How To Sell Old Sofa: Earn Well Fuss-Free!

We have three steps to help you learn how to sell old sofa fast for a reasonable price. Do not worry because this guide discusses everything you need to know to earn well without drawbacks. But before we proceed, have you also considered other options to do with your used couch?

There are many things to do with an old sofa. You may not immediately need to sell it, or it might not even be sensible to sell it. So first, weigh out all your options, then proceed reading below for successfully marketing a used couch. 

how to sell old sofa


How To Sell Old Sofa Fast


Step 1. Prepare the furniture to make it more enticing to buyers

  • Assess your couch if it’s still in a reasonable shape for reselling
  • The sofa should be intact with the necessary repairs done 
  • Clean the sofa and check with the ordinances in your community regarding the proper sanitation and disinfection of the couch
  • Inspect all the furniture parts from the interior the exterior
  • You may need to repaint or reupholster the sofa if necessary to make the old sofa look modern and decent for reuse
  • Replace the damaged parts if they affect the overall structure of the couch
  • Prepare the information you’ll include for the buyer, indicating all the repairs, cleaning, and even existing damages on the sofa
  • Mention the sofa’s usage, how old it has been used, and possible causes of damages and stains

Step 2. Decide on the sofa price

  • Decide on the sofa price but manage your expectations
  • Consider finding other listings and advertisements of the same model you have to get a general knowledge of how much you can sell the sofa
  • Look up the brand, materials used, and other qualities that can help you sell the couch at a better price
  • Old sofas are generally sold at 80% of the original price, depending on their condition and age, but every year also means 5% less than the price

Step 3. Negotiate with the buyer

  • You can sell the sofa online, contact shops, or directly ask friends and family who might be interested in getting your couch
  • Consider including the sofa in your garage sale to get the earnings completely than giving a percentage to a shop
  • Take good pictures for the couch to entice more buyers and stand out from the competition
  • Please familiarize yourself with the US Law Label requirements for used sofas before selling it
  • Be willing to explain why you think the old sofa should sell at the price you set
  • Mention its overall quality, how you care for it, and the other treatments it underwent
  • Discuss potential expenses for the pickup and moving of the couch as they can also affect the price 

How Much Should I Sell My Used Couch For?

There are different calculations for selling used furniture that will be fair both for the seller and buyer. For example, if the sofa is still in fantastic condition and is not heavily used, it’s possible to follow the 80% rule or 80% of its original price. This is also applicable if it comes from a well-known brand or the materials are of great value. 

However, used sofas can also sell for up to $200 only as a maximum. Some might even sell lower if the buyer will be the one picking up the couch from your home. However, an antique sofa will require an expert to evaluate the ideal selling price because these rules won’t be applicable for it. 


Who Can Buy My Furniture?


Friends and family

Ask around social media if anyone is interested in a sofa. Your friends and family might also recommend your couch to someone they know that might need it. If you have new neighbors, they might be interested in a sofa to furnish their home.


College students

If you live in a college town, chances are there are students in dorms that can use some furniture. College students are on a budget, so it’s more enticing to get a cheaper used couch than a new one. Place some flyers on university bulletin boards or post online to reach more people.


Young adults

Those who just moved and got their own place can buy used furniture. However, new sofas typically cost $1000, which is quite pricey, especially for a young adult. Just remember to negotiate well and have a good description with pictures on your listings and posters. 


Where Is The Best Place To Sell Used Furniture?

Online is the best place to sell used furniture because listing on sites like Facebook Marketplace is free. However, post on numerous websites to reach more potential buyers. You can also check locally if there are antique stores, consignment stores, or used furniture stores

These stores might buy the furniture for you, or you’ll get paid if the item is bought. Furthermore, some stores might require a percentage, but it takes out the hassle of finding the buyer from your side. So, compare your options regarding convenience and value for money when deciding where to sell your old sofa.



Do you have a sofa you no longer use? If you know how to sell old sofa, you can get some extra bucks out of it. Just remember to check its current state and if it’s reasonable for reuse. 

You start by doing the necessary repairs and sanitation, deciding on the price, and finding a buyer to negotiate with. But if the sofa is so damaged that fixing it for reselling won’t be financially reasonable, learn how to dispose of a couch because it might be better to recycle it. 


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