How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Wedding Venue

Those who want to know how to turn your backyard into a wedding venue can simplify the process in three easy steps. Weddings can be expensive, so more and more people consider not renting a reception or venue. 

Your backyard can be the perfect wedding venue as long as you plan and manage your expectations effectively. Wedding venues are possible as a DIY project, especially if you have a small wedding. 

how to turn your backyard into a wedding venue

Please read how much a backyard wedding costs as well, so you can prepare a budget. 


How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Wedding Venue In 3 Steps


Step 1. Prepare the backyard for decorating

  • Before you start booking and contacting the vendors for your backyard wedding, allocate a time to assess your space 
  • Consider drawing a layout for the wedding while considering your backyard size and the elements in your space; for example, are there things that can or can’t be removed, like trees or a deck? 
  • Decide with your partner on a particular theme, even as a general idea, so you’ll know what to remove, replace, or modify in your backyard
  • You may need to cut your lawn, reposition some plants, or do some repairs to make the backyard comfortable as a wedding venue
  • Have a plan on where to position the chairs, aisle, or other parts of the wedding like the dance floor or stage if you’re having both the ceremony and reception in your backyard


Step 2. Make and rent the decors for the wedding

  • Once you have the floor plan or layout for the wedding venue according to your backyard, you can begin setting a budget
  • Then, write a checklist of what you’ll need for the wedding venue or reception and adjust it according to your budget
  • You can also organize your decorations to identify which items can be rented, bought, or done yourself
  • Consider maximizing what you already have that may be suitable for the wedding
  • Prioritize comfort and convenience when deciding what decors are must-have to transform your backyard into a wedding venue


Step 3. Finish the wedding venue

  • Make sure that your backyard is ready on  the day before your chosen wedding date
  • If you’re decorating the venue yourself, assign other people to help you
  • Contact the wedding vendors in the final week before the wedding to secure the deliveries
  • Check the weather for the wedding day so you’ll have a contingency plan
  • Consider doing a test run or holding the wedding rehearsal in your backyard

You can read about how to run a wedding rehearsal, so you and your wedding party can practice in your backyard. 


Is It Tacky To Have A Backyard Wedding?

Having a backyard wedding is not tacky because you can transform your space into a wedding reception as effectively as decorating any space. However, backyard weddings are usually thought to be tacky because it seems like the place is too casual for an event as big as the wedding. 

That being said, your backyard wedding doesn’t have to look like a barbecue with proper layouts and decors. You can even have your guests in formal wear to make the backyard wedding feel extra classy and elegant. 


Tips to make your backyard wedding a classy wedding reception/venue

  • Decide on a theme and be consistent 
  • Less is more with colors and decors
  • Have your guests in a cocktail or formal attire
  • Make sure the backyard is clean and consider hiding areas strategically
  • Provide a wedding tent and access to clean restrooms by renting these things
  • Make sure the lighting and sounds are comfortable
  • Use the existing vibe of your backyard as inspiration for the decors; if you have many plants, consider a Boho wedding theme or if your decors scream contemporary, then have a modern wedding
  • If you’re having a backyard wedding reception, serving a formal meal, or having an afternoon tea party; read what is a high tea wedding if you’re interested
  • Have a small wedding with minimal guests


How Do You Throw A Backyard Wedding On A Budget?

  • Use your wedding budget as a guide for deciding the size of your wedding
  • Be realistic with the size of your backyard; a 1,200 square feet area will fit 100 guests or use an event capacity calculator
  • Use long tables instead of circular tables, so you don’t have to rent multiple tables and need multiple centerpieces
  • Combine fresh and faux flowers instead of only using fresh ones
  • Set the backyard wedding in the morning or afternoon instead of the evening so you can skip having a bar
  • Create a simple wedding menu or opt for a buffet than a sit-down meal
  • Have a semi-formal or dressy casual dress code 


What Should Wedding Venue Include?

To turn your backyard into a wedding venue, here are the necessary elements of any venue:

  • Ceremony area
  • Wedding aisle
  • Seats for the guests
  • A focal point 
  • Entrance
  • Lounge area
  • A place for the musicians
  • Comfort rooms
  • Area for portraits and possible photoshoots 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to turn your backyard into a wedding venue, start with preparing the backyard, securing the decors, and decorating ahead of time. 

We hope this changed the belief that backyard weddings are tacky. As long as you plan the layout and theme, your backyard can be as bridal as any venue. 

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