How To Dress Up A Maxi Dress For A Wedding

Read two factors on how to dress up a maxi dress for a wedding to ensure that you’ll remain suitable for the occasion. You will also know if maxi dresses are allowed in weddings, to begin with. 

Do you own a simple dress that might lack the style to fit for an occasion like a wedding? Then, you can read these tips on how to dress up a plain dress for a wedding as an alternative to a maxi dress. 

how to dress up a maxi dress for a wedding


How To Style A Maxi Dress For A Wedding


Know the dress code

Before anything else, check the dress code indicated on the wedding invitation. This will help you dress up the maxi dress according to the preferred formality of the couple for their wedding. 

For example, you can check if the overall style of the maxi dress is formal, semi-formal, or casual to know if you should go through with it for the wedding. Style the maxi dress with shimmering accessories and a dressy clutch for a formal wedding

However, the wedding might be held somewhere that requires more coverage, so wear a shawl or bolero if the maxi dress has a revealing top. For a semi-formal wedding, on the other hand, pair the maxi dress with a slightly wide belt, simple pair of heels, or even ankle boots with the same color for the handbag. 

What about casual weddings? Maxi dresses are the top choice for beach weddings with casual dress codes, and for this style, you can leave your hair down and pair the maxi dress with flats, sandals, some boho accessories, and a tote.   


Consider the season

The next consideration is the season during the wedding day. Maxi dresses are relatively versatile, so it should be easy to style them for every weather. 

If you’re attending a summer or spring wedding where it can feel warm, opt for a pastel or printed maxi dress made of chiffon or any flowy fabric, then pair it with flats or wedge heels for comfort. Most summer and spring weddings are held outdoors, or at the beach, so you want to move around comfortably. 

For a fall or winter wedding where you need warmth, make sure to bring a shawl, jacket, bolero, or cardigan, especially for weddings that will be done in the evening. You can also select a dark-colored maxi dress and wear leggings underneath with closed-toe heels for added class without sacrificing comfort. 

But of course, don’t forget to consider where the wedding will be held. If it’s outdoors, you want something that can protect you from the elements like the sun or breeze. 

And since the maxi dress hides the shoes anyway, you might be thinking of losing the heels altogether. Here is how to wear flat shoes to a wedding for sand, grass, or even boat venues. 


Can You Wear A Maxi Dress To Wedding?

You can wear a maxi dress to a wedding, and it is even among the best dresses to consider when attending a wedding. The length of the maxi dress offers coverage, so it should suit conservative cultures. 

From here, you can check the color, style, and fabric of the maxi dress if it’s suitable for the specific wedding you’re attending. For example, satin and lace maxi dresses suit formal weddings, semi-formal weddings can have flowy maxi dresses, and casual weddings typically allow sleeveless maxi dresses. 

Then, make sure that the maxi dress is not too revealing and that you won’t style it in a way that would make you look like the bride. For example, avoid white and related colors, then style the maxi dress with some coverage, especially if it is backless or has a deep neckline. 


What To Wear Over A Maxi Dress For A Wedding

If you’re attending a fall or winter wedding, you need to layer the maxi dress to help you stay warm. You might also need some coverage for the arms and chest if the church holds the wedding. 

Some options you can wear over a maxi dress depending on the layer and coverage you want include a shawl, bolero, cardigan, jacket, or even a kimono. You can even wear a fitted long-sleeved underneath the maxi dress if it suits the style and dress code of the wedding

The emphasis is necessary on not looking too casual, but you also don’t want to match the bridal party. 


What Shoes Do You Wear With A Maxi Dress For A Wedding?

The location and theme of the wedding ultimately influence the shoes you must wear for the wedding. Even if the maxi dress is long, you shouldn’t wear flip-flops or rubber shoes underneath. 

Consider a pair of dressy flats if the destination wedding will be uncomfortable with heels. But for heels, you can never go wrong with pointed heels, stilettos, wedges, strappy heels, or even ankle-high boots with a maxi dress. 

Try the shoes with the maxi dress and check in the mirror if it suits the wedding dress code and location. It should be easy to dress up or down your entire look from here. 



Was this article helpful? We just found out how to dress up a maxi dress for a wedding by checking the dress code and considering the season of the occasion. 

You can layer the maxi dress according to the coverage or warmth you need, then choose the shoes that suit the wedding location for comfort. Let us know in the comments how you styled your maxi dress. 


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