How To Make A Wedding Bouquet With A Bouquet Holder

If you’re curious about how to make a wedding bouquet with a bouquet holder, try these two steps. Most tutorials focus on creating a bouquet and using their stems as holders, but this two-step guide will use an actual bouquet holder.

We will also share some tips on decorating a bouquet holder. But speaking of which, do you know who gets flowers at a wedding

how to make a wedding bouquet with a bouquet holder

Not everyone is expected to have a bouquet, so make sure to give that a quick read. 


How To Make A Wedding Bouquet With A Bouquet Holder Easily


Step 1. Prepare the flowers

  • Make sure that the flowers are hydrated, especially after their arrival
  • Use the proper product to rehydrate the flowers and use some flower food to ensure that they will stay vibrant and healthy amidst the changes in the environment and storage 
  • The instructions for preparing the flower rehydrator and flower food will vary, so make sure to follow the steps indicated on their labels


Step 2. Prepare the holder

  • Decide on the bouquet holder type you want for the arrangement; they can either be straight-handled or slanted where the latter is perfect if the bride prefers a cascading bouquet 
  • Allow the foam of the holder to soak water naturally without rushing or forcing it
  • Once it is hydrated and you’re sure that there are no dry patches on the foam, you can arrange the flowers into the holder according to the design you have in mind


How Do You Cover A Bouquet Holder?

  1. Select a ribbon that is about two inches wide with the color that complements the wedding theme or bridal dress
  2. Cut a piece of ribbon for about 20 to 24 inches
  3. Add a strip of hot glue underneath the plastic cup that holds the bouquet flowers
  4. Press one end of the ribbon strip to the part with glue at the top of the handle and wait for it to dry
  5. Once the ribbon end is attached, wind the rest of the ribbon throughout the handle 
  6. Overlap the winding, so no part of the handle is visible
  7. Repeat the winding of the ribbon once you reach the bottom end of the handle going to the top
  8. Cut the excess ribbon if there is any, but leave two inches of allowance for securing the wrap in place
  9. Don’t forget to fold the raw edge of the ribbon before gluing it in place
  10. To make the wrapped bouquet holder more aesthetically pleasing, add embellished pins into the folded portion you just made
  11. Poke the pins vertically and downward without pressing the handle itself


How do you decorate a bouquet handle?

  • Use a sparkly ribbon
  • Add embellishments like rhinestones, pearls, or a brooch on the bouquet handle
  • Wrap a vintage necklace around the handle
  • Wind a twine over the ribbon to add variety to the handle’s look
  • Use a knitted fabric over the handle before wrapping it with a ribbon
  • Consider using lace to cover the bouquet handle
  • Use various colors of ribbons around the handle
  • Opt for a combination of burlap and twine for a rustic-themed bouquet handle
  • Combine ribbon and lace strips around the bouquet handle


How Do You Make A Homemade Bouquet Holder?

It’s way easier to make the wedding bouquet onto a pre-made storebought bouquet holder. However, you can also get creative and make the handle yourself using a couple of wires and your choice of wrap for the bouquet holder. 

  1. Cut several wires according to the length you want for the bouquet or the equivalent of both hands over each other under the bouquet plus two inches of allowance at the bottom
  2. Cut as many wires as needed to achieve the thickness you want for the bouquet holder, then secure them together with vinyl or electrical tape
  3. Cut a ribbon strip to cover the bouquet holder
  4. Start at the bottom of the handle with hot glue and wind accordingly
  5. Designing the holder at this point will depend on the theme of the wedding or bride’s gown 


How Long Should A Bridal Bouquet Handle Be?

The most common bridal bouquets, cascading, and nosegay bouquets can have a handle up to 6 inches long. However, it would be best to consider the design and arrangement of the flowers themselves so that the bouquet will look proportional. 

The bouquet shouldn’t overshadow the bride or her dress when she’s holding it, and the stems or handle of the bouquet shouldn’t be too long that it will poke below the holder’s navel. You can also ask the bride to test the bouquet handle length by having her tilt the arrangement and see if it swipes her clothing. 

Do you still have the bouquet at home, and want to upcycle it? Read what to do with a dried wedding bouquet


How Do You Use A Bridal Bouquet Holder?

Hold the bouquet on its holder at the same level as your belly button. Make sure your arms are at a 45-degree angle, and the bouquet itself is sitting below the waist to show your dress better. 



And that’s it! We just discussed how to make a wedding bouquet with a bouquet holder.

It’s relatively easy since you only need to hydrate and feed the flowers before the arrangement. Make sure that the foam of the holder is also soaked equally to keep the flowers fresh. 

We hope this helps; leave us a question if you have any. 

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