How To Plan A Winter Wedding: Best Tips And Ideas

If you’re interested to learn how to plan a winter wedding, simplify the process into three steps. We’ll help you find the perfect winter wedding venue, prepare contingency plans for the winter weather, and get inspired by winter to decorate and serve the wedding. 

You will also learn how to pull off a winter wedding below, as it might be an ideal season to save on costs. You can then read what to wear to a winter wedding to help your guests with the dress code. 

how to plan a winter wedding


How To Plan A Winter Wedding Without Stress


Step 1. Find a venue suitable for winter

  • Like with planning other types of weddings, you start with finding a venue for the winter wedding
  • For more accessible and comfortable wedding planning, it’s ideal to get an indoor location
  • You should also plan the specific location if you don’t want additional expenses for travel and accommodation
  • Since it’s a winter wedding, the venue should be comfortable against the cold weather and snow
  • Most couples opt for a winter wonderland theme, so choose a venue that would be easy to decorate to help you cut costs
  • The venue should highlight winter’s magical vibe and would offer gorgeous photo backdrops
  • Consider a wedding venue that offers a package like decors or catering, as this can lessen your responsibilities in finding winter wedding vendors


Step 2. Prepare for the cold weather

  • The second step in planning a winter wedding is to prepare for the weather
  • You must know how to plan against the elements to ensure that the wedding will flow smoothly and everyone will be comfortable
  • If the venue is outdoors, consider providing a tent for coverage and comfort; to make it more bridal, learn how to decorate a tent for a wedding
  • If indoors, ask the venue coordinator for the heaters
  • Plan the accessibility of restrooms and parking
  • Snow can also be challenging to walk on, so you should have a designated pathway, especially for the aisle


Step 3. Get inspired by winter for the decors and catering

  • After securing the venue and planning the wedding layout, use the winter season as inspiration when choosing vendors and planning with them
  • Take advantage of the flowers in season during winter to save on your bridal bouquet and other floral needs for the wedding
  • Get inspired by winter when creating your wedding color palette
  • Select elements and fabrics that would fit the winter wedding; a rustic theme with wooden features or a classy winter wedding with velvet fabric and jewel tones are some ideas for the winter wedding
  • The winter wedding is perfect for creating a wedding menu that serves hot dishes and drinks like soups, hot chocolate, or even hearty comfort foods
  • For your winter wedding bar, rum, brandy, and chardonnay are perfect for keeping your guests cozy
  • Arrange a taste test with your baker for their recommended flavors for winter


What Do You Need For A Winter Wedding?

Here’s a checklist you can use for winter wedding planning:

  • Send the invitations on time to help guests clear their schedules in case they’d be busy during the winter months
  • Book your wedding venue 
  • Accomplish the wedding legalities
  • Shop for wedding attire suitable for the winter season
  • Find your wedding vendors and compare as some might be offering discounts and promos since winter is off-season
  • Decide on the theme and be mindful of potential restrictions and limitations due to winter’s conditions
  • Propose to your wedding party and help them prepare their wedding attire
  • Take advantage of the trends when making your winter wedding favors
  • Make sure your wedding venue is ready for the cold
  • Prepare an emergency kit of winter must-haves like extra coverups, medicine for cold, and comfortable shoes for snow
  • Plan the locations for the wedding photoshoot
  • Create a reception menu and bar essentials suitable for the cold weather


Is It Cheaper To Have A Winter Wedding?

It’s cheaper to have a winter wedding, so knowing how to plan during this period is helpful. However, most people prefer a summer or spring wedding since winter’s coldness can limit them with the venue and availability of some wedding needs.

As a result, some wedding vendors and venues offer discounts and promos in winter. You might score better travel rates for destination weddings, and some venues and vendors are less stressful to book as they’re likely available. 

But of course, it would be best to take advantage of what’s in season when planning the decorations, elements, and foods for your wedding. It would be best if you also kept comfort in mind when deciding on the wedding’s location, time, and theme. 


What Is The Best Month For A Winter Wedding?

If you decide to have a winter wedding, December is the best month for your wedding date. However, be mindful of some days like the 31st as it’s busy, and your guests are unlikely to be free since they’d be celebrating the New Year. 

February is another fantastic month for a winter wedding. After all, it’s the romantic month, and there are not that many holidays like January or December that might limit your guests from attending. 



If you’re interested to know how to plan a winter wedding, start by securing a venue, preparing for the weather, and using winter as the inspiration for the decor and catering. 

It’s cheaper to get married in winter since it’s off-season. And if you need to choose a date, try December or February.

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