Where Can I Get Butterflies To Release At My Wedding

If you want to know where can I get butterflies to release at my wedding, consider five places. These places provide butterflies for release, and they do their services around the US. 

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where can i get butterflies to release at my wedding


Where Can I Get Butterflies To Release At My Wedding?


Clearwater Butterfly

Clearwater Butterfly is a butterfly farm that’s located in Chuluota, Florida. They also operate a company in Massachusetts that provide insects to grade schools. 

For wedding butterfly releases, you can choose from 7 packages ranging from $110 to $500. The former has 36 painted lady butterflies, while the most expensive butterfly release package has 200 butterflies. 


Swallowtail Farms

Located in California, Swallowtail Farms also offers butterfly releases. This farm was established in 1993, and by 1997, it had built one of the largest butterfly farms on the West Coast, capable of producing large and colorful butterflies for weddings and other occasions.  

When you release butterflies, you should ensure they’re disease-free to protect the environment. And with that being said, you’ll be pleased that Swallowtail Farms developed a disease treatment to eliminate the Oe parasite, which means you’ll feel at ease knowing you’re releasing healthy butterflies.


Michigan Native Butterfly Farm

If you’re around Michigan, you can get butterflies to release from the Michigan Native Butterfly Farm. The farm is home to more than 50 butterfly species, such as the Painted Lady, Monarch, and Eastern Black Swallowtail, butterflies often used for release. 

For the butterflies to be released for the wedding, they offer several packages starting at $90 for 12 Monarch butterflies. Another option Michigan Native Butterfly Farm provides is the butterfly mix, which has Monarchs and Painted Ladies. 


Mr. Butterflies

A farm you can consider for getting your wedding butterfly release is Mr. Butterflies, owned by a wife and a husband. They are located in Florida and are members of the International Butterfly Breeders Association.

You also don’t need to worry about permits for shipping the release butterflies since Mr. Butterflies have permits from the USDA and the state of Florida. They can ship butterflies for releases to all the states East of the Continental Divide and states where they have USDA permits to ship. 


Butterfly Release Company

Another Florida-based butterfly company worth mentioning is the Butterfly Release Company. For one, they only ship butterflies to be released in places where they are indigenous, meaning you can also help replenish the butterfly population in your area. 

The Butterfly Release Company is also a member of the IBBA and permitted by the USDA, so you can be assured that they follow ethical practices with raising butterflies. And as for their butterfly wedding packages, you can expect origami folded release envelopes, and the couple can choose the Decorator Box they can untie together. 


How Do You Do Butterfly Wedding Releases?

  1. Order your release butterflies two months before the wedding 
  2. Talk with the farm and choose butterflies native to your area to help with increasing the butterfly population naturally
  3. Choose a farm or company that is a member of the IBBA or permitted by the USDA to ensure that the butterflies are raised ethically and are not carrying diseases
  4. Count one butterfly for every two guests to know how many to order for release 
  5. Plan with the wedding coordinator the time for the butterfly release; ideally, it should be an hour before sunset 
  6. Remember to only release butterflies when it’s warm and never during winter or rainy season


How Much Does It Cost To Have Butterflies Released At Your Wedding?

The costs of butterflies to release depend on the supplier’s package, number of butterflies, and butterfly species. Some packages with few butterflies are under $100, but butterfly release packages can start at $500 or higher. 

And while we’re at it, please know what butterfly species may be released. The USDA only allows nine species and can only be moved to certain states. 


Is It Ethical To Release Butterflies At Weddings?

The reports and opinions regarding releasing butterflies at weddings being ethical are mixed. Therefore, you should be cautious about your area and if you’re potentially introducing captive insects that can disturb the ecosystem. 

Some wildlife advocates do not support butterfly releases because there are risks like introducing parasites and diseases to the wild butterfly population, the adverse effects of captive-bred insects on the natural genetic diversity, and potentially displacing the food sources of other species. Overall, check the permits of the butterfly supplier and educate yourself about the butterfly species in your area. 

While it can be symbolic and beautiful to release butterflies, you can always end your wedding or opt for an exit that would be environmentally conscious. For other wedding send-off ideas, try this list on how to leave your wedding reception



And that’s it! You just found out where can I get butterflies to release at my wedding in the US: Clearwater Butterfly, Swallowtail Farms, Michigan Native Butterfly Farm, Mr. Butterflies, and Butterfly Release Company. 

We hope this was a helpful read and you learned much if you consider releasing butterflies on your wedding day. Please choose ethical practices, and let us know below if you have any questions. 

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