What Is A Plus One At A Wedding: Everything To Know

If you want to know what is a plus one at a wedding, it’s a date a guest can bring to weddings. However, there is etiquette regarding bringing a plus one, and not every wedding even allows guests to get plus ones. 

You will learn everything about wedding plus ones to ensure you remain respectful to the couple. And if you’re curious, you can also read how to ask for a plus one at a wedding

what is a plus one at a wedding


Exactly What Is A Plus One At A Wedding

A plus one refers to the person or date guests bring to the wedding. From the name itself, it’s one person allowed by the couple to be added to their guest list. 

Of course, some couples are invited to the wedding as a pair, especially if they’re close to the bride and groom. However, some big weddings invite their friends with the option for the person to bring anyone they want as their wedding date.

However, know that you are not obliged to bring a date, and you can only bring someone to the wedding if you’re given a plus one. Otherwise, it’ll be rude to assume that you can get a person to the wedding because the guest list affects different things at the wedding. 


Wedding plus-one etiquette

  • A wedding plus one does not equate to an open invitation for the guest to bring a friend or any person to take advantage of the foods and drinks at the wedding; a plus one is a date 
  • Couples can choose to give plus-ones to their friends and family who they know has been dating someone seriously for a long time
  • Never feel pressured as an engaged couple to follow the request of relatives and friends who want to attend the wedding with their own guests; consider your wedding budget, venue, and catering, and communicate why you have a limited guest list
  • Indicate on the wedding invitation clearly if you are having or not allowing plus ones to your wedding
  • If you know your single friend will be okay being alone at the wedding because they also know the other people, you don’t need to give them a plus one


Who Gets A Plus 1 At A Wedding?

According to wedding etiquette rules, the guests who get a plus one at a wedding are usually those close to the couple, such as their immediate family and the wedding party members. If you know some guests who won’t know other wedding attendees, giving them a plus one would be considerate so they won’t feel awkward. 

If you can’t invite guests as a couple but have been dating or with their partners for a long time, then they can bring their person a plus one. But ultimately, keep your wedding guest list at a reasonable, practical, and realistic size according to your wedding budget. 

You don’t need to follow these rules if your budget only allows an intimate wedding. However, your guests should understand that you only want select people on your big day. 

For a more thorough etiquette discussion, here’s who gets a plus one at a wedding


Is It Rude To Ask To Bring A Plus One To A Wedding?

It is rude to bring a plus one to weddings if there are no indications on the invitation or from the couple themselves that you have a plus one. The wedding is supposed to be a celebration for the couple, not an event with people they don’t know or for random attendees to get free food and drinks. 


Wedding plus-one etiquette for guests

  • If your wedding invitation did not include a plus one, you should never assume that you can arrive at the wedding with uninvited guests
  • If plus ones are allowed, send your reply as soon as possible so the couple can finalize their guest list
  • Never RSVP for someone if you’re unsure they can come to the wedding with you; guests often make the mistake of inviting a casual date who might end up not attending once the wedding day comes
  • If you’ve already mentioned a particular person as a plus one and they canceled, ask the couple if you can bring someone else instead; if they disagree for some reason, be understanding
  • A wedding plus one is a date and not a friend
  • Never sneak in another individual for your plus one; from the name itself, each guest can only bring one guest 
  • If your plus one is not attending, notify the couple so they can edit their guest list
  • Getting a plus one usually means giving a wedding gift that is suitable to be given by two people, especially if you and your plus one know the couple well
  • If your plus one does not know the couple too personally, do not oblige them to pitch in with the gift
  • If your plus one is new to the group, introduce them to the couple for politeness



Was this etiquette guide helpful? To recap what is a plus one at a wedding, it refers to the date a guest can bring to the wedding. 

However, couples are not obliged to give plus ones if their budget only suits a specific guest size. Guests, on the other hand, should also not bring a plus one unless stated in the invitation. 

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