothes

You can always bustle your wedding dress to move around more comfortably at the reception. However, some wedding dresses might still be too physically limiting for the bride to enjoy herself at the lively reception party.

That said, you can change into a more comfortable and casual outfit. Your reception might even have a different theme to the wedding so that you can get creative with your post-wedding bridal attire. 

You can opt for a sleeveless and shorter white dress to still look like the bride after the wedding. You can also change into a bridal jumpsuit or pantsuit for a chic but comfortable style at the reception. 


Dancing flats for the bride

Besides the poofy gown, brides often need to change into more comfortable flats at the reception. Heels are unsuitable for dancing; you may even want a particular pair of shoes to look more confident moving during your wedding’s first dance. 

Of course, what you change into after the wedding dress does not mean you’ll lose your style. You can opt for dressy flats or even more comfortable heeled pairs like kitten heels and wedges. 

Select the right shoe color for your reception dress or outfit to look still sophisticated as the bride. Furthermore, practice wearing your reception shoes a week before the wedding to know how to move gracefully. 


What Does The Bride Wear To The After Party?

There are no set rules on what the bride should change into at the wedding after party. She can even choose to wear her wedding gown if it’s comfortable. 

But for most brides, they change in a less constricting and voluminous dress. It can be a white sheath or cocktail dress to maintain a stylish appeal. 

Nowadays, it’s also trendy for the bride to wear tailored jumpsuits and bridal pantsuits to stand out even at the after-party. And, of course, select a dress or attire that would look good with your groom’s outfit. 

For guests, you can read what to wear to a wedding after party for the etiquette. 


Can You Wear A Wedding Dress After The Wedding?


At the reception

Some brides still wear their wedding dresses at the reception instead of needing to change into a separate dress or bridal attire. One, it’s cost-effective and time-efficient, especially if the reception starting time is close to the ceremony. 

Tailors and seamstresses also bustle wedding dresses to make them more comfortable for moving and dancing at the reception. Just remember to have someone accompany you at the fitting so the seamstress can teach them how to bustle the dress into something more dancing-friendly. 


On your wedding anniversary

Another instance where you can wear your wedding dress after the wedding is when celebrating marriage milestones. It can be a sweet and wholesome moment to re-enact your ceremony by wearing your sentimental wedding attire.

Some brides even surprise their husbands by wearing the dress they wore at their wedding. And if you’re feeling crafty and enjoy sewing, you can modify the dress. 


On your vow renewal

There are no rules on when you can do a vow renewal. However, it’s a trend for couples to have friends and family experience a trip down memory lane with them. 

Why not do the vow renewal at the exact wedding ceremony location? You and your partner can wear your ceremony outfits or alter them to suit your style.  


Do You Change Clothes After The Wedding?

Brides are not required to do a dress change as they can also wear their wedding dress after the wedding. However, traditional wedding gowns like the ballgown silhouette might be too heavy for dancing. 

Some styles of dresses can’t also be bustled. Therefore, the bride can opt for a more comfortable white dress or bridal pants. 

The groom can also wear a more comfortable suit or jacket if the tux is not ideal for dancing through the night. Regardless, it’s your choice to decide what to change into after the wedding. 


What To Do Your Dress After The Wedding Is Over?

If you rented your wedding dress, return it to the shop within the expected time frame. And if you own the dress, it’s best to get it cleaned as soon as possible to prevent dirt and stains from setting in. 

Brides who intend to pass down their wedding dresses to their daughters should also get their bridal attire preserved. You can also read how to frame a wedding dress for display and preservation. 



Was this attire guide helpful? To recap what to change into after wedding dress, you can consider a shorter and more comfortable dress or something modern like a bridal jumpsuit. 

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes to look more graceful dancing at the reception. But if you can’t change into another outfit, you can just get your wedding dress bustled. 

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