10 Best Wedding Nails For Every Kind Of Bride

If you still haven’t decided on your wedding nails yet, here are 10 ideas of the most popular nail designs that brides just love for their weddings. This list has something for every kind of bride and wedding look. 

You’ll also know the cost, how long wedding nails will take, how to care for your hand, when to get started on nail art before the wedding, and how to make your manicure last. And if you haven’t decided on the colors yet, we’ve tackled what color nails for the wedding

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10 Most Popular Wedding Nails Brides Just Love


French wedding nails

The most popular wedding nails among brides is French nails or French manicure. It’s a versatile and classy design that would suit any wedding look. 

The bride can choose a  French nail style closest to their natural nail form. For example, what length, shape, texture, or color would complement your hand? 


White wedding nails

There are many stunning white wedding nail designs for a bridal manicure. They complement the classic white wedding dress, most flowers on the bridal bouquet, and even bridal pearls and rhinestones on the dress and jewelry of the bride. 

You also don’t need to wear a white dress as white complements any color of the dress. You can wear simple white nails, add sparkle to them with nail art, or pick a unique polish that gives off a stone-like finish. 


Neutral wedding nails

If you don’t want white nails or a French manicure for your wedding nails, there are many neutral designs you can choose from, and you don’t have to worry if they will pair well with your dress or wedding look. Imagine nail designs in gray, blush, off-white, or muted browns. 

They can be paired with tips, glitter, gold accents, or nail art with rhinestones. Find inspiration online to check what shape nails suit your chosen neutral color. 


Ombre wedding nails

The bride tired of neutral, white, and French wedding nails can opt for ombre nail designs. They are versatile for different wedding looks but would surely have you love taking pictures with your hand on your wedding day. 

You can do glitter ombre wedding nails where the sparkle is at the base of the nails, then fade into a sheer color. Another popular idea is pink ombre wedding nails that you can combine with a French manicure for a classy and romantic wedding look. 


Bridesmaid dress-inspired wedding nails

The bride can also use the bridesmaid dress color to inspire her wedding nails. For example, green or pink designs that match the green or pink bridesmaid dresses. 

Some bridal parties even do a manicure as a bonding activity. The bride and her bridesmaids can have similar wedding nails, but the bride differs from the nail art of her choice. 


Wedding nail art

You can showcase your personality by doing nail art for your wedding look. A unique design can be lace nail art, where you can choose a few nails for the lace designs. 

Another cute style would be a flower nail art design that brides can consider a DIY bonding activity with their bridal party. But if you prefer a more subtle style, nail art can still be lowkey by using a neutral color for the base and minimalistic nail designs like lines. 


3D wedding nails

Do you want to showcase art through your hand? The best wedding nails you can wear on your big day would be 3D bridal nails. 

This type of manicure has 3D nail art that your wedding dress details can inspire. You can put rhinestones, pearls, small bows, flowers, or your partner’s initials. 


Acrylic wedding nails

If you’re a bride who wants to wear long nails for her wedding, your top consideration should be acrylic nails. Their added length will allow for unique nail designs and art, and you can even reshape the nails to find the most flattering ones. 

And best of all, acrylic nails should last a few weeks. Therefore, you can still have picture-ready nails on your honeymoon. 


Gel wedding nails

Brides who hate waiting for nails to dry can ask for gel nail polish. They don’t smear easily since they dry fast and are also easy to work with. 

You can use many layers and expect your gel wedding nails to last a long time. Compared to other bridal nails, gel manicures should stay intact for weeks, depending on how you use your hand daily. 


Natural wedding nails 

Instead of doing nail art or applying colored nail polish, it’s perfectly okay to do natural nails on your wedding day. But of course, you want to care for your nails in the weeks before the wedding. 

This means hydrating cuticle oil, buffing the nails, cleaning your hands, and ensuring they’re well-moisturized. You can soak your nails in warm lemon water to soften your nails. 


What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding Nail Service?

Getting your nails done for the wedding can start at $10 up to over $100. The price depends on where you’ll get your manicure and what design or style you want for your nails. 

For example, small nail shops can cost you $10 for a standard manicure, twice the cost for deluxe, and more intricate designs and ideas would be between $25 to $40. If you’re having your nails done at a spa, expect to spend $25 to $50 and $45 to possibly over $80 if you get a manicure at a hotel or resort spa. 

What’s the cheapest nail a bride can get? You can expect acrylic nails to cost lower than gel nails or you can do a DIY manicure party with your bridal party. 


How Long Does A Wedding Nail Service Typically Take?

A manicure and pedicure can last between 30 minutes to two hours. You can always ask the staff at the salon how long it will take to finish getting the specific nails you want for the wedding. 

Some nail designs and art can take more than two hours; remember, you can’t rush some nail services to ensure their quality. Furthermore, there’s preparation and polishing done before working the nails. 


How Many Days Before Wedding Should You Get Nails Done?

So when should brides get their wedding nails done? The best time to book your nail appointment and get your manicure is the week of the wedding. 

