What Color Suit For Wedding: Best Colors To Wear

You can easily identify what color suit for wedding by considering three factors. This guest attire guide won’t only suggest the best wedding suit colors but also the appropriate time to wear specific colors. 

You will also find out the ideal wedding suits for the groom, groomsmen, and fathers of the bride and groom. And if you need to know the specific colors to avoid when attending a wedding, read the separate discussion regarding what colors should you not wear to a wedding

what color suit for wedding


What Color Suit For Wedding Is Best For The Groom And Male Guests


Classic wedding suits

Those who don’t know what color suit to wear for a wedding can never go wrong with dark colors. Dark colors such as black, charcoal, and navy blue are classic for weddings for a reason. 

They are appropriate for formal to semi-formal dress codes typical to weddings. They are also subtle enough for a male wedding guest without the risk of looking like a part of the bridal party or overshadowing the groom. 

Furthermore, dark-colored wedding suits look good on most men. Then, a secret to looking more sophisticated and classy is to wear a dark-colored wedding suit tailored to you specifically. 


Casual wedding suit styles

Not all weddings require dark wedding suit styles, especially casual events or those with out-of-the-box wedding themes. Outdoor weddings are also a fantastic example of when you can wear a suit of exciting colors like pastels, maroon, or even those with patterns over brown or blue

These casual wedding suit colors are also worn without ties and pocket squares for a more laid-back style. Just make sure that you’ll remain appropriate with the dress code, and you won’t stand out from the rest of the guests. 

Furthermore, you don’t want to match the suit color of the best man, groomsman, or fathers of the bride and groom. So when trying unique wedding suit colors, consult someone close to the couple if your choice is still appropriate for the wedding. 


Seasonal wedding suit colors

The season of the wedding day can inspire the wedding colors, and you can apply the palette to your suit. For example, a fall wedding can have guests in earthy tones of green and brown suits, while a winter wedding can welcome various shades of blue or off-white

Outdoor summer weddings also welcome warm colors of orange, red, or even yellow. However, you can still wear a classic dark-colored suit of navy blue or black in an outdoor seasonal wedding. 

Just be mindful of comfort, especially if it’s hot in the wedding venue. Consider a breathable inner shirt with your suit and opt for materials like cotton. 

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Is A Gray Suit Appropriate For A Wedding?

A wedding suit color that guests can consider is gray as it’s appropriate for a wedding. Since it’s a neutral color, it won’t be distracting or contrasting in most wedding palettes. 

Furthermore, gray suits come in different shades, so you can choose from light to dark gray to match the wedding theme or location. It’s also a relatively easy color to style, so choosing your tie, belt, and shoes, shouldn’t be hard. 


What Color Suit Does The Groom Wear?

The best wedding suit colors for a groom include navy blue, light gray, tan, or even black. Of course, the groom’s suit can also be in a distinctive color like maroon or green, whichever complements the bride and the wedding theme or venue. 

Whimsical wedding themes allow exciting colors or patterns on the groom’s suit. And as for the venue, you want to remain comfortable throughout the wedding, so opt for light colors if it’s hot, for example.  


Does the groom wear the same color suit as the groomsmen?

The groomsmen don’t wear the same color suit as the groom. But, like the bride with her bridesmaids, the groomsmen’s colors should complement the groom’s suit color. 

Typically, the groom is wearing a dark tone against the light colors of the groomsmen suits. For example, the groom is in a navy blue suit while the groomsmen are in a gray suit. 


What Color Suit Should The Father Of The Bride Wear?

The color suit of the bride’s father does not have to match the groomsmen’s suit color. However, he should still be on the same level of formality as the bridal party. 

Some couples want to distinguish their parents from the other guests by wearing a specific color. You can also have the bride’s father wear the same tie color as the groomsmen or a boutonniere that’s slightly similar to the groom’s. 


What color suit should the father of the groom wear?

The groom’s father’s color suit is typically formal like gray, black, or blue. And in some weddings, the groom’s father and bride’s father wear the same suit colors to help them stand out from the other guests. 



Was this suit styling guide helpful? We just learned what color suit for wedding, and they include classic dark colors like black, navy blue, and gray. 

However, some weddings can also have male guests in suits of maroon, green, tan, or even pastels. Ultimately, check the wedding invitation and use the venue to inspire what suit color to wear. 

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