What To Wear To A Gothic Wedding

Guests who are unsure of what to wear to a gothic wedding should consider two things: the couple’s wedding theme and classic gothic fashion style. We will also talk about what you can expect from a gothic wedding, including outfits for the bride and groom. 

On a similar note, you might be interested in what to wear to a Halloween wedding. Again, the two themes have overlapping fashion so that you can use each of them as inspiration.

what to wear to a gothic wedding


What To Wear To A Gothic Wedding As A Guest


What’s the wedding theme?

Like other weddings, you must refer to the invitation of the gothic wedding regarding the dress code and other potential requests by the couples over their guests’ outfits. You can get an idea of the theme and color scheme in the wedding invitation. 

While gothic is a particular theme, the couple may still want to incorporate traditional aspects or even their twists when following this style for the wedding. And when there’s not much information on the invitation, please ask the couple about their expectations. 

For example, just because you’re attending a gothic wedding doesn’t mean that you’re automatically going with black outfits. Instead, the bride and groom may request that they’re the only ones wearing this color or that they still want a formal dress code, preferably with other colors and not just black for their guests.


Take inspiration from the classics

When you think of the style gothic, your mind will automatically imagine all-black outfits, lace, and dark makeup. You can use this classic interpretation of goth fashion when deciding what to wear to a gothic wedding. 

For example, try a black dress with lace stockings, but dress it up a little to look classier for the wedding. Male guests can wear an all-black ensemble of suits with a red rose boutonniere. 

Please take note that it’s basic etiquette to wear something that’s still lowkey so you won’t overshadow the bride and groom as a wedding guest. Also, avoid wearing the same outfit style as theirs or those of the wedding party. 


How To Accessorize For A Gothic Wedding

You can never go wrong with punk and vintage-looking accessories for a gothic wedding. They include jeweled necklaces, skull rings, chokers, and Victorian-inspired jewelry. 

Men can also wear earrings or rock their piercings. But again, the emphasis is needed on not looking too eye-catching as a wedding guest. 

Allow the bride and groom to stand out and avoid accessories they might be wearing. Never go overboard while still adhering to the gothic wedding theme.


What To Wear In My Gothic Wedding



Gothic brides can approach the traditional route and showcase a long black dress with lace details and a matching black veil. Some gothic brides also choose a purple or red Victorian-inspired wedding dress to complement the black dresses of their bridesmaids. 

However, you shouldn’t feel limited with dark colors for your wedding dress. A white dress won’t look out of place in gothic weddings as well, especially when paired with gothic jewelry

As for the bridal bouquet, consult your florist to create an arrangement, usually composed of red and purple roses. Then, finish the bridal look with dark makeup such as deep red lipstick and smoked halo eyeshadow. 



The bride is not the only one who has many style choices in a gothic wedding. The groom can also consider different outfits according to his liking and what complements the bride. 

A classic approach is a black suit which can include other colors in the ensemble. For example, it can be a black suit with a gray shirt inside or use different shades of black for the entire look. 

If you’re not a fan of suits, you can rock a vest and still look dapper at a goth wedding. For the shoes, black boots are a favorite among gothic grooms, and you can even rock your tattoos and piercings if you have them. 


How Do You Plan A Goth Wedding?



The rings should fit the theme of your gothic wedding. This means you can consider black wedding bands instead of the classic gold or silver pair. 

You can also opt for oversized vintage wedding rings or contemporary jewelry. What’s excellent with gothic wedding rings is choosing something unusual without breaking the bank.



The wedding venue should also speak gothic, and the best options include castles, manors, and any site that features gothic architecture or dark history. Some couples even hold their wedding in the cemetery. 

Consult your wedding decorator regarding your chosen theme, and they should help you achieve it when dressing up the venue. Here is how much is a wedding decorator to help you plan the wedding budget accordingly. 


Food and favors

How you serve the food and drinks in your wedding can also be modified to fit the gothic theme. Try a medieval-style table set up and get imaginative with your menu. 

Your guests may also appreciate gothic-themed wedding favors like coffin-shaped gifts, skull-shaped cookies, to name a few. If they’re also decorative, why not learn how to display wedding favors?



And that’s it! You now have an idea of what to wear to a gothic wedding, where you should still check the wedding invitation. 

You can also ask the couple if you have an outfit in mind for their approval. The Victorian era inspires gothic fashion, but you can always modernize the style to suit the wedding. 

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