Should We Cancel Our Wedding

If you’re unsure whether should we cancel our wedding or go through with it, ask yourself three questions before canceling your wedding. And if you did, we’ll discuss how to announce the cancellation to notify the guests and vendors. 

We’ll also list below the reasons why the wedding can be canceled. You can read how to cancel a wedding for a more detailed guide on avoiding hurt feelings. 

should we cancel our wedding


3 Questions To Answer: Should We Cancel Our Wedding


Do you have the budget for your dream wedding?

The first question to help you decide if you should cancel the wedding is if you have the budget for it. Of course, during the wedding planning process, you and your partner have already adjusted and compromised the wedding needs and elements according to the budget you can provide. 

But if the wedding ended up something you’re not looking forward to because of financial constraints or how you’d struggle to pay for it, then talk to your partner as it might be better to cancel and reschedule the marriage. You don’t want to settle for something you don’t like, but spending and ending up in debt from a wedding is also impractical. 

If you wait a few months or a year, you’ll likely have enough to buy and book everything you want for your dream wedding. Learn how to talk about money with your partner because if it’s something you’re struggling with, it might be better to cancel your marriage first. 


What type of ceremony do you want?

The second question couples can try to answer to determine whether to cancel their wedding or not is what specific wedding they should get. If you feel you’re rushing and you’ll be doing marriage to please other people, it might be better to cancel your wedding to avoid resentment or regrets. 

Are you sure that the wedding you’re about to have is something you and your partner would want? What if you prefer an elopement ceremony over a traditional wedding?

Will the wedding happen in the summer even though you’ve always talked about having a fall wedding for sentimentality? What about having a spiritual wedding rather than a religious wedding where one of you might feel that they’re compromising too much? 


Do you think you have the time to plan for a wedding?

The final question to ask yourselves before considering a wedding cancellation is if you have the time to plan everything and have the wedding on the day you want. For example, some couples would cancel and move their wedding to another date if someone close to them won’t be able to attend on the initial schedule. 

If you and your partner are busy, you should also consider canceling the wedding because the planning process can get stressful. You last want to have constant arguments because you’re projecting the stress to your partner. 

Ideally, dedicate a year to planning your wedding to ensure that it wouldn’t get overwhelming to plan for. You can also check with your family and friends regarding the best day to have your wedding. 


Reasons To Cancel A Wedding

There are many reasons why a couple will cancel their wedding. Here are some of the most common ones as they might help you decide regarding canceling the wedding or not:

  • The schedule for the guests or couple is too hectic to make way for the wedding date
  • Lack of wedding budget
  • Issues with the legalities and marriage requirements
  • Relationship issues that need to be addressed
  • Personal problems 
  • Arguments and misunderstandings that only arise during wedding planning
  • Someone important to the couple passed away
  • Bad weather or an ongoing crisis during the wedding
  • The reason for having a wedding is only for the money
  • The couple is getting married out of pressure
  • A person about to get married is doing it without their consent
  • You’re rushing into marriage
  • Uncertainty and gut feelings
  • Culture and beliefs that don’t align with the current wedding elements 


Why I Cancelled My Wedding At The Last Second?

Canceling your wedding is a big decision, but understand that there are people who decide to have a cancellation at the last second with acceptable and valid reasons. For example, some brides and grooms shared stories about emergencies on the wedding day. 

Life-threatening emergencies or health complications can cause couples to cancel their wedding. Accidents and other unforeseen circumstances like bad weather can also lead to a canceled wedding.  


How To Do A Wedding Cancellation Announcement

You should formally announce a wedding cancellation and personally talk to the guests. You can email all the guests to explain the wedding postponement. 

Then, it’s best to have the wedding party help you in contacting and reach all the guests to ensure that everyone is notified. Depending on the reason and intensity of the emotions, you don’t need a detailed explanation regarding canceling your wedding. 

However, you should notify your guests and talk to the vendors. Understand that some bookings are non-refundable as the vendors are also businesses.

And if you know a couple who postponed their marriage, here’s what to say to someone who cancelled their wedding



Was this guide helpful? You just learned about deciding whether should we cancel our wedding or not.

Ask yourself about having the budget for it, if you’ll have the wedding you want, and if you have enough time. Understand that it’s okay to cancel your wedding, especially if the reason is valid and you’ve notified the guests and vendors accordingly. 

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