How Much Should Grandparents Give For A Wedding Gift

The answer to how much should grandparents give for a wedding gift depends on four factors. We will also share the typical amount given to the grandchild as the wedding gift from their grandparent. 

And to complete this guide, you will know the etiquette when grandparents give their wedding gift to their grandchild. For additional reference, you can also read how much to give for a wedding gift

how much should grandparents give for a wedding gift


How Much Money Should A Grandparent Give For A Wedding Gift?

The amount to pay for gifts should always be voluntary. And when giving a wedding gift, this also applies to grandparents. On average, grandparents typically give around $160 to their grandchildren for their wedding. 

A range between $50 to $200 is also reasonable, based on the gift-giving etiquette to someone close to you, where you shouldn’t go under $50. But financial situations vary per person, and you might prefer to give an item instead of a monetary gift for your grandchild’s wedding. 

It’s important to remember that your grandchild should understand that you can’t give a large amount of money if you don’t have money to burn. However, the thought counts when it comes to wedding gifts, and your grandchild will likely appreciate your wedding day presence more than any amount of money. 


Considerations On How Much To Give Grandchild For Wedding

To further help you decide on how much to give for wedding gifts as grandparents, there are four considerations: 


Closeness with grandchild

The first consideration when deciding how much to give for a wedding gift is how close you are to your grandchild. Etiquette dictates that the average amount to offer is $50, especially for a relative’s wedding. 

A gift of $75 and up is reasonable if you’re close to your grandchild. However, family dynamics vary; some grandchildren might grow up somewhere else and are not close with grandma and grandpa. 

Therefore, even if they’re relatives, if you barely know them, you don’t need to give a hefty sum for their wedding. Instead, wish them well by including a card with your gift. 


Personal financial situation

Even if they’re close to their grandchild, grandparents should only give a gift they can afford. Grandparents should not experience issues with their finances to provide a hefty gift. 

And as the grandchild, you should not force your grandparents to give a high amount or anything they’ll struggle to afford. Grandparents with fixed incomes, for example, are unlikely to go overboard with their wedding gifts. 

But of course, those with a good retirement income might comfortably give a higher amount. You might want to help your grandchild start their new life with a specific amount they can use for the house, for example. 


Partner’s share with the wedding gift

Another consideration when deciding how much to give for a wedding gift is if you have a partner. For example, a grandparent with a partner can discuss the amount they’ll give for a single gift to their grandchild. 

You can share more than shouldering a single significant cost for the wedding gift. If your partner is not your grandchild’s grandparent or it’s a plus one, wedding etiquette dictates that the wedding gift can amount to their plate. 

On the contrary, widowed and single grandparents can be considered to give a lower wedding gift amount. Your grandchild should understand this as you can’t give a high amount since you’re alone. 

If your grandparent is single, read who walks the grandparents down the aisle at a wedding to know who can accompany them. 


Grandchild’s financial situation

The final consideration when giving a wedding gift to your grandchild is your grandchild’s financial situation. If they can afford an expensive and luxurious wedding, they’re likely not to care about the number of gifts they’ll receive. 

But if you have extra money and you know your grandchild can use some help to start their savings as a married couple, then you can treat them to a lovely wedding gift amount. Regardless, gifts should be voluntary, and you shouldn’t feel forced into giving something you don’t want or can’t give. 

You can be generous to the young couple or give less if the couple makes good money. If it’s a second wedding, giving gifts is not even necessary. 


Do Grandparents Contribute To Wedding?

There are no expectations on whether the grandparents can or should contribute to a wedding. However, some families or children have always been financially supported by their grandparents, so they might also sponsor their grandchild’s wedding. 

The grandparents might also feel generous and provide a hefty amount to help with the wedding budget if they can comfortably do so. But as a grandparent who is limited financially, it’s acceptable not to contribute to the wedding as it’s more of the parent’s responsibility to help their child’s wedding budget traditionally. 


Wedding Gift Ideas From Grandparents

Here are sentimental gifts if you can’t afford cash wedding gifts for your grandchild:

  • Family heirlooms like clothes or jewelry
  • Handsewn bridal items
  • Embroidered handkerchiefs, robes, or towels for the couple
  • Quilt
  • Recipe book
  • Homemade dish



Was this etiquette guide useful? To recap how much should grandparents give for a wedding gift, $50 should be reasonable.

However, you must consider your closeness, financial situation, partner’s share, and grandchild’s status. Wedding gifts are voluntary, and there are no prices to follow. 

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