How To Accessorize A Floral Dress For A Wedding

Those who want to know how to accessorize a floral dress for a wedding must consider the right shoes, bags, jewelry, and additional accessories for this type of print. Nowadays, more and more weddings have themes, dress codes or are held in venues where a floral dress will be appropriate. 

We will also talk about wearing a floral dress with white flower designs if you’re curious about its tastefulness. But for those who are going with a classic black dress, feel free to read how to style a black dress for a wedding

how to accessorize a floral dress for a wedding


How To Accessorize A Floral Dress For A Wedding: Styling Ideas For Floral Dresses


Shoes for a floral dress

A floral dress will look best with a monochromatic and simple-looking pair of shoes. It would look tacky to pair a floral dress with floral shoes or shoes with too many designs, embellishments, or patterns. 

You can never go wrong with neutral colors like tan, brown, gray, black, or even silver and gold for a wedding. But, then, the style of the shoe must also match the formality of the floral dress.

You should also consider the overall design of the dress, where shorter floral dresses look best with strappy shoes and long dresses with pumps or kitten heels. But if you are not familiar with wedding guest shoe etiquette, refer to what shoes to wear to a wedding.


Bags to accessorize floral print dresses

You can pair the bag with your floral print dress for a wedding; it’s also best to choose something without a distinct or prominent pattern. The palette of your outfit can then inspire the color, so your look will be cohesive. 

If unsure, your bag can also match the color of your shoes with the floral dress. And as for the type of bag, keep practicality and aesthetics in mind. 

For example, you want something small and easy to carry but can also hold all your needs. And finally, don’t forget the wedding formality to use the right clutch, handbag, or shoulder bag. 


Jewelry to wear with floral dresses

Once you settle the shoes and bag to use with your floral dress, the next step to accessorizing the floral dress is knowing what jewelry to wear. The fantastic thing with floral patterns is matching them with any metals. 

Consider wearing silver or gold jewelry for a classy look. Just make sure to select dainty pieces and never oversized ones. 

Try stud earrings, dainty drop earrings, or layered necklaces with thin chains. Using colorful and beaded jewelry, on the other hand, is not a good idea with floral outfits because it would look too overloaded. 


Additional accessories for floral wedding guests

While they’re not necessary, you can add other pieces to your floral dress outfit for the wedding if needed. For example, a belt can also make the dress’s silhouette more flattering.

For a floral dress, consider a plain leather belt or the more dominant color in the floral pattern. Another accessory you can add is a shawl or scarf where pastel or neutral colors should complement a floral dress. 

And finally, outdoor weddings can mean it’s acceptable for guests to wear a hat. You can select something off-white or soft in color with your floral dress. 


What Accessories Go With A Long Floral Dress?

One of the most popular styles of floral dresses is the maxi dress, which reaches the ankles on its skirt length. If this is the floral dress you’ll wear at the wedding, you don’t need to worry much about the style of the shoes. 

A maxi floral dress should look good with boots, heels, flats, or even sandals. The only consideration left is the wedding venue, and your shoes must match the formality and comfort of the location. 

As for the accessories, you can have your hair up with a long floral dress. This will help you showcase your dainty drop sparkly earrings or pendant necklace. 

For more tips, here is how to dress up a maxi dress for a wedding


Can You Wear A Floral Dress With White Flowers To A Wedding?

A floral dress with white flowers or even a floral pattern with a white background is acceptable for a wedding guest to wear at a wedding. It’s not a plain white dress, and the style is also not bridal so that it would remain respectful of the bride. 

But overall, the main caveat is never wearing anything too eye-catching or would take the spotlight away from the bride and groom. 


Can I Wear A Floral Dress To A Formal Wedding?

A floral pattern dress can suit a formal wedding if its style doesn’t look casual and laidback. For example, an A-line floral dress with a black fitted long-sleeved top can look formal when styled nicely.

On the other hand, a spaghetti-strapped floral short dress won’t be appropriate for a formal wedding. Therefore, assess your dress style to know if it would look formal enough. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to accessorize a floral dress for a wedding by sticking with monochromatic colors, dainty jewelry, and wearing the right shoes according to the dress style, wedding dress code, and venue.

The key with floral patterns is to find the dominant color. Then, don’t introduce other patterns to avoid having a chaotic combination. 

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