How To Have The Cheapest Wedding Possible

If you want to learn how to have the cheapest wedding possible, consider these four easy steps to get an affordable wedding that is still classy and suits you and your partner’s dream event. 

We will also help you make a budget for a wedding if you can only spend $1,000. And for additional reference, here’s a guide on how to have a wedding under $2,000

how to have the cheapest wedding possible


How To Have The Cheapest Wedding Possible In 4 Steps


Step 1. Select an affordable wedding venue

A way to get a cheap wedding is to find an inexpensive venue. The ceremony and reception venues typically take 40% of the wedding budget, so a cheap location will make an affordable wedding possible. 

Be realistic with what your budget allows, so grand and massive venues are already out of your options. You can also get discounted rates if you book the venue during the off-season instead of the wedding peak season. 

Since cheap weddings are typically simple and lowkey, you can even consider your backyard for the ceremony or reception. If you don’t think it’s possible and it’ll be tacky, refer to how to turn your backyard into a wedding venue


Step 2. Make a short guest list

A tip to ensure that you’ll have a cheap wedding is to make it a small affair. Consider a small or intimate wedding between 20 to 30 guests only. 

Sit down with your partner and take your guest lists so that you can shorten them. Only invite your immediate family and closest friends since your budget only makes it possible to have a small wedding. 

Another option and cheapest way to have a wedding is to consider elopement. First, you, your partner, and a witness are the only ones in the ceremony; then, you can learn how to throw a reception-only wedding to celebrate with more people. 


Step 3. Get cheap wedding attire

A cheap wedding is possible if you understand that it’s okay to wear discounted or low-cost outfits. You can consider thrifted wedding dress and suit, borrow them, or get heirloom wedding attires, then alter them to fit you perfectly. 

You can also try small boutiques and designers or opt for a semi-formal theme instead of a black-tie event. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with not wearing an elaborate ball gown or expensive tuxedo on your wedding day. 

Nowadays, some brides even wear alternatives to the wedding dress. If you hate skirts and dresses, read what to wear to a wedding, not a dress


Step 4. Opt for affordable wedding vendors

Your tips include going for more low-cost venues and attire to make a cheap wedding possible. However, the wedding vendors also affect most of the wedding budget. 

Therefore, you must book wedding vendors ahead to avoid additional rush fees. You can also give a chance to those new in their profession as they charge lower than those known in their industry. 

The major wedding vendors needed in a wedding include the wedding planner, caterer, baker, florist, DJ, and photographer. Among them, you can consider doing some roles or have a friend or relative take the responsibility if willing.

Since wedding catering is also pricey, here is everything to know about what is the cheapest food to serve at the wedding


How Do You Plan A Wedding On A $1000 Budget?

Is it possible to get a wedding as affordable as $1,000 only? You can make a cheap wedding possible even with such a limited budget using these tips, but please manage your expectations:

  • Consider a civil wedding ceremony
  • Have the wedding with you and your partner, then have a lowkey dinner or small backyard party afterward
  • Consider your backyard as your wedding venue, or locate low-cost outdoor venues in your areas, such as the park or the beach
  • Do the wedding during the off-season or read how to pick a wedding date 
  • Have under 20 wedding guests
  • Do a tea reception rather than serve a full-course meal
  • Opt for an alcohol-free wedding
  • Finish the wedding shortly
  • Have a dressy casual dress code
  • DIY some of the wedding needs like the invites, favors, decors, and food
  • Be some of the wedding vendors like the wedding MC or DJ 


How Do People Afford Weddings With No Money?


They have wedding sponsors

Even if the couple has no budget, some people have families who are willing to shoulder everything for the wedding. However, this doesn’t mean that your parents owe it to you to pay for your wedding. 


They take out a wedding loan

If you are qualified and think you can pay it back, consider getting a wedding loan. This is also helpful for booking all the wedding needs because your budget is only delayed. 


They elope or have a civil wedding

Instead of a full-blown wedding ceremony, getting married in court or eloping in places like Las Vegas is cheaper. Make sure your union is legal, and remember that you’ll still spend money for the wedding legalities



And that’s it! You just learned how to have the cheapest wedding possible by finding a low-cost venue, having few guests, wearing cheap wedding attire, and booking affordable vendors. 

You can also consider other ways to get a wedding even with no money, but be realistic, especially if it’s a loan you have to pay afterward. Let us know below if you want a budget breakdown for cheap weddings. 

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