What To Bring To Wedding Dress Fitting: 3 Things

Consider three things if you’re unsure about what to bring to wedding dress fitting. First, we will talk about the importance of wearing the proper undergarments, shoes, and accessories on your wedding dress appointment. 

This article will also talk about who to bring and prepare for your wedding dress fitting. Remember that your fittings are essential to ensure the perfect dress for your wedding day. 

what to bring to wedding dress fitting

But first, do you know when do wedding dresses go on sale? You might appreciate our tips on scheduling an appointment so that you can save more on your wedding dress. 


What To Bring To Wedding Dress Appointment


The proper undergarments

One of the first things that you must never overlook on your wedding dress appointment is the undergarments that you’re wearing. Of course, you may have no idea what dress you’ll like during the first dress appointment, so the underwear you’ll wear does not matter that much as long as it’s comfortable. 

You will try on several dresses and go to multiple bridal shops, so your undergarments shouldn’t irritate you throughout the day. That being said, the undergarments you’ll then wear on your subsequent wedding dress appointments should be the ones you’ll wear on your wedding day. 

Perhaps you’ll wear a strapless bra for your sleeveless wedding dress, or you plan on wearing shapewear for your mermaid wedding dress. You must already know how they’ll look with the wedding dress you’re fitting, so the tailor can make accurate alterations if needed. 


Wedding shoes

Other than the undergarments, another essential item to bring and wear to the wedding dress fitting is the pair of shoes you’ll have on the wedding day. Again, you can opt for something comfortable on your first fitting when trying different shops and dresses to last the whole day comfortably. 

But for the following fittings where you already have a wedding dress in mind, you must wear the shoes you’ll rock on your wedding day. This way, the seamstress can know your expected height if it has heels and alters the dress’s length accordingly. 

Remember that some dresses need their hem adjusted to allow better mobility of the bride, not just for looks. During the third or fourth wedding dress fitting, you can also practice walking around in the dress with the shoes so you’ll feel confident about the ceremony. 


Wedding accessories

When you’re going to your second and consecutive wedding dress appointments, ensure that you’ll also bring the accessories you plan to wear on your wedding day. They include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even hair accessories such as the veil. 

This way, you’ll see how they’ll complement the style and color of the wedding dress. If you begin bringing them to your appointment, you’ll also have an opportunity to switch the jewelry and accessories if your first bet doesn’t look good with the dress. 

You can plan what accessories to add if needed according to the type of wedding dress. For example, some brides might want to add a bolero or sash, or they can consult the shop’s seamstress if the dress needs more embellishments. 

Here is how to add sparkle to a wedding dress if you find the gown too flat-looking. 


Who To Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

The best people to bring wedding dress shopping with you are your trusted family or friends. You want someone supportive but honest to tell you the truth about the look without stressing you out because of their negativity and controlling behavior. 

You must also read the wedding dress shopping etiquette to know how many people to bring and if you can go solo. 


Should I Eat Before Wedding Dress Fitting?

 It’s best to eat before your wedding dress appointment. For one, the first fittings will take a whole day, and you’ll visit various shops or try on several dresses.

It would be best to have enough energy to last and think straight because hunger can make anyone lethargic and irritable. Also, remember that you can’t bring food with you to the bridal salon. 

However, do not feed yourself too much in one go so you won’t feel bloated and still have enough wiggle room when trying dresses. A helpful tip is to eat in between your fittings, just enough to address your hunger. 


How Do I Prepare For A Bridal Appointment?

  1. Research about different styles and colors of wedding dresses to have an idea of what you want to try
  2. Have several bridal shops in mind
  3. Make sure that you aren’t hungry or thirsty
  4. Bring the undergarments, shoes, and accessories you’ll wear on your wedding day
  5. Set a budget beforehand and stick to it
  6. Be open-minded with potentially compromising with the dress you may find
  7. Communicate your expectations with the seamstress for the following fittings


How Long Does A First Wedding Dress Fitting Take?

The first wedding dress appointment can last for an hour because you still decide on the specific dress. You will also talk with the shop’s seamstress regarding the alterations you want to get the perfect fit. 



And that’s it! You just learned what to bring to wedding dress fitting, and they are the undergarments, shoes, and accessories you’ll wear on your wedding day. 

We also recommend that you only bring a few people with you and that you eat beforehand. And finally, communicate your expectations with the seamstress during the fittings. 

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