Wedding Gift Ideas When Not Attending: 6 Great Ideas

Those who want wedding gift ideas when not attending can consider six fantastic items that the couple will surely appreciate. However, since you can’t participate in their big day, searching for the best wedding gift can be overwhelming. 

Therefore, you want thoughtful wedding gift ideas rather than something they might not even use. And in case you’re unsure, here is also when to send a wedding gift

wedding gift ideas when not attending


6 Best Wedding Gift Ideas When Not Attending

Before anything else, please check the couple’s wedding registry for marriage gift suggestions. This is especially helpful for guests who are not that close to the bride and groom and can’t attend the wedding. 

Otherwise, these wedding gifts will always be helpful to any newlyweds. You can also give a monetary gift if you don’t think these items suit the couple personally. 


Personalized robes

If you can’t attend the wedding, perhaps you can give the couple personalized robes as gifts. You can have them embroidered with the bride and groom’s names or as Mr and Mrs. 

You can also use the wedding theme as a clue on what design robes to give. Robes can be used for the wedding preparation photoshoot and at home in general. 

Just make sure to get the robes personalized on time to give the gift early on. You can also write a short but sweet note when you pack them up. 


Champagne flutes 

Since you can’t be there for the champagne wedding toast, you can still show your support to the couple with champagne flutes as gifts. Depending on your budget and time, you can get them personalized for more sentimentality.  

The couple can use the champagne flutes at their wedding reception, and they’ll remember you with these gifts. But of course, you have to send this wedding gift early on so the couple can bring the flutes to the reception. 

Champagne flutes are perfect for adding what your toast should be if you have attended the wedding. You can even add a bottle of champagne if you’re feeling extra generous. 


Pamper set

You can never go wrong with giving the couple a pamper set as a wedding gift if you can’t attend their union. However, consider selecting each item for the set to make it more thoughtful. 

Include skin care and spa items that they can use to unwind the morning before the wedding. But of course, make sure that you’re not giving items they might not need. 


Vow books 

The bride and groom will surely appreciate vow books as their gift for the best keepsake. You can make them yourself or get them customized.

Furthermore, a vow book will surely be used, and it’s not an item that the bride or groom typically thinks of buying. After all, the best gift is something that the receiver will want but not usually think of buying for themselves. 


Membership subscriptions

A trend nowadays is giving subscription gifts. What’s fantastic with this gift idea is they are more lasting and personal that you can try giving separate subscription boxes to the bride and groom. 

You can sign them up for a flower delivery subscription, monthly coffee, wine, or fruits. Since wedding planning can get stressful, there are even self-care box subscriptions you can easily find online. 

Of course, don’t forget to write a short but sweet note of why you’ve chosen these gifts for the bride and groom. But, then, you don’t have to elaborate on why you can’t attend their wedding. 


Gift certificates

If a membership would be too pricey for you, consider giving the couple gift certificates if you can’t attend their wedding. They might’ve even included what they’d prefer on their wedding registry. 

Otherwise, some fun gift certificate ideas for couples can be from Blue Apron, Amazon, Sephora, Etsy, Starbucks, or even Charity Choice. They can select whatever they want and it eliminates the stress on you on choosing a specific item. 

There are even MaidPro gift cards if you think they can use a house cleaning service to have time to relax after the wedding. If you’re close to the couple, it should be easy to know what gift certificate they’d want. 


How Much Do You Give For A Wedding Gift If Not Attending?

If not attending the wedding, the ideal wedding gift amount you can give is between $50 to $100. Assess your closeness to the couple or if you’re uncomfortable with giving money, try the list above. 

Here are some more wedding gift ideas for the couple who already live together. Some couples may have chosen to live together even while dating, and it can be hard to think of what to give them for their wedding. 


Do You Give A Wedding Gift If You Are Not Attending?

Gifts should be voluntary, and it’s your choice to give a wedding gift if you can’t attend. But of course, if you’re a close friend or family, it’s only suitable to provide the couple with a gift. 

You can bring it to the shower or any time before the wedding. 



And that’s it! To recap wedding gift ideas when not attending, try customized robes, champagne flutes, a pamper set, vow books, subscriptions, or gift certificates.

Please let the couple know that you cannot attend their wedding. You can also read how to decline a wedding invitation

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