What Is A Medium Firm Mattress: Is It For You?

The answer to what is a medium firm mattress is already in the name. These beds are slightly firmer than medium mattresses, but they are not considered firm. You will know more about the difference between a medium and a medium-firm mattress in this article. 

Are you also curious about what a luxury firm mattress is? What is a cushion firm mattress? These unique mattress firmnesses can also be confusing because they’re not familiar, so please check our separate articles about them. 

what is a medium firm mattress


What Does A Medium Firm Mattress Mean?

 A medium-firm mattress is similar to a medium bed but has enough firmness without feeling too stiff like a firm mattress. This means that medium is rated 5 on the firmness scale, while a medium-firm mattress is 6 to 7, right before firm beds rated 8 to 10. If you’re still unfamiliar with these ratings, please check our mattress firmness guide to understand how this scale works. 


Who is a medium-firm mattress good for?


Back and stomach sleepers

Back and stomach sleepers will benefit from a medium-firm bed compared to other mattress types. On the other hand, you want a medium bed or something softer for extra cushioning if you sleep on your side. Why is your sleeping position a significant factor when selecting a mattress firmness?

Back sleepers need enough support so the lower back’s natural curve won’t sink deeply in this position. Stomach sleepers will need something even firmer since this orientation is already unnatural to the spine. But because some people can feel uncomfortable with a firm bed, a medium-firm mattress would be the best pick because it still has some softness. 


Heavy individuals

Heavy people or those weighing 230 pounds or more must use a firm bed to keep them from sinking too deeply and losing a neutral spine. But because some firm beds feel too stiff that they don’t offer pressure relief, heavy individuals can benefit more from a medium-firm bed. You can also check this article on the best mattress type for obese people


People with body pain

Pain on the back or even shoulders will be more manageable when using a medium-firm mattress. It won’t cause further twisting on these body regions, but it will still cushion the pressure points when you lie on the bed. In case you have a painful condition like fibromyalgia, consider these mattresses for people with fibromyalgia


People sharing the bed

If you’re sharing the bed, you want a mattress that will suit the needs of your partner and you. A medium-firm mattress works for most body types and sleeping positions compared to other firmness ratings. You can also get the best adjustable bed in the market, giving each person personalized support and comfort. 


What Does A Medium Firm Mattress Feel Like?

A medium-firm mattress feels just like its name. It’s not too soft like mattresses rated under 5, but it has some firmness if the individual still finds a medium bed too sinking. All in all, a medium-firm bed will still contour along your curves, but you won’t feel “swallowed” by the mattress. 


Medium vs medium-firm mattress

Medium mattresses have a firmness rating of 5, and it’s ideal for side sleepers that don’t like too much sinkage. On the other hand, a medium-firm mattress is rated 6 to 7, right before a firm bed, so it’s only a tad harder than a medium bed. Those with foam mattresses can also read this mattress ILD guide because ILD can mean how firm your bed is. 


Is a medium-firm mattress harder than a firm mattress?

A medium-firm mattress won’t feel harder than a firm bed as it’s only rated 6 to 7 on the firmness scale while a firm mattress is rated 8 to 10. This is because firm beds no longer offer sinkage, and those further on the firmness scale will have no cushioning. Nonetheless, very firm mattresses rated 9 to 10 won’t be as common as medium or medium-firm beds. 


Is A Medium Or Firm Mattress Better For Your Back?

A medium mattress is better for the back because a firm bed might not have enough cushioning to relieve the stress, especially on the lumbar region. Medium-firm mattresses, in particular, even provide better pain relief than a firm mattress. However, still consider your sleeping position and body type to keep your spine neutral during sleep. 


Which Mattress Is Best Firm Or Medium?

If you don’t know how to select mattress firmness yet, your best choice should be medium or medium-firm. These ratings are the perfect middle-ground for most sleepers compared to soft or firm beds. And if you have other health conditions, you can also consult your doctor for their specific recommendation. 


Which Type Of Mattress Is Medium-Firm?

You can find medium-firm beds in the form of foam and hybrid mattresses. They are quite common unless the brand also allows the buyer to select the firmness they want. 



Did this article answer your question satisfactorily? To recap what is a medium firm mattress, think of it as a medium mattress that is a tad firmer but still not as hard as a firm bed. It’s perfect for back and stomach sleepers, heavy individuals, those who experience body pain, or even those sharing a bed. 

Just remember that there are many factors that you should consider when selecting a mattress. Feel free to check our knowledge base to know more!

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