What Does The Mother Of The Groom Do On Wedding Day

If you’re unsure with what does the mother of the groom do on wedding day, consider two things. Then, we’ll also list the roles and responsibilities of the groom’s mother to guide her on what can be appreciated by the bride and groom at weddings. 

We will also discuss the etiquette for the groom’s mother, including her speech and if she must give a gift to the bride. And speaking of which, refer to what to give your son on his wedding day

what does the mother of the groom do on wedding day


What Are The Duties Of Mother Of The Groom?

The groom’s mother is usually part of the processional; then she’ll have the son-mother dance at the reception. Additionally, she’ll be responsible for the following before the actual wedding:


Host the engagement party

There are many pre-wedding celebrations before the actual wedding day. And while the bride’s family traditionally sponsors most of the wedding expenses, these pre-wedding parties are usually sponsored by the groom’s parents. 

The groom’s mother typically knows about her son’s proposal plans, so she usually hosts the engagement party for the couple. She can also plan the engagement party with the bride’s parents to show the two family’s support for the couple. 

You can also use the engagement party to get to know the bride and her friends and relatives. This way, you’ll be more familiar with the people who will also be a part of your life. 


Attend the shower for the bride

Depending on the bride, she may have two bridal showers where one is exclusive for friends, and the other is more family-friendly. Of course, she can also combine the two, so don’t be surprised if she also invites you to her bridal shower. 

The maid of honor usually hosts the bridal shower so that she may talk to you about her plans. You should also know the theme and gifts like other guests.

The bride’s mother will also attend her daughter’s bridal shower. So don’t forget to mingle with her as both of you are preparing for the couple’s union. 


Plan the wedding but don’t be domineering

Before anything else, it’s worth noting that there are no rules dictating that it’s one of the mother of the groom’s responsibilities to help with wedding planning. Furthermore, most of the wedding budget and expenses are traditionally provided by the bride’s family, and the groom’s family will only help with a few tasks. 

Feel free to suggest to your son and future daughter-in-law some wedding vendors you know. Maybe you can recommend a caterer, venue, or even a makeup artist for a wedding. 

However, do not be bossy and force the couple to follow your vision for the wedding because it is their event. Instead, focus on your expected responsibilities such as the rehearsal dinner, groomsmen attire and boutonnieres, and officiant fees. 


Suggest duties and traditions for the wedding 

Besides suggestions for wedding planning, you might want to keep the family tradition alive. For example, couples with a cultural background may wish to know the traditions commonly practiced back in their home country for their US wedding. 

You can also guide the bride on the expectations if they have a traditional wedding of a specific culture. For example, help her with dress shopping, especially in some countries that reserve specific bridal colors. 

However, remember that you’re not here to control and micromanage your son and partner. Suggest with an open mind and remember that some couples prefer a non-traditional wedding ceremony. 


Be supportive to the groom and bride

The final groom’s parents’ responsibilities are to support the couple simply. Wedding planning can be very overwhelming and stressful to anyone, so try not to add more pressure to them. 

You can also lessen their responsibilities by volunteering and taking the initiative for some. For example, you can help the wedding coordinator with the flow of events in the reception. 

You can also talk with the best man regarding the things to do for the wedding party. And of course, please attend the rehearsal dinner to ensure that the wedding ceremony will flow smoothly. 


Does The Mother Of The Groom Give The Bride A Gift?

Gifts should always be voluntary and never forced. However, the groom’s mother is expected to bring a gift for the bride when attending her bridal shower. 

You can also give your future daughter-in-law another gift before the wedding, symbolizing an official welcome to her as part of the family. You can read what to give your daughter on her wedding day for some recommendations and suggestions if you have no idea.


What Does The Mother Of The Groom Say At The Wedding?

There is usually a mother of the groom’s speech at the wedding rehearsal dinner, but it’s more common for only the groom’s father to do a toast at the wedding reception. However, weddings vary, so the groom’s mom can also give a toast at the wedding reception. 



And that’s it! We just found out what does the mother of the groom do on wedding day, which is walking as part of the processional and dancing with her son at the reception. 

However, we also discussed the groom’s mother wedding duties to guide you further. We hope this helps; let us know below what else you think she should do. 

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