Who Dances First At A Wedding: Wedding Dance Order

If you’re curious who dances first at a wedding, it is the couple. This wedding tradition is also called the first dance, which we will discuss below.

You’ll even learn about the expected dancing traditions at weddings and what order they happen. Speaking of which, we recommend reading how to run a wedding rehearsal to help you and the people part of the ceremony practice before the big day. 

who dances first at a wedding


Who Dances First At A Wedding: First Dance Etiquette And More

The bride and groom dance first at the wedding. This is the so-called first dance, which from the name itself, is the first dancing tradition among the many dances that are typically performed at a wedding. 

At the first dance, the newlyweds typically dance to slow, mellow, and romantic music. Of course, they might’ve also selected their favorite song to play, but it’s also not surprising that in some modern weddings, the couple chooses something more lively, upbeat, and even choreographed instead of slow dancing. 


How to announce the first dance at a wedding?

Traditionally, the DJ or MC will announce the first dance over the microphone to get the attention of the guests. If you don’t have these people at the program, especially with small weddings that don’t hire an MC or a DJ, you can also assign a bridesmaid or groomsman to do the announcement. 

You can learn how to MC a wedding to know more tips about engaging with the audience. If you’re tasked to announce the first dance, make sure to have a pause, so the guests can gather around and watch the couple. 

When to announce the first dance? It’s usually after the meal as it precedes the dancing portion of the wedding reception. 


How long should the first dance be at a wedding?

The newlyweds’ first dance usually lasts for three minutes or one whole song. This is an ideal duration to have an intimate moment with your significant other without feeling too conscious or having the guests feel bored. 


Wedding first dance tips

  • Select a song beforehand and mention it to the DJ
  • Practice a simple choreography with your partner before the wedding
  • Take dancing lessons if you want a performance for the guests
  • Brides should bustle the wedding dress beforehand and change to more comfortable shoes if needed
  • The groom can also wear a more comfortable outfit for dancing


What Is The Order Of Dances At A Wedding?

The traditional wedding dances order flow like this:

  1. First dance
  2. Parents’ dance
  3. Wedding party’s dance
  4. Anniversary dance
  5. Money dance


Who dances with who at a wedding?

There are expected pairings in different types of wedding dance. However, there are no rules that prohibit you from modifying these pairings. 

For example, at the parent’s dance, the bride dances with her father while the groom dances with the bride’s mother. The bride’s parents will then dance, followed by the groom and his mother.

The groom’s parents will also dance together. But since some weddings are not heterosexual, the couple decides how to dance with their parents and spouse’s parents.  

And as for the wedding party’s dance, the best man and maid of honor typically dance together, and each groomsman pairs with a bridesmaid. The winners of the bouquet toss and garter toss may also dance together. 

Don’t forget that other married couples also lead an anniversary dance among the guests. The pairings will, of course, be with their respective spouses. 


What Comes First Father-Daughter Dance Or Bride And Groom?

The first dance of the bride and groom happens before the father-daughter dance. If the bride’s father is not in the picture, her stepfather, grandfather, or sibling can dance with her. 


What is a parent’s dance at the wedding?

Another traditional wedding dance is the parents’ dance, where the newlyweds each dance with their parents. The bride dances with her father, and the groom dances with his mother. 

Then, each parent set of the bride and groom will also dance. Of course, there are different relationship dynamics in families to modify this dance accordingly. 


Who Joins The Bride And Groom For The First Dance?

Their parents will later join the first dance of the bride and groom for the parent’s dance. Then, the wedding party can also join them where they can pair together or take turns dancing with the bride and groom. 


What Is The Point Of The First Dance?

Dancing with your husband or wife on your wedding day symbolizes the opening of dancing. It also shows the love between you and your spouse and an awaited moment for the guests. 


Do You Need To Have First Dance At Wedding?

You don’t need to have the first dance if you don’t want one at your wedding. You can even remove the dancing part of the program except for the livelier party dancing at the end of the reception. 



And that’s it! Who dances first at a wedding are the newlyweds. 

This is the first dance, followed by the parents’ dance, wedding party dance, anniversary dance, and money dance. However, you can omit these dances at your wedding and stick to only partying. 

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