When To Get Hair Done Before Wedding

If you’re unsure of when to get hair done before wedding, you can start doing all your wedding hair-related rituals as early as three months before the wedding. Read this timeline to know what else to get done for your hair, including the cut and color as the big day gets closer. 

And for the budget, you can read how much does wedding hair cost. It’s always helpful to know the costs to expect when getting your hair done before weddings. 

when to get hair done before wedding


When To Get Hair Done Before Wedding: Wedding Hair Timeline


Three months before the wedding

You can begin your hair preparation for the wedding three months before the big day. This way, your hairstylist can begin the changes you may want.

If the drastic change ends up not looking how you would prefer it to be, you’ll still have enough time to solve the issue. Furthermore, your hair won’t get damaged because it can still recover. 

Brides who want to switch to short hair or try a color they haven’t worn before can do so three months before the wedding. And while you’re at the salon, you might as well book your appointment with the hairstylist for the wedding day.


Two months before the wedding

You can have your dream hair cut or hair color two months before the wedding to try them out. They can be inspired by the bridal looks you found online or in magazines, and two months before the wedding are ideal for trying them.

Your hairstylist can also create the look for you, and you’ll still have time to change in case you wouldn’t like it. Besides dyed hair, you can also try other hair treatments. 

Perhaps you want to straighten or curl your hair. Depending on what complements your dress and makeup, you can also try different hairstyles.

Read how should I wear my hair for my wedding for ideas. 


One month before the wedding

A month before the wedding can be the time you start treatments and other ways to pamper your hair. Ask the salon for their recommended pamper sessions, so your hair will be strong, healthy, and shiny before the big day. 

You can get treatments to revitalize your dull hair or maybe you only need a moisturizing mask. This can also be a fun bonding activity to do with your bridal party. 


Two weeks before the wedding

Two weeks before the wedding, it’s best to do your final hair color and haircut. This way, your hair can adjust to these changes and you won’t feel pressured.

Remember that the final weeks before the wedding are also the times when you must check with the wedding vendors. Therefore, you don’t want to forget your wedding hair duties.


One week before the wedding

What will you do on your hair a week before the wedding? At this time, you don’t need any drastic changes and treatments.

Just ask your hairdresser for their recommended shampoo and conditioner. You can also read when to wash hair before the wedding to ensure that it’ll be easy to style. 


How Soon Before My Wedding Should I Get My Hair Done?

You can start your hair treatments and changes three months before the wedding. You can also do the necessary treatments to revitalize your hair if it’s damaged or lifeless. 

Then, avoid any drastic changes weeks before the wedding. It’s also advisable not to wash your hair on your wedding day for easier styling. 


Which hair treatment is best for brides?

  • Brides with frizzy hair can go for a keratin treatment one month before the wedding to get better texture
  • Curly-haired brides can have deep conditioning treatments to ensure that the hair looks healthy from root to tips
  • If your hair is straight, it will look better shiny, so invest in glossy treatments or shampoos to restore sheen 
  • Dry hairs can look better on the wedding day with smoothing treatments starting months before the wedding


When Should I Get My Hair Highlighted Before My Wedding?

Highlights are the trend nowadays as they create dimension to the hair without the change looking too drastic. And if you’re curious, the best time to get your hair highlighted is three weeks before the wedding day. 

This will ensure that the color will look natural on the big day rather than contrasting with the rest of the hair. You can also assess if the highlights look suitable for the style you want on your big day. 


Should You Get Your Hair Or Makeup Done First For Wedding?

It doesn’t matter if you get your hair or makeup done when preparing for the wedding. However, it might be more practical to get your hair done first to allow it to set completely if needed. 

You will also have better-looking makeup since the waiting time isn’t too long before the ceremony. Ultimately, ask your stylists for their recommendation. 



And that’s it! You just learned when to get hair done before wedding, which can start as early as three months before the big day. 

Then, avoid drastic changes weeks before the wedding. It’s also advisable to avoid washing and using products on your hair to help with the style on the wedding day. 

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