What Do Groomsmen Do Before The Wedding

Those who don’t know what do groomsmen do before the wedding can consider five responsibilities. Before the wedding, the groomsmen are also involved in different duties and activities. 

Weddings have many celebrations before the actual day, so you must know where a groomsman is typically expected. And as for the groom, remember to read how many groomsmen are in a wedding, so you’ll learn how many you’ll take to the front while waiting for the bride. 


Here Are What Do Groomsmen Do Before The Wedding


  • Plan the bachelor’s party

The first noticeable thing that the groomsmen do before the wedding is to make and go to the bachelor’s party. The best man typically plans the bachelor’s party, and each groomsman is given a task to help with surprising and ensuring that this will be a fun and memorable night for the groom. 

You will help the best man plan the stag party, and you’re also expected to attend it. It’s usually a month before the wedding, or it can be as early as four months before the wedding. 


  • Suit fittings

Weddings require the groomsmen to be in their best look, so expect that you’ll also do suit fittings before the wedding. So when do groomsmen start shopping for their wedding suits?

The groom might arrange the suit fittings for his groomsmen 5 to 6 months before the wedding. However, remember that they might also be another fitting close to the wedding day to ensure that each suit fits the groomsman perfectly. 


  • Go to the pre-wedding celebrations 

The groomsmen might also be doing a bro-dal shower for the groom before the wedding. But nowadays, it might be a wedding shower, a joint surprise celebration for the bride and groom. 

That being said, groomsmen should take and share responsibilities with the bridesmaids in preparing for this party. Some other pre-wedding celebrations that groomsmen before the wedding will attend include the welcome party and rehearsal dinner. 

You can read what parties do you have before a wedding for a complete list of where the groomsmen typically attend. 

  • Assist the groom

Besides planning and attending pre-wedding celebrations, the groomsmen will also make the time before the wedding less stressful for the groom. Along with the best man, you can all be his confidant and take some pressure off the upcoming big day. 

You can help him shop for his wedding attire, gift for his bride, or simply be there for him. Weddings can get stressful and overwhelming, so remember to help the groom unwind. 


  • Help with the wedding

Like the rest of the wedding party, the groomsmen can be doing other parts of the wedding planning to help the couple. For example, you might be tasked to contact the tailor for the suits or the florist for the wedding flowers. 

You might also need to do some errands or pickups for some wedding elements the day before the wedding. If it’s a small wedding, the couple might have given some tasks to their wedding party. 


What Does A Groomsman Do At A Wedding?

On the wedding day itself, groomsmen are usually involved in the following responsibilities and tasks:

  • Double as an usher that assists guests in seating
  • Walk down the aisle during the wedding processional 
  • Stand at the groom’s side at the altar
  • Offer the groom support and check up on him throughout the wedding day
  • Attend portraits and photoshoots with the wedding party
  • You may also ride with the bride and groom to the reception
  • Get introduced at the reception
  • You may sit with the bride and groom at the wedding head table
  • You might give a speech or toast
  • The groomsmen might dance with the bridesmaids
  • Single groomsmen will attend the garter doss
  • Dance and celebrate at the wedding reception


What Is The Rule Of Groomsmen?

  • Always be there for the groom
  • Communicate with the best man regarding pre-wedding duties 
  • Attend suit fittings
  • Do not wear something that will outshine the groom
  • Be physically, emotionally, and mentally present throughout the ceremony


Do Groomsmen Walk Down The Aisle?

Like the rest of the wedding party, each groomsman will walk down the aisle. Groomsmen typically walk down the aisle in pairs, where one groomsman is paired with one bridesmaid.

You will then stand by the groom’s side at the altar, similar to the bridesmaids with the bride. Don’t hesitate to ask the best man and remember to attend the wedding rehearsal if you have questions. 

Since the groomsmen are also significant for the ceremony, grooms should read how to ask groomsmen to be at the wedding


Do Groomsmen Give Speeches?

Unlike the best man, it’s not expected for a groomsman to give a speech. But in some weddings, a groomsman may stand for the best man if he’s uncomfortable giving a speech himself. 

You may also be a groom’s close friend or brother if you are asked to offer a toast. 


How Long Do Groomsmen Need To Get Ready?

The groomsmen usually get ready with the groom the morning of the wedding. They can take 20 minutes to prepare, and there might also be photoshoots with the groom. 



And that’s it! We just learned what do groomsmen do before the wedding, which involves the bachelor’s party, suit fittings, pre-wedding parties, assisting the groom, and helping with the wedding. 

As a groomsman, you also have many roles at the wedding ceremony. Always ask the best man for your responsibilities and remember to be present for the groom in times of distress.

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