How To Style Curly Hair For Wedding: 3 Best Hairstyles

If you’re unsure how to style curly hair for wedding, consider three wedding hairstyles for curly brides. These styles are incredibly gorgeous for curls, whether they are natural curls or styled in curly hair. 

We will also share types regarding bridal curls to ensure they will last, look classy, and secure the wedding tiara. And speaking of wedding hairstyles, do you know when to get hair done before the wedding

how to style curly hair for wedding


3 Best Hairstyles For Curly Brides: How To Style Curly Hair For Wedding 


Braided wedding hairstyles

For the bride with naturally curly hair, consider braided styles to tame and make your curls look classy for the wedding. Braids are versatile, and you can create a unique hairstyle to match the bridal style you want to show. 

The advantage of getting your curly hair in braids is you don’t need to worry about taming your curly locks. This hairstyle also doesn’t require regular touch-ups throughout the wedding day, and you can even add jewelry and make the style as voluminous as you want to match your wedding gown and bridal makeup. 

  • Brides with thick, heavy, and textured curly hairs can have them in a chunky braids
  • Brides with a short curly hair can consider half-dutch braids 
  • For a modern look, you can showcase your natural curls on one side and then have side braids on the other
  • If you want to focus on your makeup, have your hair in a French braid 
  • A chic and clean look from the ceremony to the reception is to have your curls in a braided bun
  • Boho brides with large curls can consider lace braids 
  • If you want to add flowers or jewelry to your bridal hairstyle, have your curls into rope braids twisted together into a bun
  • Consider crown braids if you’re going to showcase your wedding dress neckline 


Tied curls hairstyle

If you don’t like braids, bridal ties are another wedding hairstyle you can try for curly hair. This styling suit most weddings and are especially easy to do even if you have no wedding hairstylist. 

You can also do these tied hairstyles if you only curled your hair for the wedding. Just make sure to comb your hair thoroughly to remove knots before tying. 

  • For loose curls, you can have your hair in a half-open but half-tied hairstyle
  • Have the curly hair in a tied ponytail with a voluminous crown to suit a royal-themed wedding
  • If you’ve only curled the ends of your hair, consider a low-tied ponytail to showcase their shape
  • Incorporate a ribbon in your curly-tied hairstyle
  • Insert floral and embellished pins into your tied curs 


Buns for brides

The final bridal hairstyle that suits curly hair is the classic bun. Even those with naturally curly and textured hair can still go with this romantic hairstyle that suits different bridal looks. 

You can choose between sleek and loose buns. But of course, ask your hairstylist for tips to make the curly hair more manageable and how to do touch-ups throughout the day. 

  • You can have some of your baby hair loose and style them in interesting shapes with your bun
  • If you prefer a sleek bun, you need a product to tame your curly hair
  • For a loose bun, you can experiment with flowers and accessories to make it more bridal 
  • Consider a side bun for your curly wedding hairstyle if you want to add dimension to your face shape


What Haircut Suits A Curly Hair?

If you prefer to let hair curly hair down for your wedding day, it will help you to know the best haircuts to emphasize and showcase your curls. These haircuts are also versatile if you want to try curly bridal hairstyles. 

  • Angled bob for coarse and curly hair
  • Light layers for kinky curls
  • Long layers for soft curls
  • Steep layers for springy curls
  • Swag haircut for bouncy curls


How Do I Make My Curly Hair Classy?

Besides identifying the best hairstyle to wear at your wedding, consider these tips for curly hair to make it more manageable and classy for the wedding and maintenance, in general:

  • Invest in a good conditioner specifically formulated for curly hair
  • Use a wide-tooth comb for combing after showering
  • Avoid using a towel to dry your curly hair as it can cause frizziness
  • Identify the specific type of curly hair that you have to know the best haircut and products for it
  • Lessen the need for heated tools


How Do You Wear A Wedding Tiara With Curly Hair?

The perfect wedding hairstyle for brides with curly hair is an updo if they want to secure a wedding tiara. Alternatively, opt for crowns or other embellished accessories, whichever is easier to secure in your curls. 

Having more volume at the top of your head is ideal for the wedding tiara because it will have something to grab onto. Furthermore, different hair products can make the hair more adhesive to the tiara. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to style curly hair for wedding using braids, tied hairstyles, and buns. 

Choosing among them will depend on the specific type of curly hair you have and what suits your bridal look best. We recommend having hairstyle trials before the wedding, so you can choose the best one for your makeup and gown. 

Are you still undecided about the specific hairstyle for your bridal look? Then, read how should I wear my hair for my wedding

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