How To Wrap A Large Wedding Present: The Best Trick

It’s easy to learn how to wrap a large wedding present as it’s only two steps. We’ll start with preparing the wrapping paper and include tips for wrapping a large wedding gift in a box.

Gift wrapping is not that complicated, and we’ve also included tutorials for various types of gifts if your wedding present has an awkward shape. And those who haven’t bought one yet, know how much to give for a wedding gift

how to wrap a large wedding present


How To Wrap A Large Wedding Present Smoothly And Stress-Free

The secret to a smooth wedding gift wrapping experience is knowing the big present’s dimensions. It’s also easier to put the item inside the box, or you can even give the couple multiple gifts using one box. 

And besides knowing the tricks on how to wrap large gifts, please select tasteful wrappers and ribbons. A navy blue box with a white or silver ribbon, for example, looks classy for a wedding present. 


Step 1. Preparing the wrapping paper

  • Make sure your gift wrap is enough to cover your wedding present; understand how big or wide the box is 
  • Unroll the wrapping paper over a table smoothly
  • Place the top half of the wedding gift box over the wrapper and cut the paper for wrapping this portion of the box
  • Secure the wrapping paper in place with double-sided tape
  • For the big box’s open end, fold its flaps inward
  • Form a crease for a neat finish and tape
  • Repeat these steps for the gift’s other side 


Step 2. Finish gift wrapping

  • Take the width of the large gift box using twine; since you’re wrapping a large gift, cut another sheet of wrapping paper according to this twine
  • Use this gift wrap around the center of the huge gift box; the edges that spill on the side can be folded over to cover them
  • Secure the wedding gift wrap on the sides with double-sided tape
  • Cut a piece of ribbon according to the twine earlier, wrapping it around the box, so the paper’s edge is hidden
  • Use another ribbon that’s a bit longer for the other side
  • Once the ribbon strips meet, tie them into a bow


How Do You Wrap An Oversized Wedding Gift?

It will be easier to wrap oversized wedding gifts if you use gift boxes instead. These are ready to use for gits, and you don’t even need to get stressed wrapping them.

You’ll place the large item inside the gift box and put fillers like shredded paper if needed. Then, finish the wedding gift with a fluffy bow that complements the box color or print. 


How do you choose a gift wrapper for a certain gift?

Pick a color, pattern, texture, or material that is practical and visually appealing for your wedding gift style. Some people even switch the paper wrapper with fabric or other types of paper, especially if the gift is soft, hefty, or odd-shaped. 


What type of ribbon is used for gifts?

The ribbon you’ll use for your wedding gift should complement the wrapper for the wedding present. Some even switch ribbon with twine or omit the ribbon altogether if it suits the gift better. 

Experiment with how you tie the ribbon or how big and fluffy you want it to be. After all, gifts tend to look unfinished if it has no bow. 


How Do You Wrap A Big Weird Shaped Wedding Gift?

One of the hardest things with gift wrapping besides having a large gift is if the wedding gift is a huge and oddly-shaped present. And if it’s not too oversized, you’ll have an easier time putting the item in a box and then wrapping it. 

Alternatively, you can use the following tutorial for other oddly-shaped wedding gifts:

  1. Take the gift width and add an inch of allowance for your gift wrapper
  2. Overlap the paper, then tape in place
  3. Flatten the edges of the paper and use the bottom of the item as the measurement for how far your must fold the other end of the wrapper; this will serve as the base of the DIY gift bag
  4. Press the flap sides into a diamond to have access inside the gift wrapper
  5. Fold the bottom and top flaps inward and tape to create the bag 
  6. Put your large wedding present inside the gift bag and fold the excess paper on the other end
  7. Put two holes in the center of the bag folds and pass a ribbon through them
  8. Tie the ribbon into a bow, and you’re done
  9. If your large wedding gift is also heavy, we recommend wrapping with a cloth instead and packing it like a lunch bag

Please read what to write on wedding gift envelope as they can also be used on the card you’ll include with your wedding present. 



And that’s it! To recap how to wrap a large wedding present, you are essentially wrapping the box only. 

This is useful for big wedding gifts, even those with a weird shape. Alternatively, you can DIY a wedding paper bag if the large item is not too heavy and might tear through the wrapping paper. 

We hope our tutorials are helpful; feel free to browse our blog for wedding gift etiquette. 

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