How To Do Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Those interested in how to do wedding hairstyles for medium hair can consider eight hairstyles. We will also share tips on working an updo and a bun with medium hair for the wedding.

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how to do wedding hairstyles for medium hair


How To Do Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair: Best 8 Ideas


  • Classic tucked hairstyle

One of the best and easiest wedding hairstyles to consider for a bride with medium-length hair is to have her hair tucked. The tucked wedding hairstyle is a classic, and it’s perfect for brides who want to exude softness and elegance. 

If your hair is particularly freezy, tucking it in an updo should tame your stubborn locks. Have your hair tucked at your nape, and add a bridal accessory.


  • Romantic updo

Who says brides with a medium hair length can’t have an updo? You are not limited with low buns by the nape, even if your hair length does not go past the shoulders. 

An easy hairstyle for medium-length hair is a relaxed bridal updo with a few hair strands framing the bride’s face. You can start with a half-up hairstyle, then pin the remaining section up for an updo. 


  • Boho chic hairdo

Another hairstyle for a bride with mid-length hair is a boho chic style. This means you’ll leave your medium hair down and take some sections at the top of your head for a braided crown. 

You don’t need this wedding hairstyle for medium hair to be perfect as you’re going for a natural and boho look. You can also tuck in some flowers and add other hair accessories directly to the medium hair. 


  • French braid

What braided wedding hairstyles for medium hair can a bride try? The French braid is undoubtedly a classic bridal bride and one of the cutest wedding hairstyles for medium hair.

The secret, especially if you have thin hair, is to use texturizing or volumizing products, then do a loose French braid. Hair products are perfect for medium-length wedding hairstyles because you don’t want the hair to look too flat.


  • Simple bouffant

A classy wedding hairstyle for medium hair is the bouffant. Contrary to what one might assume, it’s among the easy hairstyles the bride can do on herself. 

You will also need hair products to help with the volume and create an extra poofy medium wedding hairstyle. Depending on the exact length of your hair, you can do a bouffant updo or leave the lower section down. 


  • Sleek hair

Chic and modern brides with medium-length hair can do a sleek hairstyle. You can do the supermodel sleek ponytail with a flattering hair section. 

This should top the list of easy wedding hairstyles, especially since you’re working on medium hair. You can also do a sleek bun and use hair products to tame frizz. 


  • Curled hairstyle

Perhaps one of brides’ classic wedding go-to hairstyles is to curl their locks. Depending on the technique or barrel size of the curling iron, you can go for voluminous or tight curls.

Know what flatters your face and choose a curl that would stay well with the type of hair you like. You can also visit your hairdresser for their recommendation of a haircut that you can curl. 


  • Twisted bridal hairstyle

The final wedding hairstyle for medium hair length is the twisted updo. There are many variations of the bridal twisted bun or chignon

You can have it messy or sleek and add accessories to the bun. Just remember to secure your hair nicely or have a hair stylist help you. 


How Do You Put Shoulder Length Hair Up For A Wedding?

It’s possible to do a bridal bun or updo, even with shoulder-length hair. Since it’s likely for some strands to fall, you can consider a messy bridal hairstyle. 

Mid-length hair can still look voluminous by using hair products before and during styling. You can also use accessories to tuck some mid-length hair strands strategically. 

To level up your bridal hairstyle, even with medium-length hair, here’s where to buy hair accessories for wedding


How Do You Do A Bun With Medium Hair For A Wedding?

It’s possible to do a wedding bun with medium-length hair as it’s among the classic bridal hairstyles that suit anybody quickly. 

  1. Gather your hair to the top of your head into a ponytail
  2. Pin up any hair strand that may fall 
  3. Lift the ponytail and insert a comb near the tip and back to the roots to tease it for volume
  4. Pull the ponytail apart into two sections and twist one section 
  5. Wrap the twisted section around the headband and pin it in place
  6. Do the same to the other section
  7. Pin the ends with bobby pins for added security 
  8. Finish the bun with hairspray



And that’s it! To recap how to do wedding hairstyles for medium hair, try tucked, updo, boho, French braid, bouffant, sleek, curled, or twisted. 

Let us know below which from this list you’ll try. Overall, working with medium-length hair for a wedding is easy if you strategically use hair products and accessories. 

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