How To Do Your Own Wedding Flowers: Tips And Tutorials

If you want to know how to do your own wedding flowers, consider these two steps. We’ll share tips and tricks for the planning of the wedding flowers as well as how to make simple but elegant arrangements even if you’re not a professional florist. 

And if you’re out of ideas on the specific blooms to use, we recommend that you check our separate tutorial on how to pick wedding flowers. In addition, our wedding blog has various guides to particular tutorials on bouquets, corsages, and arches.

how to do your own wedding flowers

How To Do Your Own Wedding Flowers If You Can’t Book A Florist


Plan and prepare for the wedding floral needs

  • The most crucial part of doing your own wedding blowers is the planning and preparation; the first step will let you know your financial and time capacity to make bouquets and other wedding flowers
  • Start by setting a budget for the flowers; at this step, you will consult your sources for the blooms, including those that might be free if you’re picking some flowers from your garden
  • You also need to know the types and amount of flowers you’ll need when making your bouquet and other floral arrangements; here is an in-depth guide on how many flowers for a wedding
  • Discuss with your partner the wedding theme; research the color of flowers and those that are seasonal on your wedding date
  • Familiarize yourself with flower arrangements and create an inspiration board
  • You may contact a flower shop as early as six months before the wedding to secure your sources; have the flowers delivered two days before the wedding and prepare the containers and location to keep them
  • Plan how you’ll bring the wedding flowers to the venue


Keep the wedding floral arrangements simple

  • Since you’ll be making your own wedding flowers and assuming that you’re not that familiar with arrangements, opt for simple bouquets and centerpieces instead of overwhelming yourself with complicated and big arrangements
  • A trick to making wedding floral arrangements with flying colors is to go with a rustic theme; rustic bouquets and centerpieces are not meant to be perfect and symmetrical; you can even use wildflowers, grasses, and herbs to save on costs
  • If you’re having a hard time arranging the floral foam blocks, include fake flowers as your fillers
  •  Be realistic with your time capacity and only do the number of bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and floral pieces that you can; consider alternatives for these flowers if you have a big wedding party or if you’re decorating numerous tables
  • Ask your partner and other people to help you with the arrangements

Please read how long before the wedding can you make a bouquet to keep your flowers fresh for the wedding ceremony and reception. 


Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Wedding Bouquets?

It’s cheaper to make your own wedding bouquets because you can handpick the flowers and make them as small or simple as possible. This trick is handy for making the smaller bouquets that the bridesmaids will hold as they walk down the aisle. 


DIY flowers vs store-bought flowers

For example, a basic DIY wedding bouquet can start at $40 to $50, but buying it starts higher at $80. If you grow the flowers yourself, you only need to pay for the foam, wire, tape, and decors, which might even get cheaper. 

For a DIY bridal bouquet, it’s possible to spend only $60 compared to $100 to $300 from a florist. However, keep your time and capacity in mind, especially if you’re the bride and you’ll have other responsibilities before the wedding. 

And speaking of budgeting, here’s the etiquette on who pays for wedding flowers to manage your expectations accordingly. 


How Hard Is It To Make Your Own Wedding Flowers?


Where to buy wholesale flowers

One of the hardest parts of DIY wedding flowers is the source. You’ll save on costs if you can pick some of the blooms from your garden. 

However, you’ll likely need other flowers and fillers. A cost-effective way is to source for local flower markets and buy wholesale flowers. 


When to have your wedding flowers delivered

Depending on the flowers and their life expectancy, you must have them delivered on time for arranging before the wedding. However, you don’t want them too early as they might wilt for the wedding quickly.

Therefore, have your flowers delivered two to three days before the wedding. Then, research how to store them.


How to revive flowers for the wedding arrangements

The night before the wedding, you can make the bouquets. And as for the corsages, centerpieces, and floral decors for the arch, you can do them a night earlier, then store them accordingly. 

Learn how to revive flowers for the arrangements, which includes cutting their stem ends and bottom foliage before soaking them in clean water, 


Making the wedding floral needs

As for the arrangements, create a team that will help you. You don’t need numerous people as you might lose more time organizing and directing multiple people who have contrasting opinions. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to do your own wedding flowers with careful planning and sticking to rustic and straightforward arrangements. 

However, please set a time, which can start at 4 hours for making all the arrangements. Then, make sure that you’ll still have enough time to rest for the wedding day. 

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