How To Give Cash As A Wedding Gift Creative Ways

You can try three fun ideas on how to give cash as a wedding gift creative. Instead of handing the couple paper bills to give money as a wedding gift, consider dressing the cash differently to stand out from other guests.

Undoubtedly, the couple will appreciate that you put some thought into their wedding gift. But if you think checks are safer than cash, you can also read how to write a check for a wedding

how to give cash as a wedding gift creative


How To Give Cash As A Wedding Gift: 3 Unique And Creative Ways To Give Cash Gifts For A Wedding 


  • Make a giant check

A unique way to give money to the couple about to get married is when handling them a large check. Think of the novelty presentation checks issued at game shows, and you can even get as creative as you want with it. 

However, you must consider your closeness to the couple and if you feel comfortable having other people see the amount you’ll give them. Some might argue that it’s tacky and embarrassing on the giver and receiver’s side. 

Regardless, you are still giving the couple money as a wedding gift with genuine intentions. An oversized novelty check will surely leave a mark if you have a humorous relationship with them. 


  • Cash gifts in the form of foods

If you want to get extra creative when giving cash as a wedding gift, consider turning them into food or using edible vessels for the money. For example, if the couple is both sweet tooths, you can present the cash bills as candy by wrapping them in colorful paper and ribbons. 

If there is a party, you can also use a pizza box for the paper bills with coins as the “toppings.” It can be a fun surprise if you’re having dinner with the couple and this money pizza is served. 

Finally, cash gifts can be presented misleadingly. For example, the couple can be served a cake where they can pull out the cake topper to reveal a strip of paper bills.  


  • Give money as a plant

Some plants are popular wedding presents, but did you know that you can also use them as an idea for your cash gift? Please think of the plant or tree in season and use it as a vessel for the cash bills. 

For example, you can create several mini pine trees with fold-up bills and present them as a mini tree lot to the couple. Of course, this is perfect if you love arts and crafts. 

Another option is to find a small indoor plant where you can attach money. Again, get creative with folding and placing the cash gifts, so they look like leaves.  


What Is The Best Way To Give A Gift Of Money For A Wedding?


  • With a card

Those who prefer a more lowkey approach when giving money as a wedding gift, go the simple route and put the bills in a pretty envelope. 

Then, pen the couple a short and sweet message to make the wedding present more personal. You don’t need to explain why you’re giving the amount in the envelope, but instead, focus on wishing the couple well. 


  • Via the couple’s cash registry 

Most couples nowadays use a cash registry instead of a gift registry. This is the best way to give money as a wedding gift because it is safe and direct. 

And if you’re curious, here is how much to give for a wedding gift. Note to offer something you can comfortably give without affecting your finances. 


  • Surprise cash gifts 

Destination weddings and certain types of weddings have a weeklong celebration leading to the ceremony at the weekend. This is the perfect opportunity to consider surprise cash gifts or money given at different times. 

If you’re worried that it might translate to something tacky or that you’re showing off, you can disguise the money gifts. For example, give the couple different wine bottles and instruct them to open each bottle at a specific marriage milestone. 


  • Charity donations

A unique way to give money is not in the form of bills or checks. Instead, consider giving donations to a charity or organization close to the couple’s cause. 

You can donate in the name of the couple, and some even prefer not to have cash gifts or any gifts given to them instead. Check their wedding website for links to the charities they’re advocating for. 

You can also familiarize yourself with the top charities to donate to


  • In the form of stock and bonds

Instead of thinking about how to give wedding cash in its form, why not gift the couple in the form of stock and bonds. If you’re a parent of the bride or groom, bonds and stock can be an investment for the newlyweds. 

The couple can also use these gifts for their children in the future. Check companies that will help you transfer mutual bonds. Just make sure to educate the couple well to ensure that these investments will help them as the years’ pass. 



And that’s it! To recap how to give cash as a wedding gift creative, consider a novelty check, food, or plant to make the money gifts more unique to receive. 

Other examples include charity donations and bonds if you don’t want to give cash or use the couple’s registry. We hope this was helpful; let us know which you like best. 

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