What Type Of Wedding Dress Is Best For A Short Person

If you’re unsure what type of wedding dress is best for a short person, consider three types of wedding dress silhouettes. Bridal attire should flatter the specific body type of the bride, whether it’s a simple gown or glamorous wedding dress. 

Brides should know the best flattering dresses and gowns to highlight their natural assets and feel the most confidence on their wedding day. So for additional reference, please refer to what style of wedding dress for my body type

what type of wedding dress is best for a short person


What Type Of Wedding Dress Is Best For A Short Person: Styles For Short Brides


Flattering A-line gowns

You can never go wrong with A-line silhouettes for short brides. Among the types of wedding dresses, the A-line style is great for all body shapes of women, whether you are petite, plus-size, tall, or short. 

Why is an A-line wedding dress perfect for a short bride? The fitted and flaring shape of an A-line dress adds length to the wearer’s frame. 

You can also ask the boutique if they have an A-line wedding dress with an empire waist if you’re short and have a petite frame. Then, look extra sexy by pairing your A-line wedding dress with strapped high heels. 


Sheath wedding dresses

A flattering wedding dress style for a short person is the sheath wedding dress. Understandably, some brides avoid this body-hugging wedding dress for fear of showing their bulges. 

However, knowing what to wear under a wedding dress will smoothen and slim down your figure, making you feel more confident in a slinky bridal attire like the sheath wedding dress. And if you have a short frame, the sheath’s fitted with minimal flare style will make you look taller. 

You will still get a dramatic trail walking down the aisle with this wedding dress. And because ball gowns tend to emphasize a short body, your next best option is the sheath dress with some fabric pooling at the bottom. 


Mermaid or trumpet wedding dress styles

The next type of wedding dress for brides on the shorter side is the mermaid or trumpet gown. These wedding dress silhouettes are perfect for short brides who want to look modern instead of the classic ballgown or A-line bridal styles. 

You can also highlight your natural curves because the mermaid and trumpet gowns have a fitted bodice that flares below the knees. You’ll look taller because of the elongated waist, and the flaring bottoms will balance out your frame. 

Talk with your seamstress on what details to modify or alter to make these wedding dresses more flattering. For example, perhaps you want to emphasize your bust or a higher waist on the dress. 

Since it’s more comfortable for mobility, you may be interested in reading about what is a trumpet wedding dress. Walking and sitting in this wedding dress are not as restrictive. 


How Can I Make My Short Bride Look Taller?

Besides knowing what specific wedding dress or gown would make a short person look taller, there are other tricks and techniques to incorporate into the bridal attire to make you look less small. Try these tips to have a more elongated or proportionate body type on your wedding day:

  • Avoid super voluminous skirts and puffy features because they will make you look stumpy; instead, opt for wedding dresses that are smoother and slimmer to showcase your natural figure
  • Test different dress lengths to find what looks best with your specific body proportions; some short brides will look better if the dress hem covers their shoes, while others should have dresses above the ankle
  • Elongate your legs by having the waist of the dress higher than your natural waist; this is also perfect if you are short and plus-size because you are not emphasizing the stomach region
  • Opt for shorter wedding dress trains to look taller
  • Choose a wedding dress in a monochromatic color with smooth fabrics to avoid making the height noticeable; instead, you’re creating a vertical line or longer stature
  • Vertical details, such as stitches and pleats, are more flattering for short brides because they elongate the height instead of giving you a boxy frame
  • Create a better and straighter posture by wearing high heel shoes; however, practice in your bridal shoes because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or awkward with them 


Can A Short Bride Wear Ball Gown?

The wedding dress that won’t flatter short brides is the ball gown. The full and voluminous skirt will make your frame look even shorter because it would be too wide compared to the proportion of your upper body. 

But if you still want the classic royal bridal look, an alternative for a ball gown is the A-line wedding dress. It is not as dramatic and poofy, and you can get it at a shorter hem, so your legs would look longer. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap what type of wedding dress is best for a short person, you can choose from A-line, sheath, trumpet, or mermaid wedding gowns. 

These silhouettes will create a longer body than wearing voluminous wedding dresses that add more width than length to the wearer. Furthermore, opt for monochromatic colors and vertical details, then discuss with the seamstress what alterations will flatter your specific frame best.

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