What Is The Best Mattress For Fibromyalgia Sufferers

The answer to what is the best mattress for fibromyalgia sufferers can either be innerspring, foam, hybrid, or airbed. But before you raise your eyebrow with these options, please read below to know why they would be perfect if you have fibromyalgia. We’ll even discuss what to consider when choosing a bed and how to sleep with fibromyalgia. 

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that can affect the quality of your sleep because it causes body pain and stiffness. The last thing you want is to develop sleep problems that can be detrimental to your health. Continue reading below to know more. 


What Is The Best Mattress Type For Fibromyalgia Sufferers?

It’s better to find the type of mattress that would be best for people with fibromyalgia than mention multiple brands. Furthermore, you also have to consider your individual needs and preferences. Let us discuss below why innerspring, foam, hybrid, and even an air bed makes the best mattress if you struggle with fibromyalgia



  • The coil system creates springy responsiveness compared to other mattresses
  • Finding the correct sleeping position with fibromyalgia would feel more comfortable if the bed is responsive to movement


  • The contouring qualities of a foam mattress will reduce pressure on the tender points of the body and therefore alleviate some pain from fibromyalgia
  • People with fibromyalgia and are also sharing the bed would not feel the motion of the other person 


  • A person with fibromyalgia would benefit from the breathability of a hybrid mattress because it is not pure foam
  • Hybrid mattresses are not too close to the body but still provide pressure relief without the heat that is extra uncomfortable if you have fibromyalgia because of limited blood flow 


  • People with fibromyalgia can sleep better if they can adjust the mattress to their liking at any given night 
  • It’s also possible to make an air mattress more comfortable, and the fibromyalgia patient can get the same sleeping experience with other beds but with the benefit of adjustability at a touch of a button

How To Choose A Mattress For Fibromyalgia


One of the first things to check when finding the best mattress for fibromyalgia is its firmness. You want the mattress to be medium to medium-firm because getting a very firm, or very soft bed won’t help with pain and pressure relief when you lie down. However, your sleeping position might also affect the ideal firmness for the bed. 

For example, side sleepers with fibromyalgia will benefit if the surface has some cushioning. This will keep your body in a neutral position and avoid too much pressure on the heavy regions. But other than this position, you can always get a firm bed or learn how to make a mattress firmer



A mattress that will hug your body will keep your pressure points from being hit and worsening the pain from fibromyalgia. Therefore, you want a mattress that is contouring, such as memory foam. However, opt for memory foam beds with cooling features because heat retention is never ideal for people living with fibromyalgia. 

You can also get any mattress that will be responsive when you lie down. This can mean a hybrid, latex, or even an innerspring mattress. Remember that you shouldn’t feel trapped while you want a contouring sleeping surface because movement throughout the night is especially challenging with fibromyalgia. 



If you have fibromyalgia, the last thing you want is to have an improper sleeping posture. This means that your body is not level, which eventually leads to more pain. Also, avoid mattresses that sink deeply when you lie down because they won’t provide enough support to keep the spine neutral

How will you know if the mattress can support you well? First, check the overall construction of the bed, primarily when it uses several layers. The base should be firm and made of quality materials that won’t contribute to premature sagging. 


How Can I Sleep Comfortably With Fibromyalgia?


Back sleepers

An ideal sleeping position, even for people with fibromyalgia, is on the back. It keeps the spine neutral and prevents back pain. You can also alleviate more discomfort as a back sleeper with fibromyalgia by placing a pillow under the knees


Side sleepers

If you have fibromyalgia and are more comfortable sleeping on your side, you have to avoid using a mattress that sinks you too deeply, or your spine won’t align. However, never use a very firm bed because you will experience pressure on the lumbar region. Instead, try placing a pillow between the legs and see if it improves your sleeping position. 


Stomach sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach is never the best position because it does not align the body. With fibromyalgia, you’re contributing to pain in the neck or hips. Consider changing into a new position or use a firm mattress with a very thin pillow so your upper body won’t be higher than the lower region. 



If you have fibromyalgia, sleep can be extra challenging. And in this article, we answered what is the best mattress for fibromyalgia sufferers, and talked about what to look for in the ideal bed with this condition. In general, you can use foam, innerspring, hybrid, or even an air mattress as long as it can provide support, contouring, and the right firmness. 

Don’t forget to always consult a medical professional as well.  

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