What To Wear To A Garden Wedding: Best Ideas

Those who want to know what to wear to a garden wedding must consider the expected attire for male and female guests. We will share tips on what’s appropriate to wear to outdoor weddings like those held in a garden venue. 

If the wedding you’re attending is intimate and casual, it might happen in a backyard. Feel free to check our separate styling guide on what to wear to a backyard wedding since some tips might also apply to garden wedding guests.

what to wear to a garden wedding


What To Wear To A Garden Wedding Plus What Is Garden Attire For A Wedding?


Female wedding guest attire

Garden weddings allow versatility in what female guests can wear. Just make sure to check the time and dress code of the wedding on the invitation to know if you must dress up or down your overall attire. 

Since garden weddings are usually semi-formal in the morning or afternoon, you can consider a midi or maxi dress in pastels or florals. If you don’t like skirts or dresses, you can also wear a dressy jumpsuit or pantsuit in soft colors as long as they’re not revealing since you’re still a wedding guest. 

Then, you can choose a block heel or flats since pointed heels might slip on grass or sink on the soil. For more tips for women who hate wearing heels to a wedding, check how to wear flat shoes to a wedding


Male wedding guest attire

What about a male wedding guest’s proper attire for a garden wedding? Assuming that the outdoor wedding is semi-formal, men can consider a well-tailored suit without the inner dress shirt and tie, but a plan shirt instead. 

If the garden wedding is even more casual, then a sports coat or a long-sleeved buttoned shirt with trousers or a pair of plain blue or black jeans is another outfit that you can wear. Of course, it’s ideal for wearing dress shoes for your shoes, but some sneakers look lowkey and classy enough to be suitable for a wedding. 

Dark colors for male wedding guest outfits are flattering for most men and give a sophisticated look. However, you must still check the color palette of the wedding where the couple might be expecting their guests to be in spring colors since it’s a garden wedding. 


What Is Garden Party Attire For A Wedding?

Upon receiving your wedding invitation for a garden wedding, the couple might’ve mentioned that the dress code for the event will be garden party attire. But what does garden party attire mean? 

Think of semi-formal or dressy casual outfits that embrace the colors in the garden. You can also take inspiration from a spring wedding with floral patterns and lively colors. 

Male and female guests can consider floral or pastel clothes with shoes that would be comfortable in an outdoor setting. You may also see the term “garden party formal”, which means you should avoid casual attire like very revealing tops or dresses, graphic shirts, shorts, ripped jeans, or sportswear. 


What Do You Wear To A Casual Garden Wedding?

You can try many things if you’re unsure what to wear to a casual garden wedding. Just don’t make the mistake of wearing something too casual regardless of the dress code. 

It’s still a wedding, and it would seem disrespectful if you go all out with flip-flops, ripped jeans, a t-shirt, shorts, or a plain spaghetti strap top as if you’re going to the supermarket to buy groceries. What’s appropriate for a casual garden wedding are lowkey outfits where you still exert effort to style. 

Women can wear a jumpsuit or a stylish blouse with pants or a skirt layered with a kimono or blazer for added comfort. On the other hand, men can wear a jacket or casual suit and pants with boots or loafers.

Try reading about what to wear to an outdoor casual wedding for additional outfit ideas. 


What Is Formal Garden Attire?

What if the outdoor wedding you’re attending requires formal garden attire? You don’t immediately need to wear a black evening gown or a matching tuxedo. 

Instead, a classy cocktail dress or a blazer with dress pants is suitable for a formal garden wedding for female and male wedding guests. Feel free to accessorize and wear attractive but dainty jewelry to complete your look and make it more formal. 


What Should You Not Wear To A Garden Wedding?

What you must avoid wearing to a garden wedding are typically clothes that won’t be suitable for an outdoor wedding. For example, while black is a formal color popular for weddings, it might feel too hot to wear to a garden wedding. 

You must also avoid revealing and sexy outfits out of good taste. Not to mention, movement will be difficult at the garden venue if you’re wearing low necklines or short hems. 

For men, jeans might be accepted unless ripped or has an eye-catching style. Opt for plain dark blue or black jeans and never consider denim shorts, cargo pants, or running shorts. 



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to a garden wedding, check the time and dress code beforehand. 

Typically, it will be semi-formal, so women can wear a floral midi dress or jumpsuit, while men can opt for a blazer or casual suit, depending on the event’s formality. The dress code might also mention garden party attire, which you can consider dressy casual. 

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