How To Style A Black Dress For A Wedding

If you’re unsure how to style a black dress for a wedding, you can consider three tips. First, we will walk you through the etiquette of guest attire, how it applies to wearing black, how to accessorize, and what makeup to pair with a black dress as a wedding guest. 

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how to style a black dress for a wedding


How To Style A Black Dress For A Wedding And Is It Appropriate?


Follow the etiquette

Before anything else, refer to the dress code on the wedding invitation or website. If the couple expects their guests to follow a color scheme, you must adhere to their request. 

Black is not the most popular color choice, especially for guests selecting a dress color. Unlike black suits, it’s not common to see a black dress at a wedding.

Furthermore, some cultures might associate black with bad luck, which will be a disrespectful color choice for a wedding. And finally, consider the overall style of your black dress so that it still follows the dress code of the wedding (e.g., formal, semi-formal.)



Once you confirm that the black dress and its style will be acceptable for the wedding, make sure to accessorize it properly so you won’t be wearing an entirely black outfit. For example, black dresses for a wedding can look more wedding-appropriate if you wear something sparkling like silver or diamond jewelry.

However, keep in mind that your selected accessories are still subtle and wouldn’t be too eye-catching. It’s an unspoken wedding etiquette to wear an attire that wouldn’t overshadow the bride

You can also consider a belt that would offer contrast to the black dress or even a pair of shoes that would make your overall style more wedding-appropriate and less like a date night outfit. For example, a narrow textured brown belt and simple black heels with ankle straps would look classy paired with a black dress. 



Black is often associated with mourning and sadness, so you must be careful with the makeup you’ll apply. You don’t want to look gloomy or even angsty since you’re attending a wedding. 

Be subtle with your eyeliner and mascara, or opt for their brown shades, to look more natural, especially for a daytime wedding. Furthermore, select products that you know won’t require constant touch-ups throughout the day. 

You can also talk with other guests so you won’t wear shades that would be too deviant with the others. Consider shades of pink and red to add some color, but it would be better if most of the makeup were nudes and browns if the wedding is formal. 


What Color Shoes To Wear With Black Dress To Wedding?

The safest color shoes to wear if you’re attending a wedding with a black dress include nude and neutrals. They look good on everybody, but they’re not too loud or underwhelming. 

Black is also an easy color to go with other shades anyway, but keep in mind that you’re attending a wedding. Consider the style of your dress, its length, and other accessories you’re wearing so the final look will be cohesive. 

Some other fantastic color choices to consider as well are silver, white, brown, or even black itself. You can also take inspiration from the general color palette of the wedding to add a pop of color to your wedding attire.  


How To Wear A Little Black Dress To A Wedding

When the closet staple little black dress comes to mind, it would be more fitting for a date night or dinner with a significant other. It is typically quite sexy and confident, which are the styles that would be inappropriate for a wedding guest.

You don’t want to offend the couple’s religion or culture indirectly, and weddings held in certain places like the church would require modest attire. However, if you think your “little black dress” can be styled to make it more fitting to the wedding, then you can proceed with it. 

Perhaps pair the dress with tights, especially if it’s short, or add a bolero, shawl, or coat if it is strapless or sleeveless. But more than modesty and tact, the emphasis is necessary on allowing the bride to shine on this special occasion. 


Is Wearing A Black Dress To A Wedding Appropriate?

Some weddings associate black with bad luck, so it’s essential to check the invitation or ask the couple themselves if you’re planning on wearing black. But nowadays, weddings are starting to accept unique color schemes not limited to classic white. 

Therefore, it’s not surprising if you find yourself in a black-themed wedding one day. Some brides even choose this color for their dress, and you can learn more about what does a black wedding dress means for more information. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to style a black dress for a wedding by considering three things.

Remember to keep the dress code in mind, then be mindful with your makeup and accessory selection. Some cultures might also find black inappropriate for a wedding, so check with the couple if you’re unsure. 

We hope you learned a lot; leave us a question if you have any. 

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