There’s no need to get your nails done the day before the wedding, as nail designs are meant to last for days to weeks. Brides can also opt for gel polish so they won’t have to worry about chipped or peeling nails as with basic nail polish. 


How Do I Prepare My Nails For My Wedding?

How do you prepare your hand and nails to have them looking their best at your wedding? Keep these tips in mind and wow your guests with your beautiful and healthy-looking wedding day nails:

  • Start using hand cream to keep your skin hydrated in your hands
  • Include the habit of massaging moisturizer made from ingredients like shea butter into your hands and around your nails, especially after each time you wash your hands, which dries them quickly 
  • Avoid using acids and fragrances as they hasten the drying of hands and might cause issues on the skin 
  • Keep your nails hydrated with cuticle oils made from almond oil or include Vitamin E

And speaking of preparation for the big day, you should read when to get a facial before the wedding. The bride must schedule appointments, especially as the wedding day gets closer.


How Can I Ensure My Wedding Nails Will Last The Entire Day?

After getting your nails done for the wedding, here are some reminders on what you should do to ensure they’ll last the entire day or even longer:

  • Avoid exposing your hands to chemicals or even fragrances 
  • Moisturize your hand with lotion each time you wash your hands
  • Consider having a nail hardener to help your wedding manicure last longer
  • A top coat serves as an extra layer of protection for the nails
  • Use nail oil on the days leading to the wedding 
  • Opt for a low-maintenance nail design, especially if you know you have a habit of using your hands too much (e.g., 3D nail art can be hard to maintain than a simple nail polish color)


What to do if I damaged my nails at my wedding?

Brides should always have a kit ready for nail-related accidents. Your maid of honor can have a bag with a nail file and polish remover. 

You could smoothen your nails with nail polish remover if you smudged them. Then, apply a thin coat of nail polish and finish with a top coat.

You’ll do the same if you accidentally chip your nails. However, you will buff the edges of the nail polish. 


What Color Should I Do My Nails For My Wedding?

It’s your choice what color you want your wedding nails to be. You can also use your bridal party’s dress color, bouquet, makeup, or wedding dress to know which nail design will best suit your wedding look. 

Brides who want traditional wedding nails typically pick white or nude nail polish. You can also opt for light colors like soft blue or blue if you want a pop of color. 

Bold colors like red and yellow are even common with wedding nails, as wedding dresses are no longer limited to white. But if you want a more natural look, you can always use white or off-white tips on healthy, shiny nails. 


What Are Some Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Nail Design?

Still can’t decide on the best wedding nail design, color, or style to get? Maybe these considerations can help:

  • Decide on the type of nail polish (e.g., gel nails last long while regular nail polish is cheap and easy to apply)
  • Use your wedding jewelry, dress, or even the wedding theme as inspiration for the nail art
  • Avoid using too many embellishments as they’re hard to maintain and can also look too overwhelming and tacky
  • Be practical when choosing the length and shape of the nail; medium-length and almond-shaped nails are a safe choice  
  • White and neutral colors always work for most brides, but nude and pink shades suit brides with cool undertones, while golden and peachy colors are best for brides with warm skin tones
  • When in doubt, a safe choice for the wedding is French nails, as it’s versatile and classy for any wedding look

The bridal makeup can match the wedding nails. Here’s how to choose your wedding makeup look if you haven’t yet. 


Which Kind Of Nail Art Is Good For A Wedding?

It’s the bride’s choice on what nail art she wants for her wedding look. However, you can never go wrong with classics like floral nail art, French with sparkle, pastel ombre, or white with gold or silver nail art. 

You can also experiment with glitter and metallics to add interest to your nails. Or, for the brides who prefer something more dainty, you can have nail art on the tips. 


Can I Do My Own Nails For Wedding?

You can certainly do your own nails for the wedding, as some brides even do home manicure sessions with their bridesmaids to relax and pamper themselves. However, there’s also convenience to going to a spa and having people do your nails for you, especially if you want intricate designs. 

You will need preparation and tools to get nails that look professionally done at home. If that’s okay for you, then you can cut costs and do your own wedding nails. 


Do You Have To Paint Nails For Wedding?

The bride is not required to get her nails painted for the wedding. She can prepare her nails and keep her hand moisturized and healthy for the wedding. 

You might also think that having nail art or color does not go with the wedding look you’re going for. But of course, you can always use clear nail polish for healthy-looking shiny nails. 


What Is The Best Nail Color For A Bridal Party?

The bridal party can choose a single color for their nails for a cohesive look. It can also be a design that complements their bridesmaid dress. 

Another option is to match the bride’s nail color. For example, the bridal party can wear blush pink to complement the bride’s rosy pink nails. 



And that’s it! We hope this guide helped you pick the gorgeous wedding nails for your bridal look. 

You can always go right with French tips, neutral nail polish, or minimalistic nail art like ombre or glitter. You can have the appointment on the week of the wedding, but pick a practical nail design and choose a polish that won’t chip easily. 

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