What Is 17th Wedding Anniversary Symbol

The answer to what is 17th wedding anniversary symbol can be two things. This marriage milestone is related to carnelian and even watches.

Please continue reading below for some gift ideas you can have from these symbols and further understand why they signify 17 years of marriage. We’ll also talk about what makes the 17th wedding anniversary special.

what is 17th wedding anniversary symbol

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What Is The 17th Wedding Anniversary And Its Symbol?

The 17th wedding anniversary symbol can be the stone carnelian. However, don’t be surprised that some references also mention the watch as the symbol for this marriage milestone.

Regardless, having these many options for the symbol of 17 years of marriage presents multiple gift ideas to your partner or couple celebrating this wedding anniversary. Remember not to limit yourself with how to celebrate the 17th wedding anniversary and the gifts you can give.

To further understand why these are the symbols related to the 17th wedding anniversary, let us discuss them one by one:


What stone is for 17 years of marriage?

If you’re running out of wedding gift ideas to celebrate your 17 years of marriage, consider the 17th wedding anniversary stone: carnelian. This beautiful red-orange stone symbolizes warmth and courage, which fits the couple who have been together for more than a decade. 

According to the International Gem Society, the carnelian is even worn as jewelry for health protection and sexual stimulation. So if you’re thinking of giving your spouse a carnelian accessory to commemorate your 17th wedding anniversary, it’ll also be a way to wish them good luck and health for the upcoming years.  


What is the modern symbol of the 17th wedding anniversary? 

Besides traditional wedding anniversary symbols, marriage milestones often have modern symbols. This is done to offer an alternative gift idea, especially if the traditional wedding anniversary symbol is hard to source or expensive to buy. 

That being said, the modern symbol for the 17th wedding anniversary is the watch. However, other references suggest furniture as the alternative symbol for this marriage milestone. 

Regardless, furniture and a watch are practical gift ideas for the 17th wedding anniversary. And if you want to view them based on symbolism, one can think of furniture as support and a watch as guidance or eternity. 


What is the flower of the 17th wedding anniversary? 

The red carnation is the flower for the 17th wedding anniversary. Therefore, you can give your spouse a bouquet of red carnations, or you can decorate with it at your anniversary party. 

Interestingly, red carnations come in light red and dark red colors. The former is thought to mean admiration, while the dark red flowers symbolize love and affection. 

You can also commemorate your 17 years of marriage by planting carnations in your garden. Carnations are easy to grow, and seeing them bloom can help you remember how long you’ve been with your spouse. 


What is the color of the 17th wedding anniversary? 

There are no specific colors reserved for the 17th wedding anniversary, but yellow and orange are often used to celebrate this event. You can give your spouse a yellow watch or decorate with yellow as the primary color when celebrating your 17th wedding anniversary. 

And as for the meaning, yellow is related to optimism, loyalty, and positivity. All of these are, of course, good characteristics for a long-lasting marriage. 


What Is The 17 Year Anniversary Called?

There is no name for the 17th wedding anniversary as, like other odd-numbered marriage duration, the 17th anniversary is not among the commonly celebrated milestones. However, you can call as the carnelian wedding anniversary if you want a term for it. 


What Is The Meaning Of 17 Years Of Marriage?

The traditional symbol for the 17th marriage anniversary is the carnelian. That being said, this milestone symbolizes endurance and warmth, as one will expect in a marriage that lasts over a decade. 

It’s unique because most marriages nowadays only reach 6 to 8 years. And before you know it, you’ll be celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary, a notable marriage milestone.

Do you know what anniversary to upgrade the wedding ring? Perhaps it’s time to get new bands on your 17th wedding anniversary!


What Gift For 17th Wedding Anniversary?

Consider a carnelian, watch, or furniture as your 17th wedding anniversary gift. It can also be a yellow item, a bundle of red carnations, or a date in your favorite restaurant. 

But overall, a personal gift will always be more appreciated BY your spouse. So if you’ve been hearing them talking about a specific item for quite some time, the 17th wedding anniversary is perfect to surprise them with it!



Was this wedding anniversary guide helpful? To recap what is 17th wedding anniversary symbol, you can choose between a gemstone and its modern symbol which is a watch. 

Carnelian is selected as the stone of 17 years of marriage. But regardless, you can consider which traditional or modern symbol you feel represents your marriage best.

Let us know below which is your preferred symbol.

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