How To Decorate Mason Jars For A Wedding: 8 Best ideas

You can consider eight easy and fun ideas on how to decorate mason jars for a wedding. These can be your DIY projects on mason jars for the wedding without breaking the bank.

You can use these jars as wedding decors or favors for the wedding. We will also provide ideas on what to put inside or how to paint outside each mason jar. 

how to decorate mason jars for a wedding

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How To Decorate Mason Jars For A Wedding: Easy And Chic DIY Wedding Mason Jar Ideas


  • Decorate the mason jars with flowers

You can never go wrong with filling the mason jars with flowers for most weddings. This is probably the easiest DIY wedding decoration you can make as you can freely arrange fake and real flowers as you want. 

Dried flowers are also the trend nowadays, especially for rustic weddings. You can even decorate the flower jars with herbs and other plants. 


  • Lighted mason jar centerpiece

Another common trend nowadays with wedding mason jars is putting lights inside. You can wrap string lights outside the jar or let them collect inside the jar. 

These lighted ideas are perfect for weddings outside as they add to the aesthetic and romantic vibe. You can also use light bulbs or treat the mason jars as lanterns with candles inside. 


  • Lace, ribbon, or twine strips wrapped on mason jar wedding decorations

You can wrap twine around the jar lid for a rustic wedding and use other rustic elements like burlap or dried leaves. You can also glue branch sticks and other details that match the wedding theme. 

Alternatively, you can also use lace around the mason jars and then have lights inside to get the most of the details of the fabric. And for most weddings, use your wedding theme to find a ribbon that you can tie the jar around and fill the inside with random-colored strings. 


  • Filled mason jar centerpiece with stone or seeds or beads

Besides wedding decorations, wedding mason jars are usually the wedding favors to give to the guests. And best of all, you can layer different colors inside when filling each jar so they can also be the centerpiece of each table. 

Some easy and cheap DIY mason jar favors include filling it with colored stones, beads, or even seeds. You can also get creative with sand or salt art and customize the design with your initials. 

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  • Edible wedding mason jar favors

Mason jars are perfect vessels for edible favors that can also be your decorations. They can be your centerpieces or dedicate a gorgeous favor table at the venue. 

For example, it’s easy to make fruit jams or spreads and then decorate the favors with fabrics and ribbons. You can also fill the jars with sweets, coffee grounds, tea, and other delicious treats. 


  • Photo jar wedding favors

A trend nowadays is to place pictures around the venue as decorations. Your wedding mason jar is usually big enough for pictures and makes the venue feel more personal. 

An idea to try is to put a black and white photo of you and your partner inside the mason jar. Then, add other decorative items like string lights or colored pebbles. 


  • Decorating mason jars with paint

You can consider decorating mason jars for the wedding as a bonding activity with your spouse or wedding party. Just make sure that there is a prominent theme among the jars to look cohesive when placed around the venue.

Remember that less is more, and you can even paint them in one or two colors. Then, add small details like floral patterns of the initial of the bride and groom. 


  • Stick-ons mason jar crafts

You can DIY stickers or have them custom-made for the wedding. Then, have these stickers on the mason jars to decorate them.

Some ideas to try are the bride and groom’s names or popular wedding symbols like rings, doves, or roses. You can also get a custom sticker of the guest’s name on each mason jar for favors.


What Can You Put In Mason Jars For Wedding Decorations?

Try filling your wedding mason jars with these things for easy DIY wedding decorations: 

  • Glitter
  • Colored sand
  • Lights
  • Candles
  • Flowers
  • Candies
  • Beads
  • Water
  • Coffee grounds
  • Herbs
  • Seeds
  • Photos


How Do You Paint Mason Jars For A Wedding?

Decorating mason jars can be as easy and fun as painting them. Just prepare chalk or acrylic paint to ensure that the color sticks well to the glass. 

  1. Wash the mason jar with some dish soap and hot water
  2. Scrub the jar gently and rinse
  3. Dry the jar completely before painting
  4. Prepare the acrylic paint color that suits your wedding theme
  5. Do brush strokes in one direction outside each mason jar
  6. After the first coat, allow it to dry and assess if you’ll need to do another 
  7. For a unique look, rub sandpaper over the top and edges of each jar 
  8. Seal with a paint spray sealer and allow to dry 



And that’s it! You just learned how to decorate mason jars for a wedding with flowers, lights, fabric or twine strips, fillers, food, photos, paint, or stickers. 

You can use these DIY wedding mason jars as decors or favors. Let us know below which project you like best. 

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