What To Eat The Week Of Your Wedding

Knowing what to eat the week of your wedding should not be difficult because there are only two things to consider. You must eat something that will make you happy, but prioritize eating healthy during your wedding week. 

We will provide specific examples, including what to eat on your wedding day. And if you’re planning a diet to achieve a particular physique, we have a separate discussion on how to lose weight for a wedding

what to eat the week of your wedding


Planning What To Eat The Week Of Your Wedding


Eat foods to increase the feeling of happiness  

On the week of your wedding, you should eat foods that will help increase your serotonin. This chemical plays a significant role in regulating sleep, mood, and even digestion, all of which can affect the stress and excitement during your wedding week. 

However, this doesn’t mean indulging in your “happy” foods, especially if they are processed and generally unhealthy. For example, instead of eating chips and fast food high in sodium, replace your diet with salmon, cheese, nuts, spinach, and other healthy but yummy items. 

You can boost your serotonin naturally by eating these foods, and you’ll notice an improvement in your well-being. In addition, different recipes are easy and cheap, so gone are the days when eating fish or greens can be torturous. 


Eat healthy during your wedding week

The second consideration when planning what to eat the week of your wedding is selecting ingredients or healthy meals. Instead of processed foods or meals high in salt or sugar, opt for natural and fresh ingredients.

It will benefit you to eat vegetables and fruits the week of your wedding because they are rich in healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins. As a result, you’ll be at a lower risk of feeling bloated and hungry, and you will also burn fat naturally. 

They are also way better for the skin if you want to look glowing on your wedding day. And of course, when you look good, you’ll also feel good internally and be more confident during your big day.  


What to eat on the day of the wedding 

Now that you’ve established a meal plan for the wedding week, apply these tips on the day of your wedding, as eating is usually overlooked by stressed-out brides and grooms:

  • Make sure to have a healthy breakfast to avoid craving junk food; some ideal breakfast ideas for the day of the wedding include toast, fruits, and yogurt
  • You want to eat an hour after waking up, then have granola or other filling snacks four hours after your breakfast to keep your energy up 
  • Bananas are excellent for the wedding day because they can reduce bloat, especially if you indulged in salty foods last night at rehearsal dinner
  • To keep nerves managed, you can calm them with peppermint tea
  • Stay hydrated and have good skin with cucumber water but avoid carbonated beverages that can make your tummy feel sick
  • Avoid constipation with foods like papaya, but cruciferous vegetables would be a bad idea because they can cause gassiness
  • Opt for a light but filling breakfast with a peanut butter sandwich or turkey sandwich
  • Keep snacks in your wedding day kit to avoid feeling angry 


How Do I Debloat The Week Before My Wedding?

Bloating can make you feel uncomfortable, and your stomach will also look more pronounced than it truly is. The good news is there are foods to eat on your wedding week to debloat. 

  • Cucumbers can act as a natural diuretic
  • Bananas are high in potassium to help you flush out water that is retained from consuming salty foods
  • Yogurt will reduce inflammation as it supports digestion
  • Pineapple can help with constipation
  • Fennel can ease gassiness 
  • Kiwi is high in fiber without causing gas


What to avoid to prevent bloating on your wedding day

  • Avoid consuming dairy products as they can cause inflammation and even upset stomach
  • Salty foods like processed and packaged snacks and meals can cause water retention that causes the belly to look more pronounced
  • Alcohol and carbonated drinks are not ideal to consume before your wedding day because they can lead to bloating 

To further prepare for your big day, here is what to do the week of your wedding


What To Eat The Night Before Your Wedding?

Eating certain foods the day, night, or morning before your wedding day can benefit your mood, health, and general demeanor. 


For healthy skin

Consume foods that promote collagen production and skin cell growth. They include berries, carrots, spinach, and bone broth to have glowing and healthy-looking skin on your big day. 


For better mood

Meals with salmon, whole grains, grass-fed beef, and dark chocolate are ideal for eating the night before your wedding. They can boost your mood and keep wedding jitters at bay. 


For a toned figure

When we are bloated, we feel uncomfortable, and our body may look bigger than it usually is. To prevent gas and water retention, help yourself with bananas, pistachios, kiwis, or avocados to reduce bloating. 



And that’s it! To recap what to eat the week of your wedding, they should be foods that increase your serotonin and are generally healthy that won’t cause bloating or make you feel emotionally anxious. 

It’s also important to never skip your breakfast on your wedding day. And on the night before the big day, refrain from drinking alcohol or carbonated drinks. 

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