How To Arrange Rectangular Tables For A Wedding Reception

There are five ways you can learn to know how to arrange rectangular tables for a wedding reception. We will also talk about the instances where each table arrangement will work best, so you can select the perfect one for the specific wedding reception you have. 

And more than rectangle table layouts, you’ll also learn how to set up these tables. And for even lengthier tables, refer to how to set up long tables for a wedding reception.

how to arrange rectangular tables for a wedding reception


How To Arrange Rectangular Tables For A Wedding Reception: Best  Wedding Reception Layouts To Try


Arrange the rectangular tables in rows

The first way to arrange tables at the wedding reception is simply to have them in rows. Rectangular tables in rows are the perfect layout if you have many guests, and the reception is spacious enough to be comfortable for everyone. 

Arrange three parallel rows of rectangular tables similar to how one would arrange students in a classroom. Just make sure that the rows are not too close to each other so your staff can comfortably navigate through the reception and serve the guests. 

And if you have a large venue, you don’t need to have parallel rows of rectangular tables. Instead, maximize the space by arranging the tables in diagonal rows.


Have the rectangular tables as a banquet

The most common way to arrange long tables is as rectangular banquet tables. Banquet service is getting more common in wedding reception nowadays, especially if the couple wants a feast for their guests.

You’ll arrange the rectangular tables in one long row with the guests on both sides. Depending on the size of the wedding, you can also have two banquet tables.

But because the guests are within reach of each other, please consider how you’ll sit them. They’ll be limited with the people next to them and in front of them only, so make sure they have good relationships with each other. 


Try a square reception layout

Do you want a significant space in the middle for the dance floor or to act as the event’s focal point? Then have the rectangular tables for a wedding reception in a square layout. 

As you can imagine, you’ll form a square with equal lengths using the rectangular tables. Then, leave the space in the middle for dancing and performing at the wedding reception. 

Of course, the top of the square will be the head table. But, then, you can consider the sides closest to the couple to be occupied by their families and distinguished guests. 


Have a cross-shaped wedding reception table

Some wedding venues would look better with a unique table configuration. And with rectangular tables, you can easily make a cross layout than round tables. 

What’s fantastic with a cross table layout is there are spaces in the prongs of the cross. Therefore, the guests and reception guests won’t feel too congested when getting through different places. 

And, of course, separate the head table from the cross because the newlyweds are the focal point. Read who sits at the head table at the wedding to know who can join the couple.


Test a scattered seating chart

It can be tricky to arrange rectangular tables for a wedding, especially if you rented different sizes. Therefore, why not utilize the space and scatter other rectangular tables all over the area? 

You don’t need to be very symmetrical and perfect when placing rectangular tables all over the venue. For example, you can have a rectangular table in a particular configuration similar to the letter I and the other horizontally diagonal to it. 

Then, fill the spaces with the shorter rectangular tables. Draw your layout on paper first to see how it will look. 


How To Set Up Rectangular Tables For A Wedding Reception?

More than knowing how to arrange rectangular tables at the wedding venue, please learn how to set up this type of wedding reception table. Of course, you don’t want them to look empty, but there should still be space for the guests to eat comfortably. 

  • Eight-inch rectangular tables that are over 40 inches wide provide more space for table runners and favors, while those that are only 30 inches wide should have minimal decor
  • Experiment with the floral arrangements, candles, favors, table numbers, and other decors, but don’t go overboard
  • Keep in mind the type of food you’re serving and if it will require more space for the rectangular tables 
  • If you’ll connect rectangular tables to form a long banquet-style arrangement, use garlands or utilize the space above the table for the decors 
  • If you prefer to have the rectangular tables separated, seat up to four guests per one table only; remember to have four guests per side per 8-foot of table 
  • Avoid placing a guest on the ends of the rectangular table for a decent look 


How Many Centerpieces Do You Need For A Rectangular Table?

The bigger centerpieces you’ll use, the less you’ll need per rectangular table. But a good rule to remember is to have two to three centerpieces for every 8-foot long table. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to arrange rectangular tables for a wedding reception: row, banquet, square, cross, and scattered.

Choosing among them will depend on your wedding size and venue space. We hope our tips for setting a rectangular table have also helped you! 

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