What Is A Money Dance At A Wedding: Meaning And More

The answer to what is a money dance at a wedding is at the name itself. It’s among the many different wedding dances, but as the name implies, money is given. 

We will discuss how to do a money dance at weddings and if it’s tacky to have one nowadays. But if you’re also curious about the other dances at a wedding, we recommend starting with the traditional what is an anniversary dance at a wedding.

what is a money dance at a wedding


Everything To Know About What Is A Money Dance At A Wedding

The money dance or dollar dance in the US is when the guests hand, toss, or pin cash or dollar bills to the couple. Different cultures have different versions, but all are essentially viewed as a tradition meant to help the couple start their married lives. 

The money dance is among the many traditional dances performed at the wedding reception, but it’s not mandatory to have one if you don’t want it. Nonetheless, the activity involves upbeat music, dancing, and bills thrown or handed to the couple. 

If they aren’t pinned to the newlyweds, usually, you’ll ask someone to collect the bills for you. But on the other hand, if you’re a guest who wants a creative way to give the couple monetary gifts, try these unique ways to give cash as a wedding gift instead of joining the dollar dance. 


What Is The Meaning Of Money Dance At A Wedding?

Here are the different interpretations of the bridal money dance in different parts of the world:


United States

There are many versions of the dollar dance in the US, depending on the ethnic background of the newlyweds. For example, you may find wedding receptions where cash is pinned to the bride’s veil or gown, while in others, a female relative holds an apron where money is placed. 

Regardless, the money dance is interpreted as a way for the guests to wish the couples good luck. The money dance is also meant to collect cash for the couple’s firstborn. 



In Mexico, the money dance is an opportunity to talk and bond with their guests since they take turns in dancing to the couple and pinning cash to their clothes. It’s also possible to find Mexican weddings where guests throw money to the floor, and a relative will collect it for the couple. 



Poland is thought to be where the money dance originated in the immigrant neighborhoods, intending to help the newlyweds. Traditionally, the best man will dance with the bride and pin money to her wedding gown. 



Filipino weddings also practice the money dance where male guests pin money to the bridal veil or dress. The female guests will also do the same to the groom’s clothing, both symbolizing good fortune. 



The money dance is a beloved tradition by the Nigerians. In a Nigerian wedding, showering the couple with money is thought to bring good fortune and happiness. 


How Does The Money Dance Work?

The money dance tradition works by having guests dance up to the couple or line up to the bride and groom. They can pin the bills to their wedding outfits or even throw them towards the couple as a way to shower them with money. 

It’s also possible to carry an apron or purse where guests can put in money. Otherwise, someone is tasked to collect all the money from the floor to give to the couple. 

Typically, the couple will use the money for their honeymoon or start their married life. However, guests are not obligated to participate in the money dance. 


How To Announce Money Dance At A Wedding?

The wedding MC announced the money dance, typically after the slow and romantic dances. The wedding DJ can also play an upbeat song to accompany the dollar dance


How long is a money dance?

The money dance usually lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. The song used for it can also dictate how long the money dance will last. 


How much does it cost to participate in the money dance?

Wedding guests are not obligated to join or give a particular amount for the money dance. Sometimes, a dollar is enough, but guests can be as generous as giving $30 to $100 bills. 


How Do You Do The Money Dance At A Wedding?

Typically, the guests will line up to pin money to the bride and groom one by one, so they can also interact with each person. But the modern money dance can feel more upbeat where everyone is dancing as guests throw bills at the couple. 

We recommend reading about who dances first at a wedding as well to know the sequence of wedding dances. 


Is A Money Dance Tacky?

The money dance is not tacky as long as you’re not anticipating or requiring all guests to participate. But if you feel uncomfortable, check these alternative money dance ideas: 


What are the alternatives to the money dance?

  • Use fake dollar bills, flower petals, or notes with good wishes instead of dollar bills
  • Dedicate a well-wishing tree or jar at the reception 



Was this article helpful? We answered what is a money dance at a wedding, which is where guests pin or shower the newlyweds with bills and cash. 

Some cultures also have the bride holding an apron to collect the money from guests. Overall, you can still include this tradition in your wedding without seeming tacky if you don’t force your guests to give an amount. 

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