What Color To Wear To Summer Wedding: Best Colors

Those who want to know what color to wear to summer wedding can consider any tone or shade from a warm color palette. Like the season itself, most couples use the warmth of summer as their color scheme for the wedding. 

We will also discuss the dressing etiquette for a summer wedding in more detail below. And for additional reference, feel free to read what to wear to a summer wedding

what color to wear to summer wedding


What Color To Wear To Summer Wedding: Summer Colors For Wedding Guest Outfits


Warm colors

The best colors for a summer wedding are reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks. When you close your eyes to imagine a warm color palette, you should see the color of the sky at sunset by the beach. 

Wearing these colors is appropriate for summer weddings that are meant to be warm, bright, and energetic. However, keep in mind to avoid wearing the wedding party’s color. 

You can check with a bridesmaid or groomsman to know what color they’ll wear. Furthermore, warm colors can get very bright, and it’s not respectful to wear something too eyecatching at a wedding. 


Tropical colors

Besides warm colors reminiscent of a sunset by the beach, tropical colors like blue and green are also fit for the summer. So think of refreshing colors to wear, especially if it’s a summer destination wedding in the tropics.

For example, you can even consider florals and prints if the wedding is boho. But then again, avoid very bright and neon colors as they are attention-grabbing. 

You can also combine dark shades with neutrals to remain lowkey as a wedding guest. Then, introduce these fresh and tropical colors to your accessories, shoes, or bag. 


What Should You Not Wear To A Summer Wedding?


Anything too casual

Before anything else, please refer to the wedding dress code on the invitation. Don’t assume that the summer wedding will automatically be a casual affair. 

The last thing you want is to wear a short dress or T-shirt to a black-tie event. And even though it’s a summer wedding, you still want to maintain modesty. 


Anything too short and revealing

Avoid wearing short outfits, denim shorts, graphic shirts, or gym clothes to a summer wedding even if the venue looks laidback or if it’s a beach wedding. You also can’t use the excuse that it will be hot as there are formal outfits made of comfortable and breathable fabrics. 

Another tip is to wear pastel colors or light shades, especially if it’s a daytime event. Wearing black to an afternoon summer wedding will just feel uncomfortable. 


What Is Acceptable To Wear To A Summer Wedding?


Black-tie summer wedding

If the summer wedding is black-tie, you want your most formal wedding guest attire. Typically, it will be held indoors and in the evening, so evening gowns and tuxedos are expected. 

Of course, you can make it more comfortable by wearing a midi dress or pantsuit, while male guests can opt for silk or wool blend suits for breathability. Just make sure your style is formal and not semi-casual or casual. 


Semi-formal summer wedding

Most summer weddings are semi-formal, so the guests are not obligated to have very glamorous outfits during the hot season. This dress code is fantastic for prints, florals, and fun colors, especially in an outdoor summer wedding.

Consider gray, tan, or a classic navy suit with a white inner shirt for men. And as for women, there are classy jumpsuits you can try if you find skirts and dresses uncomfortable. 


Casual summer wedding 

Non-traditional weddings can allow a casual dress code. However, this doesn’t mean that you can wear lounge clothes to the wedding. 

Instead, consider a proper collared shirt, dressy blouse and pants or skirt, and flats instead of flip-flops or rubber shoes. You can also consider the venue since summer weddings usually take place at the beach to get the most of the sun. 


Indoor summer wedding

Some couples would still prefer an indoor venue for their summer wedding. If this is the case, you can choose an outfit that follows the dress code since the temperature will be constant, and the flooring is conducive for any footwear. 

If you don’t know what to wear, you can also bring a shawl or a jacket as extra coverage if needed. Still, don’t wear anything too revealing as common etiquette. 


Outdoor summer wedding 

Will you be attending an outdoor summer wedding? Don’t forget to choose light fabrics and colors to avoid overheating. 

You can also bring a hat and sunglasses for sun protection. And of course, consider your mobility when choosing shoes, especially with heels. 


What Do You Wear To A 4 PM Wedding In The Summer?

The time of the day that the wedding will occur is a significant factor in what to wear. For a 4 pm wedding, consider something that can transition to an evening outfit. 

Female guests can wear longer dresses such as midi or those that reach the ankles. On the other hand, male guests can go for darker neutrals or read what color suit for a wedding for reference. 

You can bring a change of shoes for comfort as well. For example, try a lower pair of heels for women and dressy sneakers for men. 



And that’s it! To recap what color to wear to summer wedding, warm and tropical colors will be suitable. 

However, you should still check the invitation’s wedding color palette and dress code. Then, ask someone from the wedding party for their color, so you can avoid the color they’ll wear. 

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