How To Ask For A Plus One To A Wedding With Tact

You must know how to ask for a plus one to a wedding by considering these two factors for the proper etiquette. We will also discuss when it’s okay to do so and if it’s rude even to request it. 

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how to ask for a plus one to a wedding


How Do You Ask For A Plus One To A Wedding?


Consider your closeness with the couple

  • Before anything else, please consider your closeness to the couple before asking for a plus one
  • Plan and word your request before talking to the couple to ensure that you don’t sound imposing
  • Make sure that you can express your reasons well on why you should get a plus one by mentioning the facts while still being respectful
  • If you’re only a distant relative or a close friend, it would be distasteful to request too much from the couple  
  • Be careful not to guilt the couple into letting you have a plus one; understand that some are only capable of a small wedding or they simply want an intimate ceremony


Be open to rejection

  • Remember that just because you ask for a plus one doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically get one, so be open to potential rejection
  • Keep in mind that you’re a guest at a wedding, and the couple has already planned how their special day should go, including the guests they want to attend
  • Please understand that even when the couple said no, it’s not because they are not considering your desire of bringing the important person with you
  • Have an open mind when you ask for a plus one at a wedding to avoid being disappointed 
  • When you’re feeling unfulfilled, think that the couple sent the invitation to you alone, which means you are essential to them that they’d want you on their big day


When Can You Ask For A Plus One To A Wedding

The particular instance where a guest can ask for a plus one to a wedding is when they are cohabiting with their other half, mainly when they’re engaged or married to a spouse. However, this isn’t a definite rule nowadays since more and more long-term relationships are not even marital

However, don’t assume that you can bring anyone, especially if the couple does not know that person and without first asking them. You don’t want an awkward vibe in the wedding, especially if it’s a relatively new person or someone that the couple may not like as harsh as it seems. 

Your etiquette as a wedding guest is always to consider the host’s feelings. When in doubt, remember that it’s okay to go to the wedding solo, and indeed, the couple has arranged your seat with people you also enjoy being with.


Is It Rude To Ask If You Have A Plus One?

It’s not rude to ask for a plus one for a wedding, but it depends on how you request it. Furthermore, you want to bring someone that the couple is open to having and that they also confirmed that their guests could get a plus one. 

You must ask if you can bring a plus one and mention who that person is to the couple. Never assume that being in a relationship with that person automatically means that you can get them to your friend’s or family’s wedding. 

Forcing your desire to have a plus one is rude, and it may even cause tension in your relationship with the couple. You and your partner shouldn’t take it personally if you attend a wedding where your presence is not requested. 

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Is It Rude To Bring A Friend As A Plus One To A Wedding?

A plus one typically is a date, but bringing a friend might still be passable, depending on the couple. However, what you don’t want to do is to bring someone unexpected to the couple. 

It would be rude and cause the wedding to feel uncomfortable for the parties. The couple also has name cards on the dinner tables, which will go to waste if you happen to change who you’re bringing. 

The couple may also be expecting someone special to them, but you end up replacing that person with someone they don’t know as well. On your side, it would also make your plus one uncomfortable if they don’t know most people at the wedding, which is an intimate occasion. 


Should You Pay For Your Plus One At A Wedding?

If you ask the wedding host to bring a plus one and they allow it, then it’s only tasteful to assume that you should cover their costs at the event. Remember that you requested a plus one, and the couple can find it rude that they should also cover the meal or accommodations of this person. 



And that’s it! We just discussed how to ask for a plus one to a wedding, where you should be considerate of the couple and be open to rejection. 

Never impose or guilt them into allowing your request. Furthermore, think carefully about who should be your plus one to avoid an awkward feel at the wedding. 


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