What To Say To Someone Who Cancelled Their Wedding

If you’re unsure of what to say to someone who cancelled their wedding, keep in mind that you don’t need to give unsolicited advice or opinion. Instead, you want to remain supportive and only talk when you’re asked to comment. 

We will discuss helping your friend and making them feel better after a canceled wedding in more detail below, so you’ll know how to speak and support them with tact. But for couples considering downsizing their wedding instead of canceling, you may also read what an intimate wedding is

what to say to someone who cancelled their wedding


Here Is What To Say To Someone Who Cancelled Their Wedding


Before you say anything

Please refrain from following different articles and guides on saying generic phrases to someone who canceled their wedding. The last thing you want is to seem insensitive or accidentally make something feel worse than it truly is. 

There are many reasons why a couple may not proceed to go with their wedding, and it’s not always because of something negative. Perhaps they only want to prioritize certain expenses, they’re waiting on a venue, or their work and responsibilities got in the way. 


It might not be bad

You also don’t want to assume reasons and say things like “It’s going to be okay” when the bride or groom didn’t even tell anyone the reason for not going through with the wedding. Unless you’re sure your friend needs consoling, be there for them and validate their emotions. 


Listening is better

If something terrible happens and causes the wedding to be postponed, tell your friend that you’re here for them and that they can call you if they need company. Be a listener instead of relating your struggles and cutting the person off while talking.

Your friend does not expect you to fix whatever issue they’re having. And if they request some time alone, give it to them and avoid talking to other people regarding the canceled wedding to prevent rumors. 


What To Do When Someone Canceled Their Wedding

Here are some sweet things you can do or say to a friend who has to cancel their wedding. But again, if they prefer to be alone for a while, please respect their space. 

  • If you haven’t met up with your friend for some time, consider sending them a handwritten letter; never bring up the wedding, but instead, update them about your current life and other things
  • Leave voice memos to encourage, cheer up your friend, and make them feel like they still have many things to look forward to
  • You can also try scheduling a phone call or video chat with your friend if you want a more immersive talk with them; be prepared to listen when they’re opening up, and make sure you have your full attention during the call
  • Consider visiting your friend and bringing them their favorite food 
  • Set a spa day, game day, or go to an event to get your friend out of the house


What not to say to someone who canceled their wedding

Other than knowing what to say to someone who canceled their wedding, you should know the things you should avoid mentioning. There are common mistakes that caring friends or family might mention even if they mean well. 

  • If my wedding day got canceled, I would…
  • At least you have more time to plan
  • Why didn’t you tell us early on, we’ve already spent…
  • You should be thankful it didn’t go through because…
  • I knew choosing that wedding is not okay…
  • He/she doesn’t even look excited about the wedding
  • So when will the true wedding day be?

As you can see, these phrases may seem like you’re trying to console a heartbroken friend or relative. However, they are very assuming, and you are also giving unsolicited advice and observation. 

You also don’t want to badmouth the wedding or their partner. And more so, don’t guilt them for canceling their wedding even if you spend on gifts and travel. 

If you suspect your friend has jitters even before, perhaps you can read about handling wedding cold feet


What To Do On Cancelled Wedding Day

How will you tackle the supposedly big day without feeling very negative and down as a bride or groom who has their wedding postponed? First, when the date arrives, you can choose to celebrate it or dedicate time to self-care.

Furthermore, not all couples who cancel their wedding day have relationship issues. Life sometimes just gets in the way, so you might as well make the most out of the wedding date.

  • Host a party in your backyard
  • Go on a vacation with your spouse
  • Get dressed up and do something romantic
  • Read your vows
  • Have an impromptu ceremony 
  • Acknowledge your emotion and feelings
  • Sign up for a new class or hobby
  • Have a spa day
  • Eat your favorite food
  • Rest at home



And that’s it! Instead of memorizing what to say to someone who cancelled their wedding and giving your friend or relative generic phrases, practice being a good listener instead.

You should also avoid making their talks about your personal struggles and avoid assuming the worst when they postponed their wedding. We hope this helps you navigate this potentially touchy subject; let us know below what you think is the best way to help a friend with a canceled big event. 

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