How To Wrap A Large Baby Shower Gift

There are three creative ways to try if you’re unsure how to wrap a large baby shower gift. We’ll also share packaging tips if you’re giving a stroller or crib mattress as your baby shower gift. 

And to help you find gift wrapping materials for large baby shower gifts, continue reading below on where to find them. For more ideas regarding gift wrapping baby shower gifts, here’s how to wrap baby shower gifts for something unique other than using wrapping paper or a gift bag. 

how to wrap a large baby shower gift


3 Best Hacks: How To Wrap A Large Baby Shower Gift


Use an oversized gift bag

An easy way to wrap a large baby shower gift is to find XL gift bags. Some stores offer a wide range of gift bag sizes, which are helpful, especially if your gift has an odd shape besides being oversized. 

A gift around 17 inches long can use an XL gift bag as its dimensions are usually suitable for an 18-inch item. If some parts of the present are poking out, you can always use an extra wrapping paper or satin sheet. 

You can also get creative and use baby shower items like baby blankets or onesies to cover the opening of the oversized gift bag. You don’t want the mom-to-be to guess what’s behind the packaging easily. 


Overlap wrapping paper or newspapers 

If you can’t find a gift bag large enough for your baby shower gift, then why not do the oversized gift wrap yourself? You can overlap any paper, so the ideas are limitless. 

But for your convenience in gift wrapping, put the baby shower gift inside a box. Start with wrapping paper 30 inches wide, cover up to half of the gift, and do the other half with another piece of wrapping paper or any paper of your choice.  

Perhaps you can cover one-third of the gift box with wrapping paper and then cover the remaining portion with a newspaper or magazine cover. You can even use a calendar sheet for a unique gift wrapper. 


Use large cloths

The final hack to wrap an oversized baby shower gift is to ditch the wrapping paper and opt for fabric packaging. You’re more likely to get long and wide pieces of cloth than paper; they can even be reused after opening the baby shower gifts.

Another advantage of using fabric sheets as the gift wrap is they would safely protect the gift, especially those that are heavy or can poke through the gift wrapping paper. You can use fabrics, including tablecloths, drop cloths, or even sheets. 

You can check the thrift store for cloths and fabrics to save on costs. But for personalization, you can always paint or decorate the baby shower gift with symbols and greetings. 


How To Wrap A Stroller For A Baby Shower?

Some generous baby shower guests give expensive, large baby shower gifts like a stroller. Of course, you can’t use a gift bag for this gift, so you’ll need to be creative with the packaging. 

You can use crib sheets or wrapping papers in the color and design fitted with the baby shower theme. Then, keep the baby stroller in its box for easier wrapping. 

Spread the crib sheets over a flat surface, so one overlaps a third of the other, and tape. Put the stroller box over the taped portion and wrap it accordingly. 

Since you’re dealing with a large surface, you can add flowers and other decorations to this large baby shower gift. You can make roses out of baby socks, which can also be used on the corsage given to the mom-to-be. 

Here’s the tutorial on making a baby shower corsage out of socks that can also decorate your baby shower gift. 


How To Wrap A Crib Mattress For A Baby Shower?

Another large gift idea for the baby shower is a crib mattress. Gift wrapping this item is easy since it’s already flat and rectangular. 

Put the crib mattress into its cover and inside the box. You can also wrap it with plastic packaging for added protection against dust and stains. 

You’ll wrap the box from here with overlapped wrapping paper or fabric. You can also make the wrapping paper by buying any plain paper you’ll paint, write on, or put stickers to. 


Is A Crib Too Big Of A Gift For A Baby Shower?

One of the best gift ideas you can give to a baby shower is a crib, as first-time parents will surely need it. But of course, know how to choose the safest crib, and its bars and height should be at the recommended sizes. 

That being said, wrapping a crib might be unnecessary as it would be excessive use of wrapping paper. Some guests who give a crib as their baby shower gift just add a bow to it or include other cute toys and valuable items like baby blankets inside. 


Where Can I Find Large Gift Bags?

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Walmart 


Where Can I Find A Gift Box Large Enough For My Baby Shower Gift?

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Etsy



Were these hacks helpful? You just learned how to wrap a large baby shower gift using an XL bag, overlapping wrappers, or fabrics. 

The baby’s parents will surely appreciate large presents at the baby shower, so do not hesitate to give one if you can do so. But of course, make the gift opening more fun by wrapping your gift that would make it hard to guess.

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