How To Sleep On A Body Pillow While Pregnant

You can master how to sleep on a body pillow while pregnant by considering the position and pillow type to use. Pregnancy can make sleeping uncomfortable not only because of the belly but because you also have to ensure the proper circulation for your baby. The good news is that body pillows will help ensure your comfort and baby’s health. 

The rising popularity of pillows like Boppy proves that moms benefit from sleeping with body pillows compared to not having them. However, it can be overwhelming to know how to use them because of the different kinds in the market. This article should guide you and get you ready for sleep with your body pillow. 


What To Consider When Sleeping On A Body Pillow While Pregnant



Knowing how to sleep on a body pillow while pregnant means ensuring you are in the proper sleeping position. According to the American Pregnancy Association, this is on your side. In particular, you want to sleep on your left side not just to avoid discomfort but also to increase the amount of blood and nutrients that can reach your baby. 

Sleeping on your left side even reduces swelling and is ideal for circulation compared to other sleeping positions. More so, it’s evident that other positions will be impossible to sleep in after the first trimester because of your stomach. Sleeping on your back should be avoided because it disturbs your circulation and also worsen backaches and hemorrhoids because of your womb’s weight. 

However, sleeping on the side might still be uncomfortable, which is why pregnancy pillows are a must. This way, your body is still well-supported, and you can stay on the side comfortably. If you don’t feel discomfort throughout the night, you can sleep consistently as well. 


Pregnancy pillow type

The second consideration to know how to sleep on a body pillow while pregnant is the type of body pillow itself. Remember that there are different kinds of body pillows, and each of them will differ in how you can use them while pregnant. For example, a common way to relieve pressure on your back is placing a pillow between your legs as they are bent. 

You can also put a pillow under your abdomen to keep you on your side while sleeping. Experts even recommend using pillows to anticipate discomfort at night, such as shortness of breath and heartburn, by propping your body. You can always consult your doctor to find the best way to sleep with a body pillow to alleviate these conditions.


Full-length body pillows

Pregnant women who don’t move a lot during sleep can use a full-length body pillow as support while sleeping on their side. You’ll wrap your arms around it and hug it close to you until you find a comfortable position. But because of its size, it’s not ideal for those with a small bed. 


C-shaped body pillows

You also need to have space in your bed for a C-shaped body pillow, and it’s also ideal if you don’t move around a lot in your sleep. The pillow’s top will support your head, while the bottom part is for between your thighs. Sleeping in this body pillow provides full-body support and relieves back pain. 


U-shaped body pillows

Similarly, U-shaped body pillows provide the same full-body support as you sleep on your side. Turn the pillow as necessary, depending on what side you sleep in. However, this shape is better before 20 weeks of pregnancy, where you can still sleep on your back since the form supports your head, neck, and back.  


Sleeping on pregnancy wedge pillows and inflatable pregnancy pillows

Besides dedicated body pillows, you can also use pregnancy pillows to provide support in your sleep. For example, pregnancy wedge pillows are travel-friendly pillows that don’t take up much space. It offers easy elevation on your targeted area. 

An inflatable pregnancy pillow, on the other hand, has a hole to accommodate your baby bump. This is ideal if you’re in the earlier pregnancy stages where you need support while sleeping on your stomach. It is also easy to travel with because it’s inflatable. 

Finally, don’t overlook the cover and fill of the body pillow. You may feel more comfortable with a polyester pillow cover compared to cotton in terms of breathability. Or you require a firm pillow instead of a soft one, so choose the fill that will suit you best. 



Pregnancy can make sleeping uncomfortable, so it’s also essential to know how to position yourself correctly for your baby’s health. Learning how to sleep on a body pillow while pregnant can be useful because it provides support and relief while also keeping you on your side optimal for circulation. Understand that the best position is sleeping on your left side, and then use the different kinds of body pillows accordingly. 

In general, body pillows relieve back pain and also keep you on your side during sleep. However, you can also use these pillows to elevate areas in the body. Most of them provide full-body support, but there are also smaller pillows if you lack space in bed or need versatility and portability. 


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