When To Send Wedding Gift: How Early Or How Late

If you’re unsure when to send wedding gift, here is an etiquette guide on the ideal time and how late or early you can give when sending the couple their present. We will also discuss common questions such as if you must send a wedding gift despite not being invited and if the couple is obligated to send thank you cards for their gifts. 

But before you go shopping and browsing the bride and groom’s registry, read how much to give for a wedding gift. This will also help you with your gift budget and know the tasteful but practical gift approach. 

when to send wedding gift


Exactly When To Send Wedding Gift: An Etiquette Guide

Do not feel flustered when sending wedding gifts because you can give your gift to the couple three months before the wedding. Keep in mind that it’s better to send a gift early than late, but you shouldn’t also buy the gift too early before the wedding. 

For example, etiquette guides suggest that wedding guests start shopping for their gifts for the couple immediately after receiving the save-the-dates. But, unfortunately, this means you send the gift eight months before the wedding, which is unnecessarily early. 

At this time, the couple has probably not set their wedding registry yet. You are also unsure if they prefer cash gifts to items or even want gifts to begin with. 

Wait for the wedding registry to be set up, then send the gift as soon as possible instead. This can mean six weeks before the wedding, but at least you’re sure that you’re giving the couple something they want. 


How Long Do You Have To Send A Wedding Gift?

The time after the couple created their wedding registry up to their wedding day is the period you have for buying and sending them a gift. But of course, you don’t want to send the gift to the couple on the day before their wedding. 

You have three months before the wedding to send your wedding gift. It’s even better to send it earlier if it’s a destination wedding since it would be impractical to bring the gifts with you when you travel. 

However, do not feel limited by the three-month etiquette rule for sending gifts. It’s better late than never, especially if you have a sensible reason, and in some weddings, the couple would even set a gift table at their reception. 

But if you’re unsure, it’s better not to bring gifts to the ceremony as they’d be another responsibility for the couple. So an alternative would be to get your wedding gift to the wedding shower or send the wedding gift to the couple’s home for them to open once everything is done. 


Is It Ever Too Early To Send A Wedding Gift?

There are no rules regarding sending wedding gifts too early, especially if you know them well and you’re sure that what you’re giving them is something they want. Some couples also set their wedding registry early on, indicating that you can go earlier than three months to send your gift. 

The only reason why some guests wait for as long as 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding to send their gift is that they’re also waiting for the registry. Another instance where giving a wedding gift early will be appreciated when you’re sending a monetary gift

Some couples use the money they receive as their wedding budget, so receiving cash gifts early will help with wedding planning. 


How Late Can You Send A Wedding Gift?

Some etiquette guides for wedding gifts mention that guests can send presents as late as one year after the wedding. After all, any gift is always appreciated. 

Furthermore, various issues may arise and cause anyone to be late regarding sending their wedding gift. But as much as possible, it’s more polite to send your gift within three months before the wedding to allow the couple time to send you a thank you card. 

Please refer to when to send wedding thank you cards for brides and grooms to ensure that your guests feel appreciated, especially those who also send their gifts early on.


Should You Send A Gift If Not Invited To Wedding?

Wedding gifts are not mandatory, especially if you’re not invited to the wedding. However, gifts should be voluntary, and it’s also not the couple’s obligation to ask you even if you do send them a gift. 

There are many reasons why some couples prefer a small wedding and may not invite some people. Do not take it personally and just congratulate and wish the couple well when you see them. 


Do You Have To Send Thank You Cards For Wedding Gifts?

It’s polite to send wedding thank you cards for the gifts you received as guests took the time and budget to show their love for you. If someone didn’t attend the wedding but still gave you a gift, you can check this wedding thank you card wording for someone who didn’t attend your wedding



Was this etiquette guide helpful? To recap when to send wedding gift, you have three months or at least six weeks before the wedding. 

If the couple includes their registry information in the invitation, you can also send your gift as soon as possible. But, overall, it would be more polite to send the gift early so the couple can also begin their thank you cards. 

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