What Is The Symbol For 13th Wedding Anniversary

The answer to what is the symbol for 13th wedding anniversary is lace, but we will also talk about the stone, flower, and color that are traditionally associated with a marriage that lasted for 13 years. 

It’s always helpful to be familiar with the traditional symbols related to different wedding anniversaries because they can give you ideas on what to do or gifts to give to the couple celebrating them. Of course, you might also be the one celebrating these durations of marriage with your partner. 

what is the symbol for 13th wedding anniversary

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What Is The Symbol For 13th Wedding Anniversary And Anniversary Gift Ideas

Lace is the symbol for the 13th wedding anniversary, so it’s also the traditional gift given to couples celebrating this length of the marriage. And while the number 13 is associated with bad luck, there is nothing short of luck if you reach 13 years of being married to your spouse. 

You have been together for more than a decade, which makes it worth celebrating. But why is lace the symbol for the 13th wedding anniversary?

Lace is a beautiful, intricate, delicate, and lovely material. That being said, 13 years of marriage is lovely despite the intricacies and delicateness of a relationship as expected in a prime number year.  

It is said that the most challenging years of marriage occur on prime numbers like 7, 11, and 13. So if you are celebrating your 13th wedding anniversary, make sure to give you and your partner the credit and recognition you both deserve!


What Is The 13th Anniversary Stone?

The gemstone for the 13th wedding anniversary is citrine. Therefore, you will also see various references pointing to citrine as the 13th wedding anniversary’s symbol. 

But what is citrine? Citrine is a famous decorative stone as it’s a type of quartz. 

The signature yellow tone of citrine is also the reason behind its name, as it’s reminiscent of lemon. And if you’re considering giving citrine as a gift for your 13th wedding anniversary, you’ll be pleased to know that this yellow quartz is affordable and readily available. 

But why is citrine correlated to the 13th anniversary? Citrine is thought to help with good luck, hope, happiness, and emotional harmony, all suitable traits to wish for a marriage that lasted more than a decade. 


What Is The Flower For The 13th Anniversary?

Two flowers represent the 13th wedding anniversary: chrysanthemum and hollyhock. Chrysanthemums generally mean longevity, loyalty, devotion, and love, while hollyhocks are just as fitting for the 13th anniversary as they are thought to help with prosperity, abundance, and fertility.

If you can’t think of a gift inspired by lace or citrine, consider giving chrysanthemum or hollyhock flowers for the 13th wedding anniversary. You can also consider having them planted in the garden since they represent loyalty and abundance, which everyone can surely appreciate having in their homes. 

But what if you’re a fan of other flowers? Please read what is the 55th wedding anniversary as the flower related to it is the gorgeous calla lily. 


What Is The Color For The 13th Anniversary?

Are you thinking of throwing a party to celebrate your 13th wedding anniversary? You can use antique white as the motif since this is the color associated with 13 years of marriage. 

Understandably, it can be hard to find this color, especially on decors. That being said, an alternative is citrine’s color, which is between pale yellow to brown orange. 

Perhaps the two can be combined when decorating for the 13th wedding anniversary party so it won’t look too monochromatic with antique white. White and yellow should look tasteful, especially for a couple who’s been together for 13 years. 


What Is The 13th Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gift?

The 13th anniversary traditional symbol is lace and citrine, making them the common gifts to receive on this marriage limestone. Lace would look gorgeous not just on clothing pieces but also in table runners and other home accessories. 

Citrine, on the other hand, will look fantastic in jewelry. And if these items are still not possible to get, you can gift chrysanthemum or hollyhock blooms for the 13th wedding anniversary. 

Nonetheless, you don’t have to use the symbols as gifts for any anniversary celebration. Long-term couples will always appreciate new appliances, trips, or even a simple spa for two. 


What is the modern symbol for the 13th wedding anniversary?

Nowadays, fur textiles are also considered the symbol for the 13th wedding anniversary. You can give faux or synthetic fur items as gifts to avoid an ethical dilemma. 

The relation of this symbol to the 13th wedding anniversary is that fur provides warmth and comfort. That being said, consider plush robes, blankets, or even slippers as gifts. 



And that’s it! We just learned what is the symbol for 13th wedding anniversary, which is lace. 

Citrine and fur are also known to symbolize 13 years of marriage. And as for the other symbols, the color for this duration of marriage is antique white, while the flowers are chrysanthemum and hollyhock. 

We hope this was a helpful read; let us know below what you know about this anniversary. 

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