What Is A Cushion Firm Mattress? Everything To Know

The answer to what is a cushion firm mattress is already in the name itself. It’s a firm mattress that has a bit more cushion to it. Compared to other firm mattresses, it will feel softer without completely losing firm support. 

Some manufacturers also call their cushion firm mattress a luxury firm mattress. So is this mattress type the right one for you? Find out below!

What Is A Cushion Firm Mattress


What Is A Cushion Firm Mattress And Is It For You?

A cushion firm mattress is a category or type of firm mattress with a slightly plusher feel. This construction makes up for the typical lack of comfort and contour for pressure relief one expects from a firm bed. However, a cushion firm mattress can also be a name interchangeable with other firm beds with a softer upper layer, depending on the manufacturer. 


Cushion firm vs plush mattress

A plush mattress can be the next softer “level” of any firm bed. Compared to cushion firm or other firm mattresses, a plush mattress has four inches more foam on the upper layer, and some even have a quilt. You may also find so-called ultra-plush beds which are softer. 


Cushion firm vs pillowtop mattress

A pillowtop mattress is typically the softest level offered by most manufacturers. It can also be confusing since some brands consider their plush models a pillowtop. However, you can easily distinguish a pillowtop bed from others because it has extra padding on top that is usually removable. 


Cushion firm vs Eurotop mattress

A Eurotop mattress is similar to constructing a pillowtop bed because it has more padding on the upper layer. The difference is that this layer even comes in different firm levels ranging from very firm to ultra-plush. Therefore, a firm Eurotop bed feels the same as a traditional firm mattress, but the extra foam offers more suspension to the user. 


Is Cushion Firm Good For Side Sleepers?

A cushion firm mattress might be a good match for you if you sleep on your side. Remember that this position must use soft to medium-firm soft beds because a very hard mattress won’t provide the ideal support on the body’s heaviest points. This will lead to lower back pain and shoulder pain, common to side sleepers. 

However, you also have to consider that comfort is subjective. It’s best to try a cushion firm mattress first to see if you like it. You want something that offers contour to provide pressure relief and also cushions the back and shoulder well. 

A medium-firm or medium-soft bed will help keep your spine neutral because the shoulders and hips won’t sink too deeply, but they will still be supported. Once you have this prioritized, consider your body weight and mattress type. Cushion firm mattresses should ensure that you won’t sink too deeply even if you are on the heavier side, but you want to ensure that the comfort layer provides you your ideal personal feel. 


Is Cushion Firm Same As Medium?

Are you still confused about what is a cushion firm mattress? Manufacturers also consider this bed as their medium-firm mattress because it’s right between firm and soft. Therefore, you can safely assume that you can get a cushion firm bed if a medium mattress is ideal for your body type and sleeping position. 


Firm vs medium-firm

To help you understand it better, remember that beds use a firmness scale. A firm mattress will rate between 8 to 10, while a medium-firm or cushion firm one is a flat 5. It will feel soft but won’t give in to the pressure that leads to excessive sinking.


How Do I Know If I Need A Firm Or Plush Mattress?

So how do you know what mattress firmness is right for you? Should you get a plush or a firm one? First, consider your weight since heavier individuals should use a firm bed to ensure that they will maintain a neutral spine and the mattress won’t sink. 

If you are someone under 130 pounds, you should use a soft mattress to support your body well. Once you have this understanding down, consider your sleeping position. If you sleep on your back or stomach, opt for something firm, and on the other hand, side sleepers can use something softer or medium plush to avoid body pain from poor pressure relief. 


What Firmness Of Mattress Is Best?

It will be impossible to say a specific firmness is the best one for a mattress because every individual varies in body type, personal preferences of comfort, and sleeping position. However, you can expect a unique experience according to the firmness scale. 

A bed rated 1 would be extra soft while a rating of 2 to 3 would be soft, and these mattresses typically sink the sleeper’s body. A 4 rating would be medium soft, and a 5 is medium, which is more balanced. A bed rated 6 is medium-firm, while those at 7 to 8 are firm without any sinking. 

Finally, a mattress with a rating of 9 to 10 is extra firm and feels extremely hard. You might prefer to have this type of bed a tad softer because most sleepers only consider beds with a firmness of 2 to 8. 



If you’re shopping for beds, you might come across a cushion firm type. What is a cushion firm mattress? You can consider this a medium-firm mattress because it’s still firm but with a bit of softness to make up for the lack of contour typical to most firm beds.