What Is Luxury Firm Mattress? Best Overall Guide

The answer to what is luxury firm mattress is found in the name itself. Luxury firm means that this type of bed maintains its firmness but with additional padding, hence the name luxury. You can learn more about this mattress type in this article to help you decide if it’s ideal for you. 

It’s essential to remember that each ideal mattress firmness will vary for every user. One might prefer a pillow top mattress’s cushioned feel, but another might benefit more from a luxury firm bed. So, would a luxury firm be worth trying for your sleeping habits and body type?

What Is Luxury Firm Mattress


What Is Luxury Firm Mattress And Is It For You?

You can define a luxury firm mattress as something that provides the balance between firmness and softness. It has a soft upholstery to provide comfort, but the overall mattress is firm to prevent the sleeper from sinking too deeply to maintain a good posture. Most mattresses in the market are called medium-firm, and the plush firm can also be considered luxury firms.


Luxury firm mattress vs plush mattress

While it can be confusing since some brands call their luxury firm beds plush firm beds, there are also true plush mattresses. Compared to a luxury firm mattress, an actual plush mattress will be significantly softer because of the thick upholstery layers. However, the softness a plush bed provides won’t be ideal for some sleeping positions because it doesn’t support a neutral spine. 


Luxury firm mattress vs firm mattress

If you need a mattress that will push back against pressure, it’s better to get a proper firm bed. It will give a more springy feel than a luxury firm mattress because it’s not as plush. Heavier individuals and those who need lumbar support might be better off with a firm mattress to keep them from sinking too deeply. 


Is Luxury Firm Good For Side Sleepers?

Now that you know the primary differences between luxury firm beds against actual plush and true firm mattresses, it will make you wonder what sleeping position is ideal for it. Side sleepers can benefit from the soft yet supportive feel of a luxury firm mattress, especially for alleviating pressure on the body’s heavy regions.

A luxury firm mattress should relieve stress on the shoulders and hips when you lie on your side. It won’t have them too deeply into the bed, but it’s also not too hard that you lose pressure relief. The slight softness will also follow your body’s natural curve in this position to maintain a good posture. 


What Is The Best Luxury Firm Mattress?

The best luxury firm mattress per se will vary for every person because of personal preferences, body type, and sleeping position. However, a company that is well-loved for luxury firm mattresses is Saatva that uses innerspring mattresses. Their beds use a cotton pillow top, memory foam, individually wrapped coils, steel coils, and polyfoam base to give you an idea of the overall structure of their mattress.

You can check out any luxury firm mattress with a similar composition, especially if you are a side sleeper. The coils will offer enough bounce to relieve pressure, while the foam layers contour uniquely to your body to keep you supported. Overall, any firm mattress with extra padding will make a good luxury firm mattress that will do its job accordingly. 


What Firmness Of Mattress Is Best?

The best mattress firmness will depend on the person and his/her sleeping position. More so, comfort is subjective, so consider the overall type of mattress itself. To give you a quick guide, a soft mattress is ideal for side sleepers under 130 pounds, while a firm mattress is better for side sleepers over 230 pounds or back and stomach sleepers over 130 pounds. 

As you can see, your sleeping position and body weight are crucial factors in choosing the best mattress firmness. Then, consider if your body type will be well-supported by the mattress or if specific regions won’t get misaligned with the rest of the body. 

Finally, remember that the firmness of your bed is not synonymous to support. Some people will still get the ideal support when using a soft mattress. However, it just so happen that a soft mattress tends to sink the body further, hence the poor support for some positions and body types. 


Is Firm Mattress Better For Back?

A firm mattress is good for the back because a very soft bed won’t be enough to push against the body when you lie down. However, a very stiff mattress is also detrimental for the back, especially the lower region, because you’ll lose the contour to keep the body aligned. Instead, the best mattress firmness for back sleepers and those who require back support is medium-firm. 

What if you have back pain? Opt for a bed that uses latex foam or memory foam. Their moldability cradles the body to prevent pressure in the back. 



If you are a side sleeper, you should consider a luxury firm bed. But what is luxury firm mattress, and why is it suitable for this position? You can think of this mattress as a firm bed with a cushioned top.

It is firm enough to keep your body from sinking and misaligning the spine when you sleep on your side. However, it still feels plush for comfort and pressure relief. These beds are also called medium-firm and plush firm by some brands.