What Is 45th Wedding Anniversary: Traditional Symbol

If you’re curious about what is 45th wedding anniversary and its symbolism, you can relate it to the gemstone sapphire. We will discuss everything about the sapphire wedding anniversary in more detail below for you to understand why the eyecatching blue gemstone is its symbol and what gift ideas you can give for the 45th wedding anniversary. 

And then, five years down the line, you can check out how to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary with family. It’s always important to celebrate marriage milestones as proof that your wedding vows were embodied.

what is 45th wedding anniversary


What Is 45th Wedding Anniversary: Symbol, Gifts, And Ideas To Celebrate!

The 45th wedding anniversary is the sapphire anniversary. It’s an anniversary worth celebrating and any couple who reached 45 years of marriage truly deserves recognition. 

After all, you’ll be together for half a century in just five more years! A married couple who lasted this long can be considered a role model by any newlyweds.


How to celebrate a 45th wedding anniversary?

You can celebrate your 45th wedding anniversary with sapphire as your party inspiration. In addition, your decors and other accents in the venue can be influenced by sapphire and other traditional anniversary symbols for 45 years of marriage. 

However, you don’t need a grand celebration to commemorate this marriage milestone. You can take your partner to dinner or spa for two, or if you’re the one wanting to celebrate your parents who were married for 45 years, why not gift them gift certificates for the place they had their honeymoon? 

Being together for 45 years is also an excellent time to renew your wedding vows. One can only assume that long-term couples are looking forward to more years together, making this anniversary ideal for a vow renewal. 


What percentage of couples stay married for 40 years?

To further appreciate anyone celebrating their 45 years of marriage, did you know that 67% of marriages usually end after 40 years? And not only that, but only 5 percent of marriages last for 50 years!

Indeed, marriage is a commitment, and it’s something that requires the people’s capacity to sustain and keep it healthy. So if you ever see the calendar and realize that you’ve been married 45 years this year, know how to celebrate it and familiarize yourself with sapphire anniversary gift ideas for your spouse. 


What Is The Symbol For A 45th Wedding Anniversary?

The beautiful blue gemstone sapphire is the traditional symbol for the 45th wedding anniversary. And it is even a fitting symbol because the sapphire symbolizes harmony between lovers.

It is even believed that sapphire protects whoever is wearing it from infidelity and envy, which are among the most influential factors that destroy a marriage. And as a gift-giver, you’ll be pleased that sapphire is attributed to attracting wealth that it’s even worn by royalty. 

As for the modern symbol for the 45th wedding anniversary, the alternative stone is alexandrite. Similar to sapphire, this gemstone is thought to represent harmony and balance, as well as prosperity and luck, fitting for a couple about to reach their 50th wedding anniversary soon. 


What Is The Flower For The 45th Wedding Anniversary?

The flower for the 45th wedding anniversary is also blue like its traditional symbol, sapphire. Blue iris is correlated to 45 years of marriage, but it’s also not surprising to see the blue rose related to this duration of the marriage. 

If you can’t find a blue iris, a blue rose would be a romantic alternative to give to your partner. But what do these blue flowers represent?

These blue flowers are more than just beautiful. For example, the blue iris is suitable for the 45th wedding anniversary because it symbolizes faith and hope, while the blue rose represents calmness and eternity. 


What Is The Color For The 45th Wedding Anniversary?

While the 45th wedding anniversary symbol is blue sapphire, the color that symbolizes this anniversary is sapphire red. However, there are also references mentioning blue for this marriage duration. 

The choice is yours based on what you think represents your marriage perfectly. For example, sapphire red embodies commitment, faithfulness, and serenity, while blue means serenity and peace. 

Do you know that the 40th wedding anniversary is also correlated to a red gemstone? Read what should you do for your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary to know more. 


What Is The Gift For The 45th Wedding Anniversary?

Traditionally, sapphire anniversary gifts are given for the 45th wedding anniversary. Consider sapphire jewelry for your spouse as it’s believed to promote good health and protection from infidelity. 

You can also consider the alternative gemstone alexandrite, especially if you’re planning on upgrading your wedding rings. Alexandrite jewelry is believed to bring prosperity and luck, although note that it’s quite rare and expensive. 


What do you get parents for 45th wedding anniversary?

You can plan an anniversary party for your parents’ 45th wedding anniversary? Use the symbols like sapphire and blue irises as party inspiration. 

If possible, you can also recreate their wedding, even as a mini version. However, you can always provide a more intimate celebration such as a trip for two to their favorite vacation destination. 



And that’s it! We just found out what is 45th wedding anniversary, which is related to sapphire. 

Indeed, this is a remarkable marriage milestone because very few couples reach 40 to 50 years together. So if you or your parents have been married to their partner for 45 years, give yourselves the props and recognition you all deserve!

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