How To Find A Date For A Wedding: Last-Minute Date

If you don’t know how to find a date for a wedding yet, consider four ways to have a last-minute plus-one. It can be daunting to ask someone to accompany you to a wedding, and you also need to know the etiquette regarding bringing a wedding date, so please continue reading below.

But besides learning how to find a wedding date, we recommend that you ensure if you can even bring one to the event. For starters, refer to how to ask for a plus-one at a wedding to avoid awkward moments. 

how to find a date for a wedding


How To Find A Date For A Wedding: Guide For Finding A Plus-One


Check if a friend can be your plus-one

The easiest way to find a date for a wedding is to check your friend circle. You don’t necessarily have to be exclusively romantically involved with your plus-one, and it’s better to bring someone you’re comfortable with. 

It’s also much better if the friend you’re bringing is someone close to the couple. Weddings, regardless of their size, are intimate celebrations where it’s better for the guests actually to know the couple and the couple know their guests. 

Just clarify with your friend if they feel comfortable going to the wedding. While you can have a platonic relationship with your wedding date, remember that they’re still a date, and either of you might be assuming a certain label


Ask friends and family if they can suggest a wedding date

Another option for finding a date for a wedding, especially last-minute, is to check if your friends or family can suggest someone. While you may not know this person personally, a friend or relative can vouch for them so that it wouldn’t be as awkward. 

If the couple also knows someone going to their wedding solo, perhaps they can introduce you to each other. And again, this will prevent any weird moment for the bride and groom since you’re not bringing a stranger to their wedding. 

The couple might also be having pre-wedding celebrations and showers, so why not consider mingling with their other relatives and friends? Perhaps you got to know a bridesmaid or a groomsman and they’re also looking for a date at the wedding. 


Find a willing acquaintance

If you have been flirting with someone you know for a while and you think they are willing to be your wedding date, why not consider asking them? Nowadays, it can be hard to read our relationships with other people, especially with label-less dynamics being more normalized. 

However, you can also clarify if you are thinking of trying dating the person. For example, some partnerships have no labels but still have exclusivity. 

Regardless, it’s better to bring a wedding date you like, but ensure that you see yourself dating them in the long run. Intimate weddings can get awkward if you bring a random person, and the couple might not appreciate them if you end up breaking up days later. 

We also like to emphasize that you ensure that you can bring a wedding date, to begin with. Read who gets a plus-one at a wedding as some couples may not even want plus-ones in their wedding. 


Consider meeting someone online

If it’s a big wedding and the couple doesn’t mind their guests bringing whoever they want, then there’s nothing shameful about finding dates for a wedding online. There are many dating apps nowadays, so it should be convenient wherever you are to find a plus-one.

Of course, it might seem too intense to ask someone from a dating app to be your wedding date. It can seem like you’re rushing for them to meet your friends or relatives.

However, there are many open-minded people, and communicating your intentions clearly should avoid misunderstandings. For example, you might meet someone chill enough to be a wedding plus-one without feeling like you’re rushing the relationship


How Far In Advance Should You Ask A Date To A Wedding?

You can ask someone to be your wedding date when you receive the wedding invitation that indicates a plus-one. This way, you can send your response to the couple early on, and they can include your date in their guest headcount. 

It won’t be nice to make the couple wait too long regarding your response. Remember that wedding planning requires the complete guestlist for each vendor, and it will be annoying if someone randomly adds to or exits the list.  


Is It Expected To Bring A Date To A Wedding?

It’s not expected to bring a wedding date, but couples often allow plus-ones for their single guests. However, do not assume that you can just get anyone because there are intimate weddings that would only appreciate whoever is invited. 


What Do You Do If You Don’t Have A Wedding Date?

It’s perfectly okay not to have a wedding date because weddings are supposed to celebrate the couple and not an opportunity for you to have a free meal with someone. You can also just use this time to mingle with other guests or catch up with friends with the family. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to find a date for a wedding: checking with your friends, asking someone to set you up, bringing a prospective date, or trying a dating app.

However, the emphasis is necessary on ensuring first if plus-ones are expected. Furthermore, it’s always better to bring someone the couple knows, especially if it’s an intimate wedding. 

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