How We Met Wedding Website Examples

Do not worry if you need to know how we met wedding website examples to write your own. This is a writing guide for your wedding website, including stories you can use as inspiration. 

The wedding website is an excellent way to showcase your love story to the guests, and you don’t need to be an expert storyteller to create a captivating how we met story. We recommend reading what to include on the wedding website to get started.  

how we met wedding website examples


How We Met Wedding Website Examples And Writing Tips


Share individual details and not just your story as a couple

Before reading examples of pre-marriage stories, understand the elements you can include in your how we met section on the wedding website. For example, write about your hobbies and personalities as individual people, then wrap the story with how your love story works because of the differences and similarities. 

Your mutual hobbies, interests, or common people might even be the inspiration for your how we met story. So, if you’re battling a blank page, this should get you started with the how they met story. 


Include your family and friends 

Another helpful tip to get started on how we met stories for wedding websites is including your closest people who may have participated in your relationship journey. Perhaps you met through a sibling or a high school friend. 

They might also appreciate reading about themselves, and they can feel touched by being involved in your love story. This is also a fantastic way to dedicate a phrase or paragraph to them. 


How We Met Examples For The Wedding Website


How They Met

Jim was introduced through Sarah’s older brother, Stephen. They were both staying in Mississippi for the summer, and Jim has always been close to Stephen. 

After graduation, Sarah moved out of Mississippi for college, so she never had the chance to meet Jim. During that summer, they went on many trips together, and Stephen even noted that he felt like the third wheel. 

Throughout the years, Sarah and Jim kept in contact and remained friends. Stephen finally addressed the elephant in the room, and his sister and best friend started dating. 


Our Most Memorable Milestone Together

You can also write your most memorable relationship milestone on your wedding website instead of how you met. If you find you’re how we met story too simple, share the sweetest or best date. 

We had a misunderstanding that night because of a reason I don’t even remember. But amidst the fighting, Jim and I suddenly pause, look at each other’s eyes, and laugh. Jim said my nostrils were getting bigger, and I told him he mispronounced a word. 

During that moment, we realized how much we’ve grown together and as individuals. It’s a memorable milestone because we no longer see each other as competition but handle relationship issues as teammates. 


Our Love For Each Other

Your wedding website can have a portion where you and your partner declare and reflect your love for each other. It is sweet and will surely make your guests feel touched. 

Jim: I never believed in love at first sight until I experienced it myself with Sarah. I still remember feeling my heart skip a beat when she brushed my shoulder with hers that summer years ago in Mississippi. I can’t wait to call her my wife. 

Sarah: I am so excited to call Jim my husband even though we’ve always joked about being an old married couple with how we act even in our 20s. He’s the best person I know, and even marriage cannot suffice with how much I want to show my love to him to the world. 


How Do I Make A Story For My Wedding Website?

Here are some writing tips for your how we met story on your wedding website

  • Limit the length of your how they met story to a maximum of 400 words to keep it engaging and prevent having too much wording on the website
  • Use spaces, breaks, and paragraphs to keep the readers interested 
  • Break up story sections with titles to help guests know the flow of the story timeline
  • Select a point of view, whether it’s third-person or first-person
  • Consider writing two stories so both of you can present your experience of how you’ve met individually
  • Make sure not to include story pieces that may need an in-depth context
  • Add some humor but maintain authenticity with your story
  • Create a timeline for a more engaging how we met story

For brides, you can also take inspiration from this discussion on what to say to your groom on your wedding day


How Did You Meet Your Spouse Questions

Here are questions you can answer when writing the how they met portion on your wedding website: 

  • Where did you meet?
  • When did you meet?
  • How did you meet?
  • What are your similarities and shared interests?
  • What’s your first date like? 
  • What’s the most memorable date or trip you’ve done together?
  • What’s the funniest moment of your relationship?
  • How did your proposal go?



Was this guide helpful? To recap how we met wedding website examples, they can be the exact story of your first meeting, your most memorable milestone, or simply your love for each other. 

You don’t need to write a lengthy story, but simply highlight your journey from dating to getting engaged. Let us know below how your story goes. 

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