What Does Honoring Mean On A Baby Shower Invitation

If you’re unsure what does honoring mean on a baby shower invitation, it refers to ensuring that the baby shower guests know who the party is for. It is intended to honor the mother or, in some showers, both parents, and it should reflect on the invitations and other baby shower information. 

You’ll know how to honor the expecting parents or mom-to-be in more detail below. And if you’re the host and want an easy way to communicate with everyone, make the most of social media and learn how to make a baby shower page on Facebook

what does honoring mean on a baby shower invitation


What Does Honoring Mean On A Baby Shower Invitation?

People receiving baby shower invitations will see the wording “Honoring [name of the mother or expecting parents.] This is to let the guests know that the party is celebrated to honor and congratulate the mom-to-be with her child. 

It also helps to avoid confusion, as some guests might think that the host is the one being celebrated. Furthermore, putting the guests of honor in the baby shower invitation will let the expecting parents feel more celebrated and cherished. 

Not only is it the formal way to write baby shower invitations, but it’s the sentimentality. You can also indicate such information on other baby shower information sources like a baby shower social media page or website. 


What Do You Put For Honoring On A Baby Shower Invite?

The people honored at a baby shower are the expecting mothers or parents. Nowadays, it’s typical for both the mom and dad to be the guests of honor at the baby shower, called the co-ed shower.

But if it’s a traditional party where the guests are only female family members and friends of the expecting mother, then she’s the guest of honor. This is why it’s etiquette to put the pregnant mom and/or dad’s names on the invitation cards in large and readable fonts

A wording saying “Please join us for a baby shower honoring [mom and/or dad’s names] will also make the baby shower invitation more noticeable to friends and family who’ll receive it. This way, they’ll know it’s the baby shower for their intimate friend or relative. 

Besides using the word “honoring” before the names of the baby’s parents, remember to put this phrase at the front and center of the invitation card. Use their full names or well-known nicknames for an intimate baby shower. 


Who Name Goes First On Baby Shower Invitation?

The first line on the baby shower invitation will indicate the name of the expecting mother, or in co-ed baby showers, both names of the parents-to-be. It’s also essential to use the word “honoring” before their names to highlight who the guests of honor of the party are. 

These words should be bigger than the other information on the card, so the guests will immediately know who is being honored upon receiving the baby shower invitation. Then, remember also to include who will be hosting. 

You can use the wording “Hosted by:” followed by the host and co-hosts of the party so the family and friends of the expecting parents can contact them if they want to contribute. And, of course, don’t forget the RSVP information on the invitations. 


Do You Put Both Parents’ Names On A Baby Shower Invitation?

If it’s a co-ed baby shower, the names of both parents should be honored as they’ll be both present at the party. But if there will be a separate baby shower and diaper party, you can just put the mother as the guest of honor on the baby shower invitation. 

Nowadays, there’s a so-called diaper party, a baby shower honoring the expecting father, and the guests are only male and female family and friends. But if there is no specific gender for the shower and both parents will be honored, then write their names together on the invitation’s first line.

If the baby’s name is revealed or the gender party has happened, you can also indicate on the card that the shower is for honoring Baby [name] and its parents’ names. You can always ask the guests of honor about the invitation format before sending it. 


Is Baby Shower For Mom Or Baby?

The baby shower is a party celebrating the expecting mom and her baby. Co-ed showers also praise both expecting parents and their child. 

But for writing the invitation card, you can indicate that you’re honoring the mother. It’s already assumed that the party is celebrating her baby, so it’s unnecessary to use the word “honoring [baby’s mother] and her baby.

Some baby showers don’t reveal the baby’s name or gender yet, so you can’t include this information on the invitations. And if you want to know more about showers that honor both the mom and dad, here’s what is a co-ed baby shower



And that’s it! You just learned what does honoring mean on a baby shower invitation, which indicates who the party is thrown for. 

The guests of honor at the baby shower are the expecting parents if both will attend. But if it’s a traditional baby shower or there will also be a separate diaper party, then the invitation card will only be honoring the mother. 

Ask the expecting parents about their party plans to know whose names should be written on the invitation’s first line. 

